Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words, oh yes, powerful words can do more damage than one may have ever imagined! Words are nothing more than a series of vibrations, yet, the right combination of word play has been known to raise the wind and call forth storms of destruction, words have been used daily by common men and women to cause harm to groups of people by labeling them, seemingly branding them as if they were modern day leopards, here are a few good examples of reactive power in words, two gay men can call one another a faggot all day long, allow a straight man into the mix and let him make the mistake of calling one of them a faggot and both of them will be ready to give him the ass whopping that his mama and papa should have, I on the other hand would prefer to invoke his greatest fear, perhaps surrounding him in situations where he has to fend off six-foot demons with twelve-inch pitch forks, that would like nothing more than to violate him, robbing him of his virgin peace of, mind! (lol)

Walk in the light, but forget not that in nature there must be balance, therefore the dark-side in us all must be feed.

Black folks have a reactive word as well, the N word and the same holds true where this word is concerned, let a white man or woman call a black man or woman the N word and riots will surely break out or someone is going to get a foot broke off in their ass, when I was growing up I was told repeatedly that words cannot hurt you, words are nothing more than a sound, negative words are nothing more than ignorance with a voice, and while that is true, words can hurt, words can be destructive, words can take away your rights and your freedom, words can destroy the very fiber in which we base our entire existence on, think about it folks, prayer is a form of silent words that one utters over and over in their head directed towards the Godhead, an incantation is a form of spoken words that a Witch will utter during a ritual, also directed towards the Godhead, the Godhead is not a man or woman sitting out in the wild blue yonder, the Godhead is also pure energy, the written word is pure energy, the Godhead is an energy bank in which we make deposits in for future withdrawals.

Here is another good example of how words are used in a negative manner, take the man who is always trying to control his partner, he calls her fat in an effort to destroy her self-image, he tells her that no one else will ever love her to instill the fear that she may one day die alone, he tells her that she is a no good-lazy-bitch that should be neutered to avoid the slightest of chance that she might produce an offspring and that any offspring that she produces should be drowned at birth, now, you may think that Phelan has totally lost his mind, but this scenario that I just painted for you is actually from one of my clients, who of course wanted nothing more than to reunite with the pig that had browbeat her for more than ten years, I, of course refused to make the situation worse, so I just told her like it was, you are a beautiful young woman who deserves a chance at having a normal life, a life that is filled with respect and dignity, over the course of eleven years this palm-scum ripped away her sense of dignity, he robbed her of her self respect, he kicked her hard while she was standing, he kicked her harder when she was down and he never laid a hand on her and her body never bruised, yet he may as well beat her and branded her as if she were livestock and he was the cattle master, but yet, I was told growing up that words cannot hurt you, they were right of course, words cannot hurt you, but words can make you sure wish that you were dead, as in the case of my client!

Who am I fooling? Simple words with magical intent when spoken correctly can change ones reality beyond belief, I have called forth demons with simple words whispered silently in the air and I have set those demons against those who wished to do me harm and I have beckoned the Angels to watch over a loved one in a time of need and I have called forth the elementals and instructed them to do my bidding, a Witch you see manipulates the elements, we are given the gift of sound, we are blessed with the art of magic and all of its interpretations, we are spiritual beings who strive daily to do that in which is considered to be right and true, I do not attempt to live up to no mans standard, other than that of my own, I live my life in balance and harmony with the forces around me, I strive for my own universal truth.

A White Witch I am, what does that mean? It simply means that I work towards the good, in darkness I seek the light, afraid of the dark I am not, there are those times that only the dark can serve us and in those times I have called upon the dark forces to do what I need to have done, I heard someone say once about a friend of mine, I think that she is the real deal, but her magic is simply weak, that is surely a fool talking, because if they really understood magic, if they really had a good grasp as to what it really means to be a Witch, they would not be speaking out of turn and they certainly would not seek the favors of a Witch and then speak ill of him or her, White Witchery takes a lot of energy to accomplish the good in which we seek and especially in the case of love spells and reuniting lovers it takes a whole lot of positive energy to undo and set right a situation that only took relatively a short period of time to muck up in the first place.

It is a fool's journey to seek help from a Witch and then speak ill of him or her, hell, I am sure that there are a few of my clients that have sought my help and then took the opportunity to speak of me in a negative manner, I do not worry over such insanity, you see, a true Witch has elemental Guardians, and although I may be unaware of the forked-tongue devil that has sought my help and then turned on me like a rabid dog, my Guardians are not, and unlike me, they are not worried about KARMA and they do not play by the same rules as I, elemental Guardians are given a task and that is to serve and protect their charge, their Witch, these are not the fairytale love and light beings that one may have read about, they are certainly not the little winged Angels as the Christians have depicted, they are a Witch's eyes and ears, a Psychic-Empathic friend of mine that has by now crossed the bridge into the Summerland I'm sure, once told me of what she called a little E. T. that she saw on more than one occasion around me, in her words, she said it totally freaked her out, she told me that when I would visit her home that it would come in ahead of me and go from room to room as if it were making sure that it was safe and then it would return and sit just over my left shoulder perched much like a parrot would do, I explained to her that it was one of my Guardians, feminine in nature, what my friend described was pretty ugly, but no one ever said that Guardian Angels had to be pretty, in fact my theory is the uglier the better, because I know that I have some pretty kick ass Guardians around me and on more than one occasion they have risen to the task of taking care of business to keep me from having to!

