Self Induced Psychic Attack

Psychic attack can occur on any level, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, especially if your aura is not secure, or your chakra system malfunctions in some way. In this day and age it is even more important to learn to effectively shield ourselves from outside negative influences, however, this is a concept that many people just cannot comprehend. As people go, we spend a great deal of our time focusing on how to make ourselves more secure in our homes, and our places of employment, we buy the best door locks, security bars, alarm systems, and we would never park our car in a strange place without making sure that it was locked and secure, and with all of this security in place, somehow the fact that we are constantly plagued with an influx of psychic energy, thought, escapes us!

In the above paragraph I stated that psychic attack can take place on any level, and it may surprise you to know that it is not necessary for an attacker to be highly skilled in the art of magic, whether that magic be black, white, or indifferent, in fact it is entirely possible for someone to psychically attack another being without even realizing it, it is entirely possible for someone to launch an attack against another without having any magical knowledge whatsoever, and to surprise you even more, it is entirely possible for us as thought-provoking-beings to launch a psychic attack against ourselves, scary isn't it?

How can someone attack us psychically without any magical knowledge? The answer is simple really, thought! Thought is nothing more than mental energy, and the thoughts that you and I have will not only impact the one that we direct them towards, but, our thoughts will determine the flow of our life, our thoughts will determine how lucky we are, our thoughts will determine the quality of our love lives, and our thoughts will define how prosperous we are in this lifetime. You see, thoughts are not empty, they are power packed, and when you realize the damage that can be caused from allowing ourselves to lose control, and verbally ramble, spitting out one nasty word after another, the prospect of being set upon by a seasoned practitioner of the magical arts is down right terrifying, for if random thoughts can cause damage, just think about the destruction that can result from a mind that is skilled and trained in the art of magic!

In this day and age concern for personal safety has never been greater, or needed more, the times that we live in are troubled, and just as we go to great lengths to secure our most prized possessions, we should also make certain that we take good care to shield ourselves from both, random and deliberate acts of psychic attack! Psychic attack can take place anywhere or at anytime, and if we allow ourselves to become too open it is possible for us to pick up the negative energy of another, simply by crossing paths with them, and worse, we can retain that energy in our aura where it will wreck havoc upon us and our reality until we successfully dispel it!

When we have a thought of another, whether that thought is one of love and light, or maliciously dark, that thought is sent from us to the one that we are thinking of, and unless that individual has a magical shield in place, their day, and their reality will become somewhat distorted, or if our message is one of love, they may feel or sense that we are thinking of them. Now, let us look at the ritualistic side of thought, when you cast a spell, thought in the form of the written word is the body of the ritual, spoken aloud we energize that thought and we send it out unto the Universe, soliciting a favorable smile upon our request. Most of us need to psychically shield ourselves, especially if we meditate, practice any type of energy work, or dabble in the esoteric arts, massage therapists get up close and personal with their clients, and I personally have worked with a masseuse who picked up some pretty negative stuff through the minor chakras in the palm of her hands, she was invaded by negative energy, and it affected every single aspect of her life, including her health, which began to fail her, her prosperity went into the toilet as she lost one client after another, and her lover of eight years turned her back on her, and walked away from their relationship, since that ordeal I have worked with her, and she has learned how to properly shield herself, and to naturally close her chakras without retaining any of her clients' energy!

I strongly advise the novice against forcing their chakras open, or opening their chakras if they have yet to learn how to close them, when you open a chakra and fail to close it, it is just as bad as walking out and leaving the front door of your home wide open, you wouldn't do that because you know that it is just too risky, and with that said you should never open your chakras, without properly closing them, to leave your chakras open is to leave yourself wide open and vulnerable to a psychic attack, and there are all kinds of things floating around us, poor earth bound souls that have yet to find their way to the other side, as well as malevolent spirits that are looking for their next victim.

