Psychic Attack

Speak not lest the spell be broken, these words boom in my head like thunder booming in the distant sky. It is hard to face and learn some of the lessons that our elders are trying to teach us, and speaking of ones Magic to those who might belittle it, will only weaken it and may even jeopardize the end result of our Magical goals!

If you are a Spell-Caster or if you are seeking help from a Witch, Wizard, Wise Woman or Practitioner you must not speak about your weavings to anyone, to do so will cause great harm to the flow of your energy, Magic must be safeguarded at all times, no one owns the bragging rights to that which he cannot possess and Magic cannot be possessed, for it is not a possession, it is a gift that is given to us by the Divine Life-Force and it flows through us, just as it is given it can be taken from us!

Practitioners of the Magical Art must learn to manipulate the elements in order to produce the desired outcome and we often utilize many different Magical Tools, techniques and systems of Magic, the energy that is Magic is one in the same, however the techniques that is applied and the intent of the Practitioner will determine if it is a positive form of Magic or negative, keep in mind that it is all the same energy, meaning it flows from the same source and evolves from the same energy pool.

Magic is not good, bad, black or white, that is until it is conjured and released by the Practitioner, and it saddens me to say that there are plenty of bad Practitioners, and energy is very real and if it is unleashed against someone in a negative manner it can and often does produce devastating results, which is the effect that the Venomous Spell-Caster had in mind in the first place.

There are and will always be those individual among us who could care less about the Karmic ramifications that will arise from their dirty little deeds, they have no concept of their own Spirituality and their focus is not on living a clean and productive life, their agenda means everything to them, even at the expense of the ones that they love and in most cases an addiction to instant gratification has developed and in essence it has replaced their ability to look at things in a calm and rational manner, as a result they lose their focus and their life suddenly takes a turn for the worse.

I believe that people are good in general, meaning that we do not originate into the Earth Plane with a desire or a need to take over the Universe and to cause harm, I feel strongly that our circumstances and those that we become involved with can have a great impact on our development and influence us in a negative way if we are of weak mind and character to begin with, like attracts like, so with that said it is easy to see why we have so many War Mongers running this Country and living it up, partying it up at the W-House.

Absolute power corrupts and all too often it is easy for someone of a weak nature to succumb to the darker side of Magic, from time to time the young neophyte Practitioner is lead astray by their desire to excel and supersede their predecessors, one can seemingly gain power and control through the use of black Magic and one can lose everything as well.

There are many symptoms that could possibly identify that a Magical attack is taking place or being worked against you, a few of the symptoms can be chronic fatigue, panic attacks, night sweats, severe headaches, a loss of appetite, food becomes tasteless, or perhaps even tastes like dust, the list can go on and on, in most cases of Psychic attack the Practitioner will tend to pick times that you are most likely vulnerable, such as when you are sleeping, Psychic attack can take the form of many illnesses, such as head colds, respiratory problems, I even witnessed an attack that was so strong against someone that they had a heart attack and died.

Psychic attack is very real and should not be taken lightly; there are cultures even today that practice negative forms of Voodoo, Hoodoo and Witchcraft, I know for a fact that even I have been a victim of Psychic attack a few times, however I have learned to shield myself effectively over the years and even in doing so it still has impacted me on several levels, my recent health issues would be a good example, I was attacked by someone who visited me and my circle, I accepted this person as a brother of the craft in perfect love and in perfect trust and he set the evil eye against me, as you all know I do not believe in practicing black Magic, however I do believe in an eye for an eye and an eye I shall pluck out!