When a Witch is in trouble, there is nothing more ferocious than a Witch's Guardians, I know of two occasions in my younger days that one of my clients set against me in a negative manner, everything that this individual was doing was revealed unto me in a vision, in the same vision I was introduced to two of my Guardians and was told that all would be taken care of and that action on my part was not required, unsure of what I saw and somewhat dazed by it all I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, standing before the mirror I saw the image of a pentagram that had formed just above my heart on my chest and the actual pentagram that hung around my neck had turned completely black, a little freaky being that I had just cleaned both the chain and pentagram that very day and there was absolutely no reason as to why it should have turned in the first place, later I learned that the pentagram turning black as it did was a warning of the danger that laid just ahead and as the danger dissipated so did the discoloration of my pentagram, and when the danger was no longer a threat my pentagram returned to its natural state, and so as the danger faded, the pentagram that appeared over my heart with the horns of the crescent moon faded as well, later I learned that the individual that sought my help and then turned against me was committed into the psychiatric ward of the local hospital, he kept speaking of the horrid images of demons that would appear on the ceiling over his bed, it seems as though the images were following him, freaky I know, scenes right out of a Stephen King movie, the images would even appear in the rearview mirror of his car, as a young Witch I did not know that these images were indeed my Guardians, I am sure they were only trying to keep an eye on him, I cannot imagine them purposely trying to make him lose his grasp on reality, I am not sure whatever happened to him and that is really not any of my concern, the one thing that I have learned however, is that as a Witch ages and grows in strength, so does his or her Guardians grow in strength and for that as a Witch I am grateful!

The world is full of mischief and meanness; one must never take the kindness of a Witch as a sign of weakness, one most definitely should not believe that a Witch is weak because a spell of light and goodness is taking a while to manifest, love spells, spells of reunification take greater time to manifest than spells of darkness do, if you cross a Witch, a Witch can separate you faster from that in which you seek and love than he or she can bring you together, it is easier and requires less energy to work from a place of darkness than from a place of light, there is a Wicked side to this Witch that is unknown to most, it is a side of me that is best left alone, some have said that I am much like a loaded gun without a safety, handle me respectfully and all is well, mishandle me and all hell will break loose!

The day that I was formally initiated into the Craft I took certain vows and I pledged certain things unto my Goddess, I have walked in the path of harmony and balance and I serve the light, but, make no mistake about it I have utilized the dark, in nature there has to be balance, for one to live his or her life in total lightness and in total goodness is delusional, for without the darkness there would be no light and without light the darkness would be all encompassing, for one surely creates a boundary for the other, as humans we must strive to find our balance and we must learn to respect our boundaries, and we must be willing to take responsibility for that in which we teach and instruct those with lesser knowledge to do, you see words can hurt, words can destroy, just take a look around you, after all it was just mere words that were used to call men to war and the destruction that has ensued has surely been felt by many who never caused harm to anyone and whose only crime was being born in a less privileged society!

There is a fine line between what is good and what is evil, a Witch does not believe in wasting valuable energy or time by partaking in the fruitlessness of gossip, I have always acknowledged that my methods and approach to magic are not for everyone and I have repeatedly expressed the fact that I do not make outlandish guarantees or for that matter guarantees of any kind, other than the fact that I will treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve, some say that respect and dignity must be earned, I believe that each of us should be granted respect and dignity until we prove that we do not deserve it, luckily for me most of my clients have always been worthy of my respect and few have fallen below the line in which indignation dwells, yes, it is true that I have found most people to be good in nature, respectable human beings that strive for the greater good, you see over the years I have earned the title of White Witch, trust me I would have chosen something for myself that was a little more descriptive and a little less harder to live up to, but Phelan the White Witch is a label that was hung on me by those who sought my help and most people haven't learned that when you label someone with a nickname, or a term of endearment it becomes a challenge for that person to grow into the vibration in which he or she is being shadowed with, remember that a name is nothing more than a rate of vibration, that's why in my opinion calling someone the Pope is ultimately setting him up for failure, so many people call on and focus on the sound and the vibration in the name of the Pope, that it has become nearly impossible for the Pope himself to live up to his name, because the name is always increasing in power and yes even the Pope has a dark side and I have often wondered that when the Pope gets pissed off what are the names of his demons? And while we are at it, what are the names of your Demons?

Blessed Be