Psychic Tapping

Energy is fluid and free-flowing, and while energy cannot be possessed, as it is not a possession, energy tapped into and harnessed can be manipulated for whatever esoteric agenda you may have. Energy is not positive, nor is it negative, it is neutral, magic is pure energy, and magic can either be positive or negative, the will and intent of the practitioner is the deciding factor, I am a very positive person, and I am a White Witch, but, if I set about casting a spell or conducting a ritual with negative intent, the outcome will be one of destruction, the truth is that negative or positive magic doesn't really exist, it is the practitioner who is the deciding factor in light and dark magic.

When it comes to working with energy, whether you are casting a spell, conducting an elaborate ritual, meditating, or conducting your own simple candle ritual it is imperative that you learn to shield yourself, now, I am not going to get into my method of shielding for I only teach energy weaving and the art of spell casting to those who study with me, for just as I am karmically responsible for the energy work that I do, I am also responsible for the advice and information that I dispense, and if I lead someone down a path that they shouldn't walk, meaning if they were to use the information that I share with them to cause harm, I too can suffer the repercussion or negative fate of karma, just as they surely will, we as spiritual beings are bound to every thought and word that we utter and we are bound by the laws of karma and the justice that the universe decides to send our way will in no doubt be harsher than any manmade judicial system, balance is a very important part of our human existence, and in order for balance to be maintained each individual on the planet must be accountable for his or her own actions!

Each individual has an energy field or aura that is unique to his or her own being, the aura contracts, expands and changes color depending on your mental, emotional, or physical well-being, on days that you do not feel well your aura will shrink to outline the silhouette of your body, if you are in a particularly negative space your aura may be darken, seemingly black, on good days your aura may expand to the size of the room that you occupy, and may appear bright and colorful, a practitioner with the vision to see auras, such as one who is clairvoyant can often interpret or read the aura, the past, present and future can often be foretold in a person's aura, this is an area that I specialize in, over the course of my practice I have often used the art of aura reading as a tool to aid my clients in solving their life issues, of course aura reading is not done over the phone, for phone readings I rely heavily on the skill of clairaudience to give my clients information, and if provided I can read pictures, in person I read items through the practice of psychometry, part of the process of solving past and current incarnation problems is looking at and taking into consideration the psychodynamics of both the past and present life experiences and the motivation of the one whose incarnation is in question!

In the craft and most covens the elder witch or witches are held in high regard, the crone (female) witch or elder (male) witch knows the importance of young energy, just as the young neophyte witch is often drawn to a particular teacher, it is not unusual to visit a coven and see a mother or father witch surrounded by their young charges, in my group I do not permit anyone under the age of 18 to attend certain spiritual or magical practices, and yes there are significant differences when it comes to spiritual worship of the Goddess or God and the conducting of a magical ritual, with that said no outside visitors are ever allowed within my circle, for unless you have been policed by me I do not know your motives and I take the sanctity of my circles, both formal and informal very seriously.

Energy can be gained or lost through your personal energy field, an experienced witch, crone or elder can tap the energy of the youngsters around them without causing them any harm, the crone or elder witch can appreciate the youthful vitality that exudes from their younger counterparts, just as the young neophyte can appreciate the knowledge of his or her crone mother or elder father, it is truly an exchange of energy, but, energy tapping is not limited to the young and inexperienced, anyone who doesn't properly shield themselves can be esoterically tapped, if the tapping is done by someone who cares not about their personal karma or spiritual ramifications of their actions, severe damage can be done.

Most recently I worked with a client whose luck, and luck is just another form of energy, luck is what we make it to be, and just like magic, luck can be good or bad, in the case of my client from Mississippi, her luck turned ugly and very bad. It didn't matter how much she worked on improving her attitude, bad luck just seemed to abound for her. In working with her I did a series of cleansings, shielding, prosperity and money drawing rituals, during the course of her work I kept picking up on a very dark energy, and through a multitude of emails back and forth I discovered exactly what or I should say who the dark energy was.

