Paying Homage To The Gods!!

The planet has undergone many changes over the last few weeks; and we are entering a time where the earth is becoming cold and frigid, the plants and flowers of spring and summer are no more and death can be felt all around us. Death can be seen symbolically with the movement through the seasons, as well it is reenacted on a monthly basis with the death of the moon.

Death is a word that many people fear, especially those who have yet to develop and understanding that death is a natural process of life, it confirms and reaffirms the fact that all things must begin and end! Human beings are supposedly the most intelligent life on the planet, but I feel that the Gods may in fact give us way to much credit, why you may ask? The number one reason is that we as we speak are destroying our most valuable ally, MOTHER EARTH.

Earth is the greatest teacher that we have and she is held in the highest regard in the Witch community, however every day that we continue drilling, digging, and uprooting trees is one step closer to bringing reality, as we know it to a close. I believe that we should honor our Mother, and that we should be grateful for the resources that she provides us, in my opinion we have more than enough shopping malls, plazas, theatres and theme parks than we need.

I believe that the good citizens of Mother Earth should work diligently at preserving as many of our natural resources as possible, we need to clean up our lakes, streams, creeks, and our seashores, we need to plant more trees, bushes, plants and flowers, and we need to learn to be grateful for all that we have, and we need to pay homage to the Gods of old.

The one thing that makes my blood boil is to see someone throw a bottle or other garbage out of a car window, this is obviously an individual who has no forethought about ecology, or the damage that will ultimately ensue his thoughtlessness. With Thanksgiving coming I decided to address the topic of our individual need to give thanks, I feel that all to often that we ask the Universe, the Goddess, and or God to help us out and to grant our wishes, but sometimes we fail to give proper thanks for all of the good that we have in our life as a result of the blessings granted by the divine life force.

Every culture, or religious background have their own way of giving thanks and praise to the powers that they call upon; Witches typically give thanks to the Goddess in a formal circle or simply by burning thanksgiving incense in honor and acknowledgment for the blessings that we have received, whether it was bringing closure to a suffering relationship, returning a lost love, or for assisting us with our prosperity energy, we know the importance of giving our thanks.

We also know that the Gods are quick to smile upon those who have learned the art of humility; this is the time to let go of arrogance it will only hold you back, humble yourself before the Mother, humble yourself before the Universe, give thanks and praise for the fact that you are alive, and that you are breathing, and remember the old saying never take more than you give, take only what you need and leave the rest.

The Universe blesses those who bless others!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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