Spring Maiden

Maiden of Spring, mistress of the hunt, she, who is as graceful as the morning dew that falls softly on the rose petals, bless us with your bounty so that we may prosper, grace us with your beauty and touch our hearts so that love may be resurrected and allow our insecurities to pass away with the remnants of Winter, breathe life back into that which has cease to live and provide us with the hope that with each passing day that our desires will be taken into consideration and our love will be reciprocated by those around us.

I beckon thee, oh, magical Lady of Spring, hear my plea, I call to you with heartfelt sincerity free of malice, my love is strong and pure as the honey that flows through the vein of the honey-tree and my motives are of the highest good, I seek not to cause harm to the one that I love, yet my desire burn rampant and my passion is hard to contain, the greatest gift that the Universe could give to me would be that of my one and only true love, oh Maiden, splendid Goddess of the divine pyramid, she who is fair and who knows the joy of love when it is new and equally the pain that is felt when love fades, for love is like the seasons of the earth ever changing and never ending and as the bitter cold of the Winter wind forces the petals of the Summer rose to the ground revealing the thorns, love too can scorn and we are reminded of that by the pain that is felt when the fires of love turn to cinder leaving our heart nothing more than a burn out empty shell clinging to the mysteries contained within the hearth embers, that each passing season marks the beginning of the next and love is like the rose never breaking and only bending and as surely as the rose will rise from within the depths of the earth in the spring, so shall our love, for as long as we remain true and steadfast to ourselves and respect all life the Universe will grant unto us all that we desire and all that we need to heal and to remain whole.

Touch my heart Maiden, heal me, allow me to give and to receive love, shield me from the wrath of those whose ways are set against me and deliver me from a fate of loneliness and insulate me, make me strong so that I may overcome the obstacles that lay before me and as my life moves forward within the Universe grant me that in which I have asked, for I ask for no more than I am willing to give and I will only take what I need and I pledge to return the rest unto thee, so that others may feel the greatness of your divine gifts, my heart is open and I am now ready to have all that is my due, send it forth at once as my will is ironclad.

So mote it be!

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