When I first accepted her as a client she lived alone, during the first three months of the work that I did for her she lived in solitude, and her focus was entirely centered on improving her financial situation, during one of her visits to the local casino she met a woman who she became friends with, not long after the two met the woman claimed that she had been kicked out of the house by her son and had no place to go, my client being the compassionate person that she is, offered her a place to stay, she had a spare bedroom and could use the extra money from renting the room.

As it turns out the woman had no son, she actually had a house that was paid in full, she was in fact a practitioner of the dark arts and her only interest in my client was parting her from her positive energy, in essence she was literally and esoterically robbing my client of her good luck and positive energy. She would accompany my client upon her trips to the casino, she would take the seat next to her at the gaming table, my client would lose hand after hand, as her new found friend was creating a small fortune for herself through a magical technique called energy siphoning, she was stealing my clients luck and harnessing the energy for her own personal gain, this happens more often than we realize and can be absolutely devastating to the victim, the damage if not caught in time can be so severe that repair is almost impossible.

Before my client met her dark roommate she was on the fast track to becoming very prosperous, she had already managed to make and save close to ten thousand dollars in her twelve weeks of going solo, this is more than she could have saved working her job as a waitress, as unfortunate as it is, the moment that she met this woman her luck had already started to turn from good to bad, she later confided in me that her first impression upon meeting this dark lady was negative, she failed to listen to her inner voice and as a result she suffered grave personal and financial destruction.

Victims of energy tapping often experience other types of psychic or magical attacks, anyone can be victimized by someone who is skilled in the art of energy tapping, no one is exempt and victims often develop rips or tears in their aura, or energy field as a result, which if left un-repaired can greatly undermine the spiritual growth and deter any progress in life that the victim attempts to make, it can also result in both mental and physical ailments. I have seen clients whose energy was so severely depleted that it cost them their livelihoods, and their relationships were torn apart at the seams and any attempt to reconnect with their loved ones thwarted and any effort to regain financial prosperity in vain!

Energy sharing is very different from energy tapping, energy sharing often happens naturally without the consent or knowledge of the participants, it is an exchange of energy, verbal discussion of ideas and thoughts is one of the most natural ways in which we share our energy with those around us, during the process in which we share our energy with others that we trust and know, shielding ourselves is not an issue, shielding only becomes an issue when we involve ourselves with those in which we have little or no knowledge of, and we must rely on our instincts to be our guide, if our inner voice is screaming back off, back off we must, lest you and I experience a fate the same or worse as my client in Mississippi.

Our inner voice is part of our psychic-self, and when we fail to listen to our inner voice we may be setting ourselves up for disaster, and our inner voice not only warns us about impending threats, that little voice may very well guide us to claim the gold that the universe holds in store for us, after all, we are bombarded constantly with information that is free flowing through the airwaves, personally my inner voice has kept me out of trouble and from harms way more times than I care to admit, while the information may originate from without, the voice comes from within and as spiritual beings and psychic receptors we must learn to respect and to act on the information that the universe has chosen to share with us, had my client in Mississippi listened to her voice within, she would have been spared the invasion of a psychic tapping (attack) and she could have avoided the aftermath of destruction that occurred in her life as a result.

Learn to listen to your inner voice, if you practice any form of magic or meditation, learn to effectively shield yourself, take care not to share the intimate details of your life with people you do not know, those who practice the dark form of magic are often cunning and great masters at the art of deceit and will go to great lengths to achieve their goals once they set their sights on an intended victim, I for one, take great care about those who cross my threshold.

When it comes to my coven, my spiritual worship and magical workings, I scrutinize those who attempt to gain my trust very closely, I am spiritual, I believe in the law of perfect trust and perfect love, but, I also believe that I have a responsibility to myself and my personal and spiritual growth first and foremost, for if I allow myself to become a victim of a psychic attack or tapping I cannot be effective in aiding those who come to me seeking my help, so therefore, I take great care in shielding my being, my home and my circle, as a master witch and a practitioner of white magic I urge you to do the same, if you cannot shield yourself seek the help of someone who can!

Light and Love, Phelan


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