Spirits Of The Past

Magic happens year-round, Hallowmas is a very mystical and magical time, it not only marks the Witch's New Year, the beginning of all things new, but it is the night that the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest allowing for dreams and wishes to come true, the birth canal between this world and the next, the night that the dead will once again walk the earth, and just as in life there are good and bad energies, the same holds true in the realm of spirit, and it is for this reason that a Witch doesn't believe in disturbing the spirit of one who has passed or as I like to call it, the one who has crossed the bridge!

Thoughts of old conjure the past, return to me my love ever last!

During this time it is especially important to protect and safeguard your magical workings, negative energy tends to plague our thoughts especially when we are dealing with difficult times, however, your situation will only be made worse if you focus on the negative aspects of what you are enduring, therefore it is very important to focus more on the outcome and bottom line of your goals, the more positive energy that you focus into your desires the stronger they will become.

Words of power I cast forth untangle my love and release thy hold!

This is the season of the Witch, a time of great power and strength, a time when what seemingly feels like the impossible becomes the possible, a time when teachers and masters of the past lend their talents to our magical rites, Halloween is more than a night of sweets, it is by far one of the most magical and powerful nights in the Witch's year, a night to tap into a great cosmic force, a night to mix the seen with the unseen, a night when the sword of power is passed and preparation begins for the harshness of the season ahead!

Prepare my heart for what lies ahead upon this night of the holy dead!

Thoughts are powerful as they are living things, pure energy that is sent out unto the ethers, some pray, some chant, a Witch meditates and cast his or her request out unto the Universe on the four winds, I am a White Witch that stands in balance, I practice magic of white, but I have wielded magic of dark, but never without provocation! Within everything light you will find a fragment of dark and the same holds true for within the darkness there is a hint of the light, without one the other would cease to exist, without one there would be no balance in the Universe.

Walk the Earth and do my bidding, return to me with news fitting!

When working with energy it is very important not to cast the shadow of doubt over your magic, whether you are casting the spells yourself or you have enlisted the aid of a magical practitioner you must find the strength within to fight the temptation of doubt, casting doubt out unto the Universe will only lead to the depletion of your energy and the failure of your magic, when I conjure and mojo for myself I consider the spell completed the moment that I finish the casting, I no longer wish for what I have asked for, I see myself as having it, holding and possessing it and my actions and thoughts are geared to aid in the manifestation process.

Souls of power roaming the earth lend your strength to my myrrh!

As a whole, people tend to be way too emotional, and while at times emotional energy can be utilized to aid in magical rites and workings, more often than not it is the main reason that most people fail at successfully weaving magic, especially when it comes to casting a love spell, I have found this to be true in cases where someone is working to reunite with a lost love, people far and wide have become spoiled, after all we live in a world of instant gratification, the internet provides a world of information at our fingertips, we can shop internationally without ever leaving the confines of our abode, we pay our bills online, we can have our medication and groceries delivered, yes indeed, we are a world of spoiled consumers and instant gratification is the name of the game, unfortunately that technology doesn't apply to matters of magic and in particular White Magic, White Magic takes time to manifest, I believe that one of the reasons for this is that White Magic still takes into consideration the free will of the subject that is being influenced and does not instantly try to break that will, where as black magic may work a bit faster, but can produce results that are very shaky, leaving cracks in the foundation that may lead to a major collapse careening everything out of control and it is for this reason that White Magic is still by far the best choice, it is absolutely a stronger and more solid foundation and although it may take a while for you to see your results, once they manifest they will certainly be lasting and not fleeting!

Increase in numbers thy will of mine, and shine forth thy light upon this night!

The bottom line is this, if you are embarking upon a path of magical workings do so without doubt and walk the path without malice in your heart, pursue the object of your affection out of love, cast your spells and never look back out of regret, for regret is an insult to the Gods and the powers that be and regret will greatly undermine the energy of your life's work, serve the light, but never fear the dark, for what you fear will surely manifest one thousand times faster than that in which you love, conjure, chant and mojo, create in your life the happiness that you desire and deserve, learn to shield yourself from despair, doom and tribulation for you are a child of both the Goddess of light and the Mother of darkness, one without the other and the World would cease to exist!

Spirits of the past that walk the Earth forever indebted I am to you, I bid to you an eternal blessing and I salute you upon your passing!

Blessed Be