Prosperity for 2005 / Free Money Spell

Everywhere you look these days people are struggling financially, you reach a point where you must stop and ask yourself why? Why are people starving? Why are there countless numbers of homeless people everywhere?

The answer lies within each unique and distinct individual, prosperity and money are pure energy, thought forms, the physical attributes of both are manifested through the possessions that we obtain or acquire through the thought process.

The car that you drive, the house that you live in, the clothes that you wear and the food that you eat are all exchanged with a universal energy that each and every individual on the planet can relate to, MONEY!

Furthermore the car that you drive and the house that you live in along with all of your other worldly possessions were all borne out of a single thought-form that you gave birth to! Thoughts are living things and what you project is precisely what you will attract!

Wal-Mart possesses the clothing and household items that you desire and you have the money that Wal-Mart desires and needs to stay in operation, however, before an exchange can be made you first have to perceive the idea or notion that you have a need or desire to obtain that which the Giant Guru Of Retail has to offer. Whatever the case may be an exchange of energy is made through the transaction at the checkout counter!

Money is pure energy, and prosperity is a state of mind, in order for you to be prosperous in this lifetime you first have to release yourself from the mental bonds of poverty and yes poverty is a state of mind, if you can let go of the idea that prosperity and wealth are out of your reach and open your mind up to what the Universe holds in store for you, prosperity will be yours for the taking.

If you set about playing the lottery with the thought in mind that you have very little chance of winning, the odds are that you will not win! This is the one main factor as to why the odds are always stacked against people who play games of chance as a whole, the other important factor is that it takes money to make money, or at least the thought that you have all that you need should be present before pursuing games of chance or embarking upon great financial battles!

I am sure that you have heard the old saying that "it takes money to make money", this is true in a sense but not entirely in its concept.

People who have money are not usually worrying about where their next meal is coming from and therefore they are able to separate themselves from the emotional aspects of the winning or losing of money, the emotions that you feel concerning money will either help or hinder you on your journey of becoming financially independent!

In order to turn on your magnet and tap into the wealth of prosperity that is flowing freely through the Universe, you first have to stop fretting and worrying over every little financial detail that plagues your life. Financial freedom can be obtained as easily as changing your mind about being poor, I am not saying that wealth will be yours overnight but I am saying that you need to make that all important first step and stop seeing yourself as an individual who does not have what it takes to become financially secure!

You have to remember what I have already said about money, money is nothing more than thought forms that are swirling around in my head and yours and throughout the Universe, it is a universal way of exchanging energy with those who inhabit the planet with us and it is necessary to insure mine and your survival and everyone else's to boot!

People have a tendency to believe the propaganda that is forced-fed to them by the media and the government, further more we have more people on welfare in this Country than anywhere else on the planet and I believe that it is nothing more than an attempt by the government to control the vote and its people!

You are entitled to believe whatever you may, even if that belief is counterproductive to a worry-free existence and even if your thoughts have sentenced you to a life imprisoned in a poverty stricken existence that no one else cares to share with you! GO AHEAD!

If you are happy going through life always wondering when the other shoe will drop and where the money is going to come from for all your necessities and the luxuries that you desire, GO AHEAD! You do not need my permission or anyone else's for that matter, but do not look to lay the blame for your poverty and misfortune anywhere else other than at your own doorstep!

You have no one else to blame for being poor other than yourself, you have no one else to blame for your misery other than you! You are the captain of your ship and misery is happily your first mate! GO AHEAD!

I have to tell you that I get angry when I see people who are merrily living in housing projects, having baby after baby and sucking all the taxpayers dry and they have the nerve to complain about the quality of their life! Do not get me wrong I don't have a problem with the ones who have landed there because of some disease or mental defect, but the ones I do have a problem with are the ones who are laying up on their behinds spreading their legs and expecting someone else to pay to raise their offspring's, get a grip honey, if you can't keep your legs closed or use birth control, get spayed!

Even the deadbeats that live off the government have a pretty good concept of prosperity, after all they have figured out a way to skate through life at the expense of you and me, easy money!

People who sit back and live on welfare have worked their way into a life filled with bitter sweet tears and poverty is the main lesson that they have to learn, but even so, if they developed the desire to change their situation they could manifest wealth beyond their greatest concept!

