Snow Moon Reuniting Ritual

Once again, the wheel has spun, twisted, and turned until we have found ourselves thrown into the midst of Winter; it is truly ironic that the Earth finds itself barren during the reign of God, the six-month period that is governed, and watched over by the masculine aspect of the divine life-force. It is the belief among many pagan and witch groups that the Goddess rules the Earth from April until October and the God from October until April, each sharing in certain obligations and fruitful responsibilities.

This is truly nature's way of trying to enforce balance, the Goddess, she who, in my opinion, never really relinquishes control to her counterpart, she who sits on the sideline waiting and watching in amusement, and every once in a while, she may even stroke his ego with an offhanded compliment. (I bet many of you are sitting there thinking that this sounds familiar)

It is not hard to see where the different qualities of each of the Witches grand deities fits into modern day society, most of us are somewhat familiar with mythologyand the different roles that both menand women have played throughout historyI feel that this can easily be applied to the Gods as well!

If you take a look at the tribal communities, the women were the healer's midwives; they bore the children, healed the sick, and harvested the crops, while the men went off on the hunt for food, animal skins for clothing, and provided protection for the women, and children, now while I am certain that there were medicine men, the true healing energy of the Earth flowed from, and will always flow from the feminine principle, this doesn't mean that a healing done by a male practitioner can't be effective, it can be quite effective providing that he has created a balance between his masculine, and feminine selves.

Balance is extremely important, not only in nature but in our day-to-day lives as well. Recently I worked with a lady who was anxiously waiting for the return of a lost love when I asked her what she had learned from this experience she really couldn't give me an answer, any way to my surprise her lover returned a few short weeks later, the relationship collapsed 21 days after they had reunited, and of course, she called me up heartbroken, and devastated!

I asked her what happened, and she said that her boyfriend told her that he thought that she had changed, but he realized that he was just a fool for believing that she had the ability to improve herself, and to stop being so insecure! Apparently she would have fits of jealousythat turned into violent rages of destruction, and self destruction!

This was one of the areas that sheand I had discussed at great lengths, the need for her to work on her self-defeating behavior, some of the people that I work with can look at the situation and readily see the part that they have played in bringing their relationship to a close, while others simply cannot, they are clueless, you could hit them over the head, and they still wouldn't get it.

I have heard it all; I have a client right now; he cheated on his girlfriend but cannot get over the fact that she is now with another man, even though he says that he loves her and would do anything to be with her again, he just can't get past the fact that she is with someone new.

In cases like this I often wonder what makes that person so desirable, maybe it is the fact that they are no longer foaming at the mouthand fawning over us that makes us want them so badly, would we still want them if they were single?

The bottom line is this: if you are in a situation where you have decided to cast a spell or to have a practitioner cast one for you to be reunited with a lost love, you better be prepared to let the past be in the past, let bygones be bygones, and learn the art of forgiveness, as well as self-forgiveness if you can't, well you would be much better off investing your money in a personal ad, or visiting your local Adult toy store to find a mate made of plastic or rubber, at least this way you will get something in return, and you will not run the risk of an emotional investment that you may not get a return on, at all!

One of the things that I have realized is how lazy people can be when it comes to working for what they wantI have another client that recently moved in with her boyfriend, they had been apart for two years, she actually calledand asked me for advice on how to relate to him, mainly because they were not being as physical as she would like to be.

Well, as it turns out there were certain things that she was opposed of doing, which is okay, but I am a firm believer that in order to get what you want, you have to be willing to give it as well, and she was not, like I told her wrap yourself in saran wrap honey, and let the ole boy unwrap you like you are Xmas dinner, and he hadn't ate in weeks!

My advice to anyone who is waiting for the return of a lover, a mate, a friend or whatever the case may be, take some time, and work on yourself, make any improvements that you feel that you need to make, and take a close look at the complaints that your partner has madeand examine them closely, are they valid? How do these complaints relate to issues that you may have had in a past relationship?

Can you identify repetitive patterns? Is history repeating itself? Is your history repeating itself? You are the masterand commander of your vessel, you decide what lessons you need to learn, and further more you decide whether or not you get a passing gradeor fail miserablyand have to repeat the great lesson that we call life!

I have clients who have emailed or called me and asked what I focus on. How do I focus? I have to tell you that I want to zap them with a lightning bolt; here is the deal: if you love the person that you are trying to reconnect with, your focus should always be about that, and nothing else!

What do you mean by asking that question? Come on, do you know how ridiculous that sounds? LOVE, LOVE, AND MORE LOVE IS THE ANSWER=THAT IS YOUR FOCUS=WHAT ON THE MOTHER'S GREEN EARTH IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT? If you truly love someone, the answer is easy, but as I have always said, if it doesn't come from the heart if it doesn't feel right, you shouldn't be doing it! And if you have to ask me or anyone else what your focus should be about, you need to forget it because, more than likely, it just isn't going to happen for you in this lifetime!

When I cast a spell for myself, a loved one, or a client, I consider what I have asked for during that ritual a part of our reality. In other words, I do not sit and wonder or second guess myself or the Universe; I walk away from that ritual with a sense of knowing that my request will be fulfilled favorably; this is part of the reason that I refuse to constantly tap into the energy once the process has finished, because to do so is demeaning to the Gods, and will take away from the momentum of your spell, and the energy that it is working in.

I know that some people actually believe that other psychics or I can give them an up-to-the-minute review or a play-by-play, much like an announcer does at a sporting event, but it really doesn't work that way, and sometimes I find it humorously entertaining that someone would expect that it did! I always try to share information with my clients as information is made available. The Gods can be quite contrary, as they are not always willing to provide us with the inside tip, and truthfully, some things shouldn't be put into words to begin with; some things are better left unsaid!

One of the things that I hate the most when working with a client is someone who needs their feelings constantly validated or reassured, in most cases folks like this are not in love, but they are obsessed with the idea of being in love, and they often work against themselves as well as any work that I may be doing on their behalf, a good example of this would be the client who is constantly going from one psychic to another, and psychics are only human, and will often provide conflicting information, because the gifts that they use may be different from that of my own, and in most cases I would like to believe that we the new age community are all working towards the same goal, but that is not always the case, and when a client gets a reading from someone else and gets upset over that reading it takes away energy from the work that I have done on their behalf, now like I have always said, you are old enough to decide for yourself, but if you insist on becoming a psychic junkie do so on your own time, and do not do anything to interfere with the work that I have done for you.

The bottom line, folks, is this: you can take an active approach to your life, and in manifesting your desires or a passive approach, you have to make a decision; the best way to get what you want is to decide just what that is, and make a commitment to it, and let the Goddess and the Universe know just how serious you are by standing firm, and by focusing as much positive energy into those desires that you can, and if you embark upon casting a spell, see it as done, see it as completed, see it as having manifested your desire a thousand times over, and stop second guessing yourself, and the Universe, make it so!


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