About fifteen years ago I worked with a lady that I met at one of the psychic fairs that I produced here in Atlanta, at the time she was in her early forties, for most of her life she had been very successful, she owned her business, she was in fine jewelry, she also had an antique furniture store that she inherited from her mother, her mother had passed to the other side two years prior to our meeting, and my client's troubles started about six months after her mother crossed over, by the time that she came to me she was on the verge of financial ruin, and had been hospitalized three times for depression, and twice for a nervous breakdown.

Her mother was a victim of a very violent crime, and was not at all prepared for her journey on earth to end, she was in the hospital for seven days after her attack, my client, her daughter never left her side in spite of the fact that the two of them were never really close, with the exception of food and bathroom breaks, and she was by her mother's side when she took in her final breath, she told me that her mother did not go quietly, and the terror that filled her eyes was unnerving.

As a result her mother attached herself to her daughter's aura, and psychically she was feeding off of her, this is what we call psychic leeching, which can be devastating to the victim, what surprised me is that my client is an empath and highly intuitive, she also reads the tarot, but, she never put her finger on what was ailing her, and at first neither did I, that is until I visited both places where she did business, the jewelry shop was peaceful, the antique shop was filled with psychic rage, and this is where I met her mother for the first time, she was a stubborn old biddy for sure, but, through peaceful negotiation she was finally convinced to cut the psychic umbilical cord and set her daughter free, as it turns out, my client's mother had always treated her as if she was her red headed stepchild, upon her death she attached herself to her daughter's aura to continue the punishment, what boggled my mind was, why would anyone who was alone in the world treat her only child in such a way?

Forcing the chakras open has never been a very good idea, I remember when I was a young witch coming up through the trenches, the elders, and teachers at the coven that I belonged to treated the word chakra as if it were highly classified, I always thought it was kind of silly, and today I still do, I believe that if you are going to have students that you must give them knowledge, and it is up to them what they do with that knowledge going forth into the world, however, I will share with you a bit of my knowledge on what can happen when you force a chakra open that is either not ready to fully open, or perhaps you are not ready to handle.

About six years ago I parted ways with a student who just didn't seem to get what I was trying to convey to her, she was a very gifted and talented young woman, with a very bright future ahead of her, she took up with the wrong crowd, and got involved with some folks who practice satanism. During her involvement with them she delved heavily into satanic ritual, prior to this she had struggled with the opening and closing of her chakra system, well, on one occasion during their satanic rites she manage to forcibly open her chakras, and while her chakras were wide open she became possessed, as a result she was not about to close them properly, her all seeing eye, third eye became stuck open, today at the age of 29 what I thought was the rising star of the witch community, sits idle in a mental institution, staring at a wall with a blank look on her face, you see, if we are not careful to shield ourselves in our practice, anything can come in, the purpose of working with your chakras is to attune yourself to your higher state of consciousness, it saddens me to think that my poor student may never be conscious again!

When we have an out of body experience, our spirit is connected to its host by an invisible cord, I like to think of this as the umbilical cord, this cord links our astral body to our physical body, and in order to keep us grounded there is another cord that anchors us to the earth, when we are whole within our host body, and we start feeling a little ditzy, just not with it, that is an indication that we are not properly grounded, and one never wants to have an out of body experience if their host body is detached from the earth, for if we were to lose connection to our body, it leaves it vulnerable for any other malicious spirit who might be looking for a new home to walk in, and to take over our host, and just as there is karma in all things, we too are bound by the laws of karma where our earth bodies are concerned.