I personally cannot believe that anyone can be happy having to beg, borrow or steal to make ends meet. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why any of us should be poor, I once heard one of my teachers say, that if you took all of the wealth in the world and divided it equally among all of the citizens, that every single man, woman and child would be a multi millionaire! That is a fact that boggles the mind!

People who have money have learned many valuable lessons and one of those lessons being that if you covet it, if you hold on to it too tight, you will lose it! Prosperity is meant to flow freely, after all that is what energy does, it flows freely! Now, I am not suggesting that you have to spend or give away every dime that you own, I am merely saying that you need to allow it to flow unrestricted and unhindered.

A good way of opening yourself up to what the universal cash register has to offer is to learn to see yourself as a prosperous individual and to give yourself permission to be open to the endless opportunities that will otherwise pass you by.

Make an agreement with yourself and develop an understanding that it is alright to prosper and to grow in this lifetime financially. Learn to see yourself as a person that will be in the right place and at the right time, there is no shame in found money at any given moment there are billions of dollars that are floating around out there unaccounted for. A good rule of thumb when it comes to found money is to make an honest effort to find the originating owner, by doing so you alleviate yourself of any negative karmic ramification!

Throughout your life, money will flow to you through many different avenues, the bulk of your prosperity will be through that of your own design, money isn't and shouldn't be difficult to earn, work should be done smart and not hard! Although it is my belief that if it comes to you too easily it will leave that way as well.

Why is it so difficult for you to change your mind about being poor? Why can't you rise above your current economic level and reach a comfortable point? I can sum this up for you in one brief sentence! You lack the motivation and true desire to manifest the change within your own mind and life! You have become so accustomed to being poor that it has become a way of life!

The old saying goes that like attracts like, this is so very true, but you do not have to hold a dollar bill in your hand to attract another one, you simply need to tap into the energy of that dollar bill, by doing so you will attract and draw that much needed monetary vibration to you.

Last year in October Angel and I went to play bingo with a few of our friends and one of them had been doing very poorly financially for quite a while, he constantly complained about all of the negative things in his life, a job that he hated, a car that only started when it wanted to and a pile of bills at home that he couldn't afford to pay! Well you may wonder if all of that was wrong why then was he spending what little bit of money that he had at bingo, a game of chance!

Earlier that week and prior to his attending bingo with us I set through a session with him and I pointed out all of the negative aspects of the energy that he was working in, as I explained to him that his actions were determining the outcome of his prosperity energy and that it wouldn't change until he made a conscious effort to do so.

I could tell that he was struggling trying to grasp what I was saying and that he was just about clueless. I told him that the bottom line was this, extend yourself to the universe in a positive way, actions speak louder than words, instead of sitting around and complaining about your situation, find ways to attract the cash that you need.

One of the ways the he decided to do that was trying his hand at games of chance, to date he has won a little over seven thousand dollars at bingo and several more thousand playing scratch-off tickets and the cash three. (lottery) He confided in me that before I took the time to work with him that he had no idea how to go about changing things in his realm of reality, he invested his winnings in a new (used) car and he continues to play bingo!

Believe it or not playing bingo is just like going to work, it is an energy investment that you make by performing the action and just like any other investment you are entitled to a return.

One of the things that my friend told me that he learned in working with me was to see himself as already possessing that which he desired, not wanting it but already having it, he said in doing so made him feel empowered and in control and that he was able to separate himself emotionally from the situation.

Free Money Spell

By the way, here is a little trick that I taught my friend, it is a very simple money spell.

Take a dollar bill and dab some cedar-wood oil on it and wrap it around three magnets and you'll have yourself a little money mojo!

Recite the following.

"Money, money, come to me. It is my will so mote it be!"

Prosperity is a belief and your mind is the magnet, all that is necessary for you to change your current economic situation is to change your mind and to develop a different point of view about yourself and your life! You can have all that you need and then some if you just give yourself the permission to be free from the poverty consciousness that you have spent a lifetime building and reinforcing!

My challenge to you for 2005 is for you to gain control over your destiny and become the master and commander of your vessel and to overcome the hurdles that you have inadvertently placed in your path by focusing on the negative side of things! Life doesn't have to be hard and you do not have to spend it in poverty, change your mind today and be on your way to an even more prosperous New Year!