Return to me

The following is a ritual that I wrote and I feel that it holds a great deal of truth.

Today is a day of reckoning, today I will come to terms with my person and I will no longer live my life suffering from self-deprival, I have existed day after day, quietly watching life pass me by, looking back it almost reminds me of an old time black and white movie, you know the kind where you have a picture with no sound!

My love, I have stood by watching as you frolic and play with one faint hearted lover after another, I have watched while you give yourself freely to those who could never love you like I love you, who could never give to you a love free from chains, a love that is unconditional, a love that would do anything for you, a love that would suffer in deafening silence hoping against hope for a sign that your heart would soon be mine, I cannot tell you how long I have waited for a glance or even a nod that would acknowledge that you are aware that I exist, I remember the day that you looked my way and smiled, my heart skipped a beat, that is a memory that I will carry with me throughout eternity, a memory that I will tuck away for safekeeping and when I am feeling sad or alone I will take it from its hiding place and I will hold it close to my heart and for a brief moment it will almost seem as though we were never apart.

I have lived my life in harmony and in balance with the forces of nature that surround me and I walk the path of the great Mother and I have listened with an intent ear as she has revealed the many mysteries of the Universe unto me and one of the greatest mysteries that I have learned is the art of silence, to be silent is to give your Higher-Self a voice, to be silent is to connect with that part of yourself that is all knowing and all seeing and I have learned the hard way for I have not always implemented the fundamentals of that which I have been taught.

Silence is golden and it is a lesson that each of us must learn, silence is necessary as not to reveal too much of ourselves or our life-plan to those who oppose us, many teachers have taught me that nothing succeeds like a secret and that I have found to be true and I know my darling that as painful as it is for me not to declare my love for you, it is necessary for the time being, for the one lesson that I have learned well is never to reveal to another the inner workings of my magic and reveal I shall not, because to do so would weaken the effects of my magic and put my goals at risk of failure!

So you see my love, my suffering in silence as painful as it may be has not been in vain or without purpose, silence is a servant that has served me well and as I sit here the visions of you and I are revealed unto me, displayed before me on a big screen in brilliant color, I am amazed at the beauty that I have witnessed and all that the Universe holds in store for the two of us and I suddenly realize that life is not simply black and white, it is filled with color and the absence of sound is a lesson to be learned, for only that which is truly important should ever be spoken and only that which flows from the heart should take shape and manifest, and I know that my love for you truly flows from the heart and I also know that with time and patience our love will manifest and blossom much like that of the rose that dies in the winter and is resurrected in the spring.

I too, have silently died during winter; all the while patiently awaiting the return of spring in hopes that our love will be resurrected and will once again bask under the soft glow of the Sun's warmth, return to me my love for I patiently await thee, your arrival is impending and our love is inevitable for it is written in the stars above, that ours shall be a love story like none before, our future has been foretold by those with the gift of sight and my visions have never lead me astray, return to me my love I beckon thee for I am your seed and you are my light and one without the other would cease to exist, my life without you would be in vain and I would perish from the pain of a broken heart should you fail to return to me, bring the light back into my life which has been absent for such a very longtime, return to me my love for I am your seed and you are my light and it is your light that is in need in order for our love to flourish and grow.

So mote it be!