Perpetuating A Broken heart!

Perpetuating a broken heart, if you are separated from the one that you love the absolute worse thing that you can do is to sit around and feel sorry for yourself and even if you have resorted to magic, it will take time before your desires manifest, as we already know nothing happens overnight and depending on the circumstances of your situation it may require more or less time to see results and in most cases it will require more than a couple of months and depending on the turns and twists along the way it may take even a great deal more time than that!

If you have made a decision to work with magic to achieve your desire of reuniting with your lover allow yourself to undergo a healing process, healing is necessary to make the heart whole again, far too many times someone we love hurts us dearly and we force ourselves to get over it or we fool ourselves into thinking that we have gotten over it and by some small miracle the one that we love comes back into our life and sitting at the dinner table one night we explode and go off like a rocket being launched to the moon, why? Because instead of healing while we were waiting for results from the spells that we weaved, we were busy feeling sorry for ourselves, we were busy pushing and rushing through a process that requires time; ladies and gentlemen the healing process is part of that time!

You can whine and cry all you want about how much it hurts to be without the one that you love, but unless you take advantage of the time that you have without them and allow your heart to heal, it will not last when it finally does come back together. If you are hurting and crying all of the time you are not healing and while crying is part of the emotional release process, if you are still wailing after a few weeks of separation you do not need magic, you need a shrink, time is the greatest healer of all, especially where our hearts are concerned!

Anyone who expects instant results from a spell casting is delusional, it does not work that way, there is an assumption by the general population that it works that way because after all it is magic or they have been told by some irresponsible psychic who has no concept of magic at all, that it works that way, but magic, as we know doesn't manifest just to appease us, folks even when I cast a spell for myself I stay focused on my life and continue with my plans knowing that I have enlisted the aid of the Goddess and the Universal forces, I do not sit around and allow my life to go to hell in a hand basket while wallowing in self-pity!

What if the shoes were on the other feet? Try reversing roles, switch places with your lover and take a long hard look at yourself, whining, crying and wallowing in self-pity all of the time is not very attractive, if you are honest with yourself you know that if you were him or her that you would not want to be with "you" either, not under those circumstances!

Most people who are of a strong character desires the same from a partner and while there will be similarities there will also be differences and those differences are what keep the relationship interesting and viable! No one wants to be with someone who has to be constantly reassured and on the other hand if your mate has a history of being unfaithful, why do you still desire to be with him or her?

The bottom line here is common sense, if you love the person and have committed yourself to reuniting with them, let go of the past and this means letting go of their indiscretions as well. Most of all let go of the pain of the past, allow your heart to heal, become a stronger individual, make better decisions for yourself and in the process define what you are willing to accept from that special someone in a relationship, I would also recommend that you define what is unacceptable as well!

The main responsibility that we have in life is to ourselves, it is important to set boundaries within our lives and our relationships, as I have stated so many times before if you are unable to make yourself a priority in your life, you cannot expect someone to make you a priority in their life and part of your priority has to be to heal and to become whole again!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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