Psychic Energy

My belief as a Witch pulls from many dimensions that this beautiful world has to offer. The Goddess and God are not faceless, we see her 30-day cycle, and he rises daily. The bottom line is one would not exist without the other.

The other day I was browsing a website, and to my surprise one of the Articles that I wrote about how accepting the Craft is where their Gay and Lesbian counterparts are; anyway the comments were crude, inaccurate, and I am happy that my Coven extends our hand to any faith, to any peace-loving person who is looking for enlightenment.

Imagine walking into a gun store, but finding no guns, instead, the man behind the counter explains to you why you shouldn't buy a gun. You would leave the store very confused, after all, they are a gun shop. My point is that you must decide for yourself what to allow into your life and the behavior you are going to exhibit to the rest of the world.

The worst thing that any of us can do is to wander aimlessly through life with no sense of self or purpose. I found my path when I was very young. The last time that I stepped foot into a church I was seven years old, the preacher showed a room full of kids a video of what would happen if we misbehaved.

The Video started with the second coming of Christ, and it showed the dead rising from the ground, people in cars dropping dead and their souls either ascended to heaven or descended to hell. It showed people in beautiful white gowns and robes who were stuck in between Heaven and Hell, and if they were lucky they were given a pass into heaven, if not, they would fall over dead with worms and roaches coming out of their mouths, nose, ears, and eyes.

That was the day that I knew that there was more in and to this life than a vengeful God who would strike you dead for being human. That day I decided enough was enough and I found a way to break the news to my Mother and Step-Dad, who at the time were Ushers for the Billy Graham Crusade and my Mother had convinced herself that she had developed the ability to heal through the power of prayer.

Now, please do not get me wrong. I do know that there are people, even myself who can heal through the power of touch and thought, it is all about energy. I specialize in long-distance healing where my client is not in my physical presence and though I know that I can heal I tell everyone who inquires to be sure to seek medical attention. I do this because it is the responsible thing to do.

Getting back on track. By the time that I was seven, I was already having visions and suffice it to say I was called the little freak in the family. Some of those people should have listened because the very thing I predicted for them came to pass. My sister left home at the age of 16, she is 9 years older than me and one morning I got up and described the place where she lived and the violent attacks my brother in law was inflicting upon her.

I was around 9 at that time, and there was no possible way that I could have known the details that I gave my mother.
Details which turned out to be true because about two hours later her father showed up and told my mom that my sister was in a mess and that she needed to go with him to her house which was about an hour away from where we lived.

We went, and the details that I had given to my mother turned out to be true. I think it was at that moment that she became a believer in my intuitive powers. Seeing the unseen, feeling the pain of others, as well as their happiness just felt reasonable to me. Unfortunately, my grandmother wasn't thrilled, and she wanted to have the demon within me removed. Several of my Aunt's and Uncles wouldn't allow me around my cousins.

I grew up in a split family at gatherings you would have the Christians on one side of the room and the Pagan/Witches on the other side and then all of the misfits in the middle.

Luckily for me, my Aunt was a co-founder of one of the largest Covens in the State of Georgia. It was a non-traditional coven as it had more than 13 members. I left that group over the controversy of Gay marriage between my Aunt and another High Priestess.

Like I have always said the Government, and the State has no business telling me or anyone else who we can or cannot marry. Marriage is one of the most natural things that exist, and it doesn't matter if it is between a man and a woman, two women or two men.

Everyone has some form of a psychic gift. The problem is that most people are afraid of it, it could be the fear of being ostracised, cast out and called a freak. People who react in this manner are usually scared, so they lash out at what they have no concept of.

Psychic energy is real, ghost and spirits are real. Hauntings are real and supernatural, or magical attack is just plain scary! I have dealt with many of my clients who were at the brunt of a magical or psychic attack. In almost every case it involved Love or Money, Envy and Jealousy also played a significant role.

Maybe you got a little too comfortable at work and spoke of your love life to the wrong person, and they decided to turn against you. These type of attacks are not limited to strangers, but some of the worst cases I have seen are from family and friends the people who know us the best.

You should always be mindful before using Esoteric Force, such magic can carry a high price tag karmically speaking. Never fool yourself into believing that your actions will bear no consequences because they will and can lead to devastation.

There is an old saying in the craft, speak not lest your spell will be broken. Meaning if you have work done by a practitioner keep the conversation about your spells and rituals between you and the person that you are working with, speaking of your magic to your Witch is one thing, discussing it with your best friend another!

I have a little more than 30 years doing what I do, and to this day I do not brag about the work that I have done for myself or my family. I practice what I preach, and that brings me to the point of the need to keep your focus positively.

When you request a Ritual or Spell, you are asking for intervention from a higher power. You should know that the Gods can be offended, but they are not vengeful. Godhead energy plays a vital role in the manifestation of your needs and desires and may negatively influence your magic if they detect an air of arrogance, humility is an excellent lesson to learn while you are waiting for your desires to manifest.

I will leave you with one final thought. If you are working with energy (magic), do not allow yourself to become complacent, if you are having a difficult time of staying focused, do another ritual or have another ritual done for you by your practitioner.


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