Magical attacks can take place just about anywhere, I know a lady who once lost control of her car, well her car was taken over by an energy form and for a lack of a better word we will label it a demon, the car was steering just fine and as she was approaching a bridge the steering wheel locked and became so tight that she couldn't steer it, the only thing that she could do was to hit the breaks, which jerked her around in the middle of the road about three or four times before coming to rest against the side of the bridge, after the car stopped the steering returned to normal, upon her return home she learned that a roommate of hers witnessed a huge dark smoky cloud hovering just above her car, that same cloud of smoke had been seen wandering the halls of her home in the twilight hours, as it turned out another roommate that she had, had unleashed the demon against her to get even with her for making her move, we did an exorcism on her home and discovered a black book of shadows hidden in the closet of her teenage son, which was the room that Jackie had stayed in when she lived there, her son was in a boarding school during the school year, so she rented his room to help out with the bills, like I told her, know who you are letting into your house!

Evil, negative energy does not need an invitation, that is a myth and on the other hand you will never find a mat at any of my doors that says welcome, because not everyone or everything that turns up on my stoop is welcome to come in and having a sign such as that displayed is only asking for trouble! You are literally giving anyone and anything that approaches your home the green light to come on in, now I am not paranoid, but I do believe in safeguarding my dwelling and its occupants and so should you!

Common sense should always play a factor in determining if you are under Psychic attack, do not believe that you are just because some Psychic, Witch or Practitioner says that you are, especially if it is followed by and I can help you and its only going to cost the family farm or jewels (lol), if indeed you are under Psychic attack you should seek the help and advice of a reputable Practitioner, preferably one who is skilled in such matters and someone who is trustworthy, when you are under a Psychic attack you are especially vulnerable and must take great care not to make matters worse by soliciting the help of someone whose only interest is padding their own pockets, do not get me wrong, a fair and reputable Practitioner will charge a fair and reasonable fee for their services but will never knowingly put you in harms way and that means financially as well.

I have witnessed negative Magic especially in situations that involve love triangles, often one or more of the parties will resort to casting a negative spell or have one performed on their behalf, as far as I am concerned there is no man or woman who is worth jeopardizing your own Spiritual growth and well-being, you may get what you desire a little bit faster, but you will not produce lasting results, at least not where love is concerned, love has and will always flow from the positive aspects of Magic and if you resort to black Magic to gain the affection of the one that you love, that is not love in the first place, that is obsession and control, or a lack of control depending on how you look at it.

Back in my neophyte days I conjured demons from the bowels of hell and I set them against someone who really offended and pissed me off, I suffered a severe backlash and regretted my actions, although I got the one that I was gunning for and it is a fact that even today you couldn't pay her to grace me with her presence, as I have already said I do believe in an eye for an eye and although I do not believe in conjuring the darker shades of Magic, I have learned to protect myself from the backlash in the event that I need to in self-defense of course! I do not suggest that you or anyone who reads this article partake in negative Magic, but you have every right to defend yourself within reason.

By your deeds you shall be known and by the company that you keep your reputation will define you, choose your friends wisely, choose your mate with great care, for he or she should balance and compliment your energy, love should never turn violent and there shall never be a struggle for power, keep an eye open on those who oppose you at all times, know where they are and where they are going, shield your heart, hearth and home from those who do evil, allow not those who are unworthy to cross the threshold of your dwelling, your home is your sanctuary, sacred space, it is your temple and should be treated as such, speak not of your Magic to anyone, for as it is said nothing succeeds like a secret and to brag about your workings will tarnish and taint it, it will lessen the force of its power and diminish its strength!

There are certain members of my family that I do not allow to come into my home, the main reason is as my Aunt says they carry trouble with them in a sack and the few times that I have allowed them to enter chaos breaks out soon afterwards, so believe me when I tell you that I have learned to practice what I preach! Psychic energy lingers, especially negative energy and it will fuel and refuel disastrous arguments and fights time and time again, this is one of the reasons that I cleanse and clear out the energy in my home periodically, to dispel the negative energy that may have become imprinted and trapped within! I would advise anyone who is having difficulties with finances or relationships to do the same, otherwise you will find that you have become deeply rooted in a negative life pattern and will never be able to break free and make a fresh start! I hope this article is informative and it finds you safely embraced with the ones that you love.

Blessed Be