Playing With Fire!

It has been my experience that when you carelessly play with fire eventually you are going to get burned, handling a snake with care doesn't always guarantee that you will not get bit, because depending on it's mood it may still strike you. Recently a young man contacted me, for the sake of this article and his privacy I am going to refer to him as Carlos.

Carlos had just lost his wife of seven years and out of desperation he turned to a man that I am only going to call Papa G, this man is a voodoo practitioner, I know of him and have butted heads with him over the past ten years or so, there are no rules or guidelines in which this man follows in his practice, several of his clients, I would say more than twenty five over the years have turned to me after he had taken their money and then turned on them, voodoo is very powerful, and it is often a means to an end, a permanent end to relationships that has been destroyed instead of rebuilt, a disastrous impact on prosperity, voodoo may have its place, but it is not the answer for those who are looking to reunite or to resurrect a love situation that has seemingly died, and used for ill-gotten gain of finances the devastation can be irreversible!

Voodoo has it's place and I have personally studied and even incorporated some of it's principals in my magical workings over the years, but when you are dealing with the loss of a relationship the last thing that you want to do is to make it worse and when a practitioner takes a do as I please approach to magic without taking into consideration the consequences and repercussions that may manifest as a result, it is the client who suffers, and often the pain is so harsh that it makes life unbearable.

Papa G, unleashed a severe attack against Carlos and his family, you see the problem with a practitioner who freely wields black magic in a promise to obtain for a client that in which his or her client may seek, is that the dark magician will often work first to make the situation worse for his or her client in an effort to make the client even more vulnerable than he or she may already be, black magicians could careless about you or your feelings, it is their own agenda that concerns them the most and you are nothing more to him or to her than a casualty of magical warfare!

The attacks against Carlos and his family started in November of 2006, and progressed to a point where he had contemplated taking his own life and ended up hospitalized for ten weeks in a psychiatric hospital, the psychic attacks increased in strength during his stay in the hospital, while he was there several of his siblings succumbed to accidents that were totally unexplainable, and his wife lost the set of twins that she was carrying to a miscarriage, yes indeed, Carlos and his family was caught in the sights of Papa G's magical weaponry and he was not about to lighten up until he drained this poor family of all of their resources and lifeblood!

There is but one way to deal with a magical attack, and that is to fight fire with fire, but just as a Witch is heavily armed with magical tools and shielded by magic of old, a black practitioner worth his or her sulfur will also be shielded to the max and Papa G is locked and loaded and he is a very strong black voodoo priest, the problem here is the fact that once he has you in his grasp, once he has lavished you with promises that he can and will return to you that in which you seek, he will work to take that in which you hold dear from you and more!

Over the years I have warned my clients and those of you who care to listen that you should never cross a practitioner, whether that practitioner is a Witch of White, or a Magician of the black arts, magic is magic and voodoo is not any more powerful than Witchcraft, a White Witch can ruin your day, week and life if you mess with him or her in the wrong way, the likelihood of that is very slim, I personally have been wronged by a client and have dusted off the old broomstick and called it a day, but, I have had my moments when I turned a few demons loose to do my bidding, but not against a client, magical warfare between the light and the dark is as real as the light of day and the dark of night, when I said that I have butted heads with Papa G, I have indeed, he and I have engaged one another in the throws of magic, he is ruthless, he is older and finds comfort in his dark workings, I am younger, wiser, smarter and a faster magical draw, and the clients that I have taken under my wing, the ones who came to me from him, are still standing, they are stronger then ever before, I have shielded and protected them, and I maintain a complete level of protection around me and mine, for if I cannot take care of myself, I cannot take care of anyone else!

Please if you are working to reunite with a lover, or to secure your financial future through enhancing your prosperity, take into account your desires, think about how precious your loved ones are to you, think about all of the things that you are working for in your life, positive energy only begets positive energy, if you employ the workings of a black magician chances are a dark cloud will hover above your head for the rest of your life, black magicians seek to control and to destroy that in which resides in the light, do not become a victim of your own greed, do not allow the temporary pain of your emotional state to ruin the rest of your life, psychic attack and life curses are real, remember that for every action there is an equal an opposite reaction, you are the ultimate programmer and your life is the hard drive, the Mother board of that hard drive is the Goddess, your destiny is that of your own, so please program with care and remember that no matter how hard life gets, there is always a brighter tomorrow, do not lose sight of your hopes and dreams.

Blessed Be



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