Shared Responsibility

There is a certain amount of responsibility that goes along with sharing information of a psychic nature, I have never agreed with psychics who make the decision to tell a client that a loved one who is missing has crossed the bridge into the Summerland, another words that their loved one is deceased, it is highly irresponsible for a practitioner, psychic, medium or anyone else who utilizes the esoteric arts to draw forth energy to pass that information along to a client, psychics are not exempt from human error, and just as good and bad exist here in the earth plane, it also exists in the realm of spirit and often times a disembodied being that has decided to come forth with the news that a loved one has departed to the afterlife is mischievous and could be misleading the psychic with the information that is being shared!

Now, I do not believe that in most cases this is true, but there is always a slim possibility that one may happen upon a Loki in the outer realm and as we all know a Loki can have a pretty twisted sense of humor, and in cases where you are dealing with distraught relatives of the missing, it is not a very good idea to rely solely on information that is being channeled, channeling is a technique that is very useful in a lot of situations, but a seasoned psychic will know the difference between rock-solid information that is coming through and iffy information that may lead you down a road that is better less traveled!

There is a difference between channeling information and giving a psychic reading, when I give a reading I am not necessarily channeling, I use many different techniques when I give a client a reading and there are a couple of areas that are a big ?no, no? and telling the distraught parents of a missing eleven-year old child that he is dead is one of them, now, I do not believe that just because someone was wrong about the information that he or she decided to share with a client is necessarily a fake or not gifted at their craft, but any psychic who passes along that kind of information and gets it wrong will certainly glow less in the realm of psychic excellence, and another thing I charge a nominal fee for a session with me, but I don't care who you are or how many talk-shows you have been on, a reading shouldn't cost in excess of seven hundred dollars, I mean come on a reading is a reading and we all get dressed one pant-leg at a time and therefore in my opinion there is not a psychic on the planet who should be charging that kind of money!

In the first place, I do not charge for the reading, I charge for my time, I cannot charge for that in which I do not own, esoteric energy, the same goes for spell casting, I do not charge for the spell, I charge for the time that it is going to take for me to work with my client, I charge for the supplies that I have to use and I charge for the items that are being shipped as well as the shipping and handling fees that go along with it, but, I do not charge for that which to most seems elusive, and psychic energy to the ordinary individual is a very hard concept to grasp and while energy is energy, it is not mine or yours to sell.

I do not believe in giving a client false hope

If you are reading this article chances are you have been hanging around my site for a while and by now you should know that I am a straight arrow, as straight of an arrow as a gay man can be, I just have a habit of being brutally honest and telling it like it is, in fact I have had clients complain and tell me that they wish I could have candy-coated the information before passing it along to them, but that is just not my style, however, I also know the difference between being responsible at what I do and being irresponsible and totally crushing the hope of someone who is hurting and seeking answers, guidance and perhaps a lifeline of faith to hold on to, and in cases where a relative of a missing child or an adult for that matter comes to me I take extra precautions to make certain that the information that I give to them is accurate and correct to the best of my ability and I do not emphatically make statements that I am not prepared to stand behind, with that said, I also do not believe in giving a client false hope, it doesn't matter what the reason may be that someone seeks me out for help, if I feel that I cannot help them I will tell them right off the bat, because I am responsible for any information of a psychic nature that I share with you or with anyone else, in fact an ethical psychic will always weigh the karmic ramifications before blatantly over-stepping boundaries or straying into a gray area, and health issues are also a huge gray area, psychics are not doctors, I do not care if they call themselves a metaphysician unless they have a degree hanging on the wall that qualifies them to practice medicine they shouldn't be dispensing medical advice, sure, in situations where health concerns come up in a reading I may convey them to a client, but I also tell my client to seek the medical attention of a licensed physician which is the most responsible thing that I can do for them.

Now, personally I do not like going to the doctor and I do take a holistic approach when it comes to my health and for the most part I eat right and try to exercise often, although I am not as physically active as I once was, I do try and take responsibility for my own health and although I don't like going to the doctor I do go when it is necessary. A good example of what I have been talking about are the healing circles that I host, I have an extensive list of clients who have requested for themselves or their loved ones to be placed in my circle and of course there is never a charge for anyone to be placed on my healing list and I encourage everyone who is on my list to go to their doctor, and trust me it is not just lip service, if you are ill there is no harm in working on yourself from a metaphysical standpoint, but you must also exhaust all medical possibilities and should never solely rely on any faith-based healing, faith healings have their place and I have had people in my life who benefited greatly from a faith healing, in fact my Grandfather was given six months to live by his cancer doctor, a healing was performed by a group of Witches, which back then I was a baby Witch, my Grandfather lived for almost nine years after that, so you see I believe in who I am, what I do and most importantly I embrace my path in life and I have an unshakeable belief in the Powers That Be!