Modern day magic plays a huge role in our world today, and with that comes the responsibility of maintaining balance, now, the reason that you and I are here is to learn our life lessons, and part of those lessons connects us directly with the earth plane, our human body is where we experience physical acts of pleasure, pain, emotional, and mental experiences as well. The body is not a single shell, we are made up of invisible layers that extend outwardly, and encompasses our body much like an egg shell, encompasses its yoke. Each layer is simply a different plane of existence, the first layer of course is our human body which grounds us in the earth plane, the second layer is our emotional being, this is where emotional expressions of love happen, and then those expressions trickle down to the earth plane where we will feel them as if they were butterflies in our tummies, each level of being vibrates at a different rate than the other, our physical being vibrates at a denser rate than our emotional being, and our emotional being vibrates at a denser rate than our mental being, our mental body is where the desire to communicate with others comes from, and of course our spiritual being vibrates at the highest level possible, and is the point of enlightenment, the point where we are now in touch with universal consciousness, our divine self exist on this level, ideally one day each of us should evolve enough to bring our higher-self into our waking state of consciousness, and of course we could always look at the lower and higher levels of existence on the astral plane, but, I will save that for a later date.

I wanted to touch briefly on the topic above, because there are so many of us who flounder around as if we were fish out of water, with little or no spiritual direction in life, and no concept as to how our thoughts, and our actions affects those around us, as well as ourselves. The most frustrating part of working with my clients that I experience is trying to convey just how important it is for them to focus on the positive aspects of their desires, and letting go of the negative. The negative aspects only serve to undermine that in which you wish to accomplish and to achieve. If you are working to reconnect with a lover, or to improve your prosperity, you need to learn to focus your energy on the positive, and stop asking yourself, and me the very questions that got you into a bad situation to begin with. Thoughts are alive, and every time that you write to me asking me if there is another man or woman in your lover's life that you need to be concerned about, the answer is yes, because you are energizing that scenario into manifestation by asking that question.

If you are going to partake in magic, whether you conduct your ritual or cast your spells yourself, or you have someone else to do that for you, you need to learn to program your future, you need to learn to attract to yourself the quality of energy that you desire. I mean come on now folks, there are those of you with whom I work with, that send me an email asking if I see you ever having sex with your lover again, well, here is the twenty dollar question of the day! More importantly do you see yourself having sex with your lover again? It matters not what I see or believe, I can give you my view, I can tell you what I see on a psychic level, but, if you cannot see that for yourself, if you cannot stop asking undermining questions, and start making positive statements affirming your belief that you will have and hold the one that you love, you probably will not! The same goes for your prosperity or whatever else that you are trying to accomplish in life, and that is whether magic plays a role or not, again for the millionth time, thoughts are not empty, they are power packed, full of energy, and you can manifest happiness, or heartache, it really is up to you, but, if you are going to spend your time, energy and money in an attempt to manifest your desires, and to reach your goals in life, then you owe it yourself to lay the bull aside, and to start wholeheartedly working to embrace that in which you seek, because every time that you ask a question that undermines your life goals, you push, no, you shove them that much farther and farther away, making it even that much more difficult to manifest, and when you are embracing this sort of negative behavior, you are even more vulnerable for psychic attack, because you are attracting and pulling to yourself negative energy by the buckets!

Living a life in a total state of euphoria is unrealistic, we each have a darker venue within ourselves, and there is a time and a place where that venue must and will serve us, our goal is to bring our total state of being into balance, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be with the one that you love, or obtaining wealth and riches, but, you will never accomplish it if you waste your time and energy asking redundant and repetitive questions, today is the day that you must learn to align your thought process with your emotional desires, and instead of asking the same old questions, start programming your future through the use of affirmations, affirmative action!

I wanted to throw this little tidbit in about programming your future and manifesting your desires, doubt breeds insecurity, and both doubt and insecurity are perceived as a sign of weakness, if you were to fall victim of a psychic attack, your attacker will seek the weakest link within your personal structure to attack, and unfortunately the majority of my clients would be emotionally vulnerable to such an attack.

Today is the day for you to make yourself strong in mind and in heart, your journey in life is uniquely your own, it is not for me or anyone else to judge you, for we all will answer the call of karma in the end, and there is no injustice in this world that goes unpunished, and there is no victory that goes unrewarded, the question is, which side of that coin do you see yourself on?

Blessed Be



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