Releasing Oscar

The use of drugs and alcohol will induce an altered state of reality, often leaving one alone at the wheel of his own devices. Alcohol especially has a harsh effect on our bodies, minds and our souls, so does any chemical laced substance that we introduce into our system, even prescription drugs can cause an altered state of reality throwing us off our chosen path, but, that is not to say that if you are a diabetic, cancer patient or dealing with some other type of disease that you shouldn't take your medication, you will just have to work that much harder at keeping your Aura free and clear of psychic debris, if you are taking medication getting or having an aura cleansing and a cleansing of your personal space every 90 days or so, is a very good idea!

Now, when I talk about alcohol abuse, I am not speaking of the occasional drinker, I am talking about the hardcore 12 pack before bed and one to start the day with, at psychic fairs when I was younger, I would often use a little sipping alcohol to help me relax and to open my third-eye, my choice of course would be an all natural substance, the Indians have used it forever to heighten their awareness and to alter their state of consciousness nowadays, I need it to close my third-eye, but, I do not partake in alcohol, for one thing I am a very direct and straight forward individual, give me a glass of brandy or whiskey and it just doesn't mix with my light skinned Irish and Indian complexion or personality!

Entities and psychic vampires will often seek those individuals out who suffer from some sort of an addiction, be it alcohol or drug related, even sexual. Psychic Vampires are often the bottom feeders, like scavengers, they are the scavengers of the Esoteric world, just like catfish are bottom feeders in ponds and lakes, they are not selective at all, they are opportunistic, they hang around bars, strip joints, pornography shops and even hospital emergency rooms, anyone with the gift of sight will often see them and since alcohol distorts ones reality, the alcoholic will often seem them and not even realize what they are seeing and the next thing you know your addiction has excelled and has caused all kinds of problems, because now you are drinking for two, you have to feed your addiction and the addiction of the entity that has attached itself to your aura! Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Psychic Vampires do not only exist in the psychic world, they can physically manifest and take human form, they may take the form of a co-worker, a friend, lover, someone we trust, often the individual who is feeding or grazing, as my Auntie Faye, liked to call it, she has passed and entered the realm of spirit, she was one of the wises and most powerful of Witches I ever knew, studied under since I was 13 years old, she crossed over a few years back and made a hell of an exit to the other side! No Sir and No Mam, a Witch can and will often feed on the energy of their students, not to a point that it hurts them esoterically or physically, but we have been known to zap a little energy here and there.

A real psychic Vampire doesn't care about the life goals or the well being of their victims, they too are junkies and looking for their next fix, I have seen cases where someone had become so broken down after an encounter with a psychic Vampire that death soon followed, I had a good friend of mine a few years back in Spain, I was unaware that he was having a difficult time, he too was a Witch, was because he has also gone to the Summerland, death was the friendliest option that the universe could bestow upon him, he didn't take his own life, simply went to sleep and didn't wake up, he was 39 years old and a well trained witch practitioner, I trained him for a period of time and then he continued his study with his Grandma, Grandma walks on the dark-side and as hard as I tried to convince my student and friend that the light was where he belonged, he succumbed to the charm of his old-feeble-Grandma, after his death, I binded her power, bound her hands, her feet and put a lid on her crown chakra so that she could cause no more harm, she is the reason that her grandson and other family members all died at a young age, granny is pushing a 100, there are benefits in psychic tapping!

There are benefits indeed, Spanish-Grandma sucked off the life force of those around her, she was never sick a day in her life, mentally she is aware and at her age and mindset that is a little scary for me, not for myself, but for anyone that has to deal with the old witch until she decides it is time to move along. Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with the occasional drink, I too like a little Bailey's now and then, I know how to protect myself and family from psychic intruders, my sensors are always working and my shields are in place and my guardians are keeping watch and yet, with all of that, there are still the opportunistic disembodied beings that you have to watch out for.

I had an encounter with one very recently that for someone else may have been terrifying, Angel and I were traveling to his Mother's hometown of Michoacan, Mexico and stopped at a little roadside gas station, the station was clean and pretty modern, in Mexico your gas is pumped by an attendant and it was just at dusk, I stayed in the car and Angel went into the store, the young man pumped the gas, cleaned the windshield and hurriedly went about his business. Angel was in the store I could see him from the truck, I closed my eyes for a few seconds and the door of the truck opened and I felt the weight of the person set down in the drivers seat and then I felt a hand on my leg, as soon as it touched me, I knew that it wasn't human, at onetime maybe?

I opened my eyes still looking straight ahead and Angel was exiting the store, calmly I asked the being what do you want and he replied a new body, my reply was "Be Thee Gone, I Bear The Light" I lifted my hand and banished with a sign of the pentagram and poof he was gone, as we arrived at Angel's mother's house, we both went through a ritual cleansing and so did our truck, you just never know when and where you will encounter that invisible hitchhiker that wants nothing more than a second chance to live among the living once again.

On our return trip to Puerto Vallarta, we stopped at the same gas station, this time I wasn't tired from the trip and I was prepared, I was ready and I showed this poor earth bound soul the way home, as it turns out he and I had quite the psychic conversation before his departure, Oscar had been shot 3 times by his wife's lover and left for dead behind the station, he told me the horrible stories about how the wild dogs, wolves and other creatures feed on him while he was still alive.

I set Oscar free, by showing him where to seek the light, as it turns out Oscar's wife and lover were killed in a tragic car accident a few weeks later, Karma really exist! I bid you a fond farewell Oscar, may you find what you seek in your next life and until then may your spirit rest and be at ease. He who seeks the light in life, shall always find it in death, you were a good man, only met you twice and granted the first time wasn't on the best of terms, but I understand where you were coming from.

Merry Part, Phelan


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