I do not offer any guarantees whatsoever

Psychics, Witches, and Spell Casters alike are not the only ones who have a responsibility when it comes to the esoteric arts, you as a client and consumer have to be responsible to yourself as well, all too often people contact me in reference to reuniting and in some of the cases not all of them, they will often convey that they feel taken advantage of by some unscrupulous individual making outlandish guarantees and as I stated earlier if you have taken the time to read through my site you should have already learned that I am a straight arrow and I do not offer any guarantees whatsoever, other than the guarantee that I will treat you with the respect and decency that you deserve and I will do my level best to assist you in manifesting the desired change within your life, assistance is all that I can offer, I can do this in many different ways and yes weaving energy for you (Spell Casting) is one of the ways that I can help you achieve your desired goals, but it is not the only method that I employ, I am a firm believer that true change comes from within, most of us already have the answers to our most complex issues contained within our own Psychic DNA-blueprint and many of the situations that we deal with in human form were predetermined before we arrived on the planet or in physical form, here is a good example that I am certain that many of you out there including myself can relate to, in cases where love has gone bad and a loved one has made the decision to move on and the partner left behind tries to move forward but the pain is unbearable and it doesn't really matter how hard they try to rise above it they just can't move forward with their life, one of the main reasons that I have found for the inability of the partner left behind to move on is because the relationship ended prematurely or was cut short by some uncaring individual who decided that they would meddle where they had no business to do so, thereby creating negative karma with all involved and cutting the life experience of the souls of the couple who were intruded upon short and preventing them from completely fulfilling their life-path and karmic obligations to one another, therefore creating a stain or smudge upon the Psychic DNA of the couple who were torn apart!

I am a Witch and I believe that the Goddess has gifted us with the ability to weave magic and to create or recreate our life path as we so choose, but I also agree that we must be ethical and responsible in all of our magical endeavors, to blatantly cause undue harm to another will in no doubt create a karmic backlash that one will certainly have been better off avoiding, everything in life that we do or participate in ultimately comes with a price tag and if we carelessly go through life without considering the impact that we have on one another we will one day pay the ultimate price, people who intrude upon the relationship of another without an invitation are plotting the course that will eventually lead to emotional bankruptcy and a huge deficit in their karmic bank account, just as I believe in pro-choice, I also believe that we must be prepared to accept responsibility for our actions, as a Witch I believe that we are known for our deeds, whether the deeds are good or bad will determine the impression that we leave on those that we interact with, as well as the Psychic imprint that we leave upon the Universe, everything that is here on Mother Earth is made up of a series of electrical impulses and everyone who resides here possesses a soul-blueprint that is uniquely his or her own, a skilled psychic and practitioner will be able to tap that blueprint and decipher it, learn from it, often discovering the point in which the soul deviated from its course and aiding the client enabling them to regain their composure and to get their feet firmly replanted upon their life path.

I am a white witch

Before you use any metaphysical website or the services of any practitioner that advertises on the Internet you have a responsibility to yourself to become familiar with their method of magic, in my case I am a White Witch, you also need to know whether or not they offer guarantees for the work that they will perform for you, in my case I offer no guarantees, and in cases where a practitioner guarantees their work there is normally something that smells, so trust your nose and whether you choose to work with me or anyone else the decision to do so has to be that of your own, if you cannot comfortably afford the services in which you seek, you are better off not seeking them in the first place, your financial well being is that of your own, it is not my responsibility or the responsibility of any other Psychic or Witch, although I have discouraged many of my clients from ordering from me, and the other thing to consider is that just as with any other business there are expenses involved, the website has to be maintained, there are costs incurred with advertising, phone lines, as well as the time it takes to answer calls, perform the work and to process orders, a website is no different than your local grocery store and just like the pharmacy, grocery store and local clothing stores do not tell you that you are spending too much money at their places of business, it is highly unlikely that a Psychic or Spell Casting site will tell you that they do not want you business either, so please use your own common sense and take responsibility for your actions.

I often find myself asking my clients who order my products or services frequently if they can comfortably afford to do so, and I have been told that is one of the things that sets apart from the rest, I am not sure if that is true, but I for one like to sleep at night, that is when I go to bed, I couldn't rest too well if I were unable to separate my business from my spirituality, you see it is the Witch in me that watches over my clients and customers and I care far too much for my karma and for the people who seek me out for help to ever allow myself to take advantage of someone in a vulnerable state of mind or any state of mind as far as that is concerned, but folks there are people out there who will take advantage of you and that is why you must safeguard yourself and choose wisely who you pick to walk your path with in this lifetime and another thing if you are going to have work done by any Witch or Spell Caster do so of your own accord and make sure that you are willing to follow the guidelines that the practitioner sets forth for you, in the case of working with me we all know that I am a fanatic on staying focused and positive, there is nothing that burns my butt more than for an individual who places orders on my site and then complains that they are not seeing the results that they have requested, in most cases where this happens the client was doomed from the start by their own negative outlook and the approach that they take in life and like I recall saying to someone recently I do not twist anyone's arm or encourage them to place orders on my site, those who do so, do so by their own choosing and as I have always said my technique and methods of magic is not for everyone and part of the process that I try to instill in my clients is self empowerment, because that is an important part of any magical process! I wish you all much light and love for 2007!

To cast a successful spell, one must first cast off all doubt!

Blessed Be


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