Self Empowerment

Lady of light, she who is the embodiment of all that is and all that will ever be, I stand before you with my soul bare as the day that I was born, Mother I hold no secrets from you, for you see and know all!

Your awesome power surges through me, and my spirits are lifted from the darkness that without you would surely consume me! As I rise from the darkness I see my life with a clearer vision, I see the work that I must do to help myself, as well as others, and I see for the first time that my goals are attainable!

Mother I am so ashamed for I have been so ungrateful for all the good that I have in my life, for I have pushed and strived for more because what I have just never seemed enough! But now Gracious Mother I am awake like never before, my spirit has risen from its slumber and I know, and I now see that you gave me all that I need to survive and to progress in life, I feel like such a fool, it was there all this time, waiting for me to find the key and to unlock the mysteries that I contain within my soul, and within my spirit!

It is true that I have looked a lifetime for what I need trying to fill the void and to make myself whole, but it is also true that until now, I never looked within myself to find that which I seek, I am amazed of all the knowledge that I possess within my soul, and I am thankful for all that you have given to me, and my love to you I pledge three fold for I am eternally grateful!

"Hear The Words Of The Goddess"

Oh my child, my rebellious wonder, you always insisted on learning things the hard way, and yes you always looked for more, and at times I felt that my love for you was not enough, you heard my words, but your heart wasn't open, and at times you felt as though I had abandoned you, but I was never absent from your life, because I am ingrained in every fiber of your being, for I am your mother, and you are my child and our spirits are interchangeable, we are one, and if you look without and cannot find me, look within and there you will find me and everything that you need to succeed, grow and prosper in this lifetime, and in return I pledge my love to you three fold.

Blessed Be

Life Decisions!

I choose to accept responsibility for my actions and the decisions that I have made in life. Great Mother, Generous Goddess, bless my life and assist me in the task at hand. Grant me the wisdom to make better choices and give me the vision to see and to know when I have been given gifts from the universe and guide me in my journey today and everyday.

Blessed Be!