Psychic Readings

There are as many different methods of giving a reading as there are people, not all Psychics pull their information using the same method, some Psychics will use the Tarot cards, while others may use a Crystal ball, a bowl of Water for scrying, Mirror gazing and there are still those among us who even read tea leaves, I know a lady who throws the bones and reads ashes from the hearth, I personally utilize many different methods, I give readings based on the birth name, date of birth, life path numbers, as well as drawing the information from spirit using nothing more than my sixth sense.

When I give a reading face to face in person I utilize Psychic palmistry, Psychometry, I read from pictures and other objects that my client may bring with them to the reading. One of my most favorite methods is the art of candle gazing, I have been given much information by the flame over the years and I have found it to be a very effective approach to gaining the knowledge or information that I am seeking.

Whatever method one may choose to utilize will work, as long as they have a belief in their craft and the patience to develop their skills over a period of time, when someone uses the Tarot cards they are not reading the cards per say, at least they shouldn't be, they are merely using the cards as a means to tap into their Higher Consciousness, it is a way to connect with their Higher Self, the cards are merely a tool, the catalyst in which they connect with Spirit to draw forth the needed information.

I am a Psychic feeler, Clairsentient, and I am an Empath, I feel the energy very strongly, I can sense another's mood, and I can feel the pain and the emotions that he is going through, and for this reason I have had to learn to shield myself over the years to keep from taking my clients negative energy into my own aura, which can gravely impact my energy if I contained it without effectively releasing it!

I am Clairvoyant, I receive images with my Psychic vision, some images may be very sharp and clear while others may be dull and fuzzy, when you are working with and reading energy you never know what you may find, and on the other hand there may be certain knowledge that your guides may withhold from you, especially if they feel that you are not ready to deal with the information in the proper manner.

I am Clairaudient, I hear very clearly on a Psychic level and this combined with my Clairvoyance is one of the ways that I effectively tune into and give my clients a Psychic phone reading, this is a method that I have employed over the last decade or so, and I have found that the information that derives from a Psychic phone reading is just as valid as information that I receive when a client is setting across from me at my reading table.

A Psychic reading should never be a guessing game, and a responsible and reputable Psychic will always make that fact known to his clients, one of the ways that you can insure that you are getting a valid reading is by asking questions, this is one of the reasons that I split my readings up into two parts, the first part of the reading is done by me tapping into my clients aura, energy field and sharing information that I am receiving about them with my guides, the second part of the reading is opened up to my clients direct questions and in the process I almost always give them more than what they are asking for.

On the other hand there are people who get readings just to see if it is real, maybe they are simply curious, but I can tell you from experience that they are doing nothing more than wasting their time, energy and money, because when someone needs proof that something exist, that it is real, when they are trying to prove a point they are not open to the reading or energy and the information obtained will be minimal.

Psychics have a responsibility to their clients, and are held accountable by the ways and laws of the universe, a reputable Psychic is not going to feed you a long line of garbage or use scare tactics to try and get your business, the people who do that sort of thing are not Ethical, Professional Psychics who are skilled in their craft, they are Con artist, predators that prey on the fact that you are emotional, vulnerable, and that you are reaching out for help.

Psychic readings are a good way to obtain information about your current incarnation or even a past life, you can learn much about your life lessons and find solutions to breaking free of negative life patterns, I recall one reading in which I was giving a client who was afraid to be near large crowds of people, it was revealed in the reading that he was once trampled to death by an angry mob of people at a concert in a previous life, he was seven years of age when he died, and that event was carried over to his current life through a process that we call race memory, once we determined the source of his fear he was able to break free from it and now he enjoys attending concerts and other large venues on a regular basis.

Psychic readings should be used as a means of collecting and processing information, in most cases our guides never reveal anything that would be detrimental to our well being, and even when something negative is discovered it is normally meant to be used as a positive, a method of change, a means of over coming obstacles and hardships, a way for us to progress in life.

In my opinion just about everyone on the planet has the ability to develop their Psychic senses, however, many people are afraid to do so, people tend to fear the unknown, people tend to jeer and poke fun at that in which they have no comprehension for, and often those who do develop their gifts are feared, misunderstood, and often shunned by mainstream society, our abilities originate through a Higher Consciousness, and flows from the Godhead, in essence the ability to see into the past or the future is a gift from the Gods themselves and should be held sacred, cherished, nurtured and allow to grow, it is a mystery of the Universe that has been revealed to those chosen to carry its legacy forth into a brighter tomorrow, step into a brighter tomorrow and relinquish your fear!