Sunday July 9th 2006

Over the past week I have heard from several new folks out there about some of the experiences that they have had with Psychics promising the Sun, Moon and Stars to get their business and then when their client decides that they are not going to partake in their offerings any longer the Psychic threatens them with magical warfare, threatens to do harm to them or their relationship if they do not send a large sum of money, folks this is nothing but extortion, number one anyone who happens to be real at their craft is not going to warn you about an impending Psychic attack, I for one have resorted to magical self defense over the years and I can tell you that I have never tipped my hand by telling the person that I was coming until I got there, you do not warn someone that you are launching an attack, if you are going to attack someone Psychically or Magically the best thing that you have going for you is the element of surprise, just keep in mind an old craft saying, "Nothing succeeds like a secret" so if you want a magical attack against a foe to be a success you keep it to yourself, otherwise you give them time to prepare by broadcasting it and anyone who calls him or herself a Psychic or Witch who threatens a client is nothing more than a Charlatan and as I told someone recently calling some of these people a Charlatan is just too kind.?

You know over the years I have had clients that irritated me and on an occasion or two severely pissed me off, why? Because there is a human side to this Witch and I am very capable of getting angry and I have conjured a demon or two and sat them on the foot of the bed of those who angered me, I have used a higher magic in defense of a client and in cases of attacks made against me and my loved ones I have occasionally pulled out all of the stops, but I have never threatened a client or used their vulnerabilities against them, why? Because what I do is not pretend, I believe in what I do, I believe in the awesome powers of magic and of the Universe, my faith is ever so strong in the Goddess, I love myself and those individuals who choose to allow me to love them that I come in contact with I do so whole heartedly, I am in business to help my clients and not to hurt them, in most cases when someone seeks me out they have already been beat down enough and they are often just looking for a kind ear, unfortunately in today's world one has to be very careful when seeking help of this nature and I have to tell you that when I hear stories like the ones I have heard this week it absolutely infuriates me to no end!

The bottom line when seeking magical help is to understand that practitioners come in all shapes and forms and therefore the process of magic that they utilize will differ greatly and just as the process of magic that I use may not work for everyone, magic is nothing more than energy and energy is never lost, so once a spell is unleashed unto the Universe it continues to flow, be it good or bad the energy continues to swirl about until it manifests itself one way or another, so please in the future choose carefully the practitioner you select to work with, I do not have all of the answers and results from magic are not always 100%, but if you believe in yourself, if you believe in the very thing that you are asking the Universe to bring to you and if you believe in your magic it will serve you well, magic is a servant unto thee!

Blessed Be


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