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Hallowmas is the time of year that the veil between our world, and the world of the unseen parts, allowing the spirits of those who have gone before us to cross from their world back into ours!

Psychic energy is very strong during Hallowmas, and it is not uncommon for those who are open to the energy around them to feel, and to see the manifestation of spirit as it walks the land!

As a Witch I believe that the spirits are here to help us; however, just as humans have a light and a dark-side, so does spirit, and therefore it is necessary to take precaution when coming into contact with a spirit-form that you are unfamiliar with, lest you become the victim of a psychic or demonic possession, and during this time of year there are many susceptible beings just ripe for possession, one of the main reasons for possession is the dabbling that is done when one doesn't have a clear understanding of the forces in which they dabble in, another words, if you are not trained as a witch, if you have no formal training or metaphysical background leave the dabbling to those who are trained!

Ouija boards are the worse, and yes they do work, they act as a communication device, or a psychic conductor for those who are not psychically inclined, for if one is psychic, one doesn't need a Ouija board, or any other tool for that matter, I am psychic, I give readings, and I do not read cards, I can read cards, I have used candle gazing, water scrying, and many other techniques to tap into the psychic energy around me, and I particularly like to water scry because of its vast connection to nature, and to the Goddess.

While I do not need the above tools, I do use them from time to time, I am a trained witch with an extensive background in metaphysics, and I leave the Ouija boards alone, and you should as well, spirits are brilliant energy forms, very intelligent beings, and mischievous spirits are even more so, and they know that inexperienced people "fool" around with the Ouija board, and they will hang around until they can find an opening or a weak spot in someone's aura and before you know it havoc and hell has been unleashed upon the heart and soul of their victim, not all spirits are bad, you will find angelic spirits hanging around the Ouija board too, mainly because they are trying to ward off the negative beings, and protect the foolish from themselves, in fact in nature alone there are many angelic beings that are here to offer us guidance, and protection, we just have to have the heart to feel them, the vision to see them, and the ears to hear them, and most importantly the will to listen to them!

Last year I had a client whose world was falling apart at the seams, she would take two steps forward, and three backwards, she lost her job in a field in which she had an outstanding track record, and first rate status, her husband left her, her daughter attempted to suicide several times! As it turns out her nine year old son had taken up with a Ouija board, him and his friend started using the board about three months leading up to all of the destruction in his families lives, through the use of the board he had made contact with a spirit called Evan, which was the spirit of an earth bound soul that died suddenly and was stuck between this world and the next, it was also the soul of a child molester who had murdered several young boys, Evan attached himself to the unsuspecting boy, and started feeding off of his energy, the youngster took ill, and nearly died, and once the young boys life force was too weak to be of use to the monstrous being of darkness, he started attacking members of his family with such force that catastrophe would had been a relief, luckily my client made her way to me, and I was able to help her, today she is rebuilding her, and her children's lives from scratch, she decided that the separation and divorce was actually a good thing, and let go of her relationship, in doing so she allowed a much better suitor to come into her life, she has found peace once again, and the portal that her young son opened through the Ouija board has been closed, and sealed shut!

Spirits are free to roam as they will, when someone crosses the bridge into the summerland, whether the individual was human or animal in their previous life there is a period of rest that follows before that entity progresses into it's next incarnation, when we lose a loved one to death that is not the final chapter, for their spirit will regenerate itself, it will be reborn, and will seek the comfort of those with whom they are familiar with, spirits do indeed cluster together through a process that the soul undergoes called race-memory.

There are many ways that we come into contact with the world of spirit, the first aspect of spirit that broaches my mind is nature, mother nature, spirit exist in all things, it is contained within the elements, earth, air, fire, and water. Spirit is in the soil, the blades of grass that grow in our yards, it is in the roots of the plant world, and in the limbs of the tree, spirit can be seen in the rising and the setting of sun, it can be felt under the glow of the moon, and the pull of the tide as it washes ashore.

Spirit is around us at all times, it is within us, and without at the same time, it is a universal life force that we tap into with every single thought that we have, every action that we take in the material world sends a ripple in time through the world of spirit, the spirit world for the most part is friendly, and seeks only to be helpful to their human counterparts, if you open your mind and your heart to positive interaction you will attract the positive forces of nature to yourself, but, just as shown above we can become victims through the actions of those that reside in our abodes, we also share in karma with our family, and friends, so one must be vigilant and aware of the activities that take place around them, and if something doesn't look or feel right to us we must learn to follow our instincts, we must learn to trust in the universal messages that we are receiving from the Goddess, and our Guides, for if we ask for help, and we are truly open and receptive to that help, it will abound, and manifest within our lives!

There is a difference in seeking help from that which resides within nature, and purposely setting out to disturb the spirits of the departed, for the spirits in nature are here to serve us, and protect us, to purposely disturb the souls of those in which we had no connection to is foolish, and will more often lead to a troublesome future, a witch may summon the spirit of a power animal to do their bidding, I have summoned the spirit of my ancestors to aid me in my magical workings, and to do for me that which I cannot do in my human form, I have summoned my grand father who was a high priest of the old religion, my aunt who was a high priestess, and my mother who was a borderline christian witch, and yes there are individuals who practice a form of magic mixed with christian philosophy, I am not one of them, I am an earth witch, and I will one day return to the salt of the sea, which is the womb of the great Mother, the Goddess!

I am going to make one final point before I close this article, just as it is not a good idea to mess with things that you do not understand, it is also a good idea to learn to police those who bestow gifts upon you without explanation, those individuals with whom you had no prior connection to, or a negative rapport with, my client whose 9 year old child opened a portal that allowed destructive forces to walk through was also gifted several items from her ex-mother-in law just before her husband left her, she and her mother-in-law never got along with one another, the items that she was gifted were cursed, and added to the destructive forces at play within her life, under my guidance she returned the items onto her ex husband, and with them the curse passed from her to him, and eventually made it's way back from whence it came!

I hope that Hallowmas has been good to you, and may the spirits that walk with you in your waking, and non-waking moments be benevolent, and may they add to the blessings of your life, and may the darkness, and the dark forces of nature pass you by!

Light and Love, Phelan


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