October Moon

The onset of October's Blood Moon marks the season of the Witch's new year, Hallowmas, a time of new beginnings, a universal shift in the earth's energy is about to take place and an unmistakable presence of magic is in the air, those whose mind and hearts are open can feel the rhythmic beat of the Goddesses hum and with each day that passes we are drawn closer to the night when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, Hallowmas is the night when the spirits are free to travel between the worlds, however, October is by far one of the most magical times of the year and not just on Hallowmas night, October is ripe for spell casting and magic of all kinds.

In the many years that I have practiced magic and in particular worked with my clients to bring them together with their desires, whether those desires were to create a positive flow of prosperity for themselves or to bring back a lost love, even to manifest a new love altogether, or to shield and protect them and their loved ones from a magical or psychic attack, the rituals that I have performed during the awesome and most powerful time of October have manifested astounding results on behalf of my clients and some of those results have seemed instantaneous at times, magic cast in the month of October tends to manifest rapid results!

Those of you who have been around for a while and have read my articles know that I try in every way that I can to encourage my clients to stay positively focused on their desires, for it is a waste of energy to cast a spell or conduct a ritual and then undermined the results with negative thoughts and behavior, magic is a process of connecting with our higher consciousness and tapping into a well of universal energy, you cannot expect to gain something positive from a tainted well, it would be the same as drinking from a body of water that has been poisoned and if you are constantly projecting negative thought forms, you are poisoning your share of universal energy and what we put forth into this world will come back to us three or more fold, so, if you have decided to follow a metaphysical path and address your life issues by an esoteric means of ritual or spell casting you need to get a grip, outline your focus, gain sight of your focal point and allow your magic to flow unhindered, free from the negative baggage of your thoughts.

In the past I have had clients who misled me about their true intentions, you know someone who claimed to love the person that they were wanting to be with, but, who just secretly was trying to cause trouble in that individuals life and relationship, well, what most people fail to understand or to know is that the universe has an all seeing eye and it really matters not whether they misled me or they outright lied to me, although I am a gifted psychic who can esoterically smell a rat or foul play, I tend to let the universe take care of things of this nature and trust me when I say that I have seen the results of a spell or ritual that were cast under false pretenses and it is not at all pretty and can be quite devastating and karmically detrimental to the one who petitioned the spell in the first place, my client!

When it comes to reuniting with a lover, you are safe to proceed with your spell casting or ritual if you can honestly say that your motives are pure and that you are coming from a place of love, it is not okay to use a magical process to meddle in someone's love life just for the sake of causing them harm and while I leave such matters up to the all seeing eye of the universe for the most part, should I discover that I have been used to potentially cause harm where harm is uncalled for, I will unleash a metaphysical ass whipping on someone in addition to what the universe holds in store for them, I take my personal karma and the karma of my clients very seriously and even when it comes to magical self defense there is a fine line that you do not cross!

Hallowmas is a very special and powerful time of year for a witch, not only is it our new year, it is a time when we have communion with our dead, with those who have crossed the bridge into the Summerland during the past year, but, it is even more than that, it is a time of reflection and self empowerment, it is a time to make preparation for what lies ahead, it is a time to cast our seeds upon the winds of change, during Hallowmas our ancestors who have gone before us can and often lends spiritual strength and help to us as we continue our mundane journey upon our life path, however, one must be careful when summoning those who have gone before, because just like a benevolent spirit can walk through, so can a malevolent being.

As I type this, it wasn't that long ago that I worked on a case in New Mexico where a client of mine performed a summoning ritual on Hallowmas night and as a result she opened a door that she was unable to close and released a dark force that was so strong that she almost lost her life, in the process she lost her husband and both of her children in a freak car accident, shortly thereafter the business she owned with her husband burned to the ground and as luck would have it her husband was between insurance companies and the property was uninsured at the time of the fire, three weeks later her sister disappeared while scuba diving and as far as I know she was never found, although I am certain that she is among us in spirit, my client suffered one brutal attack after another, the attacks were so vicious that for her suicide was the answer she found, luckily a friend of hers got in touch with me and I was able to help her and just like I told her I am telling anyone who happens to be reading this if you are untrained or unskilled in the realm of the occult, leave that which you have no understanding for alone, for on Hallowmas night it is not necessary for one to be a skilled Witch to summon a spirit, the spirits walk freely among us and a malevolent spirit loves nothing more than a willing victim and my client and her family were the perfect victims, the family was already full of discord and my client was bored and looking for some excitement, instead she found nothing but isolation and suffering!

During the month of October I personally hold many rituals and celebrations unto the Goddess and God, this is a month that is filled with a tremendous energy that is perfect not only to pay homage to the Gods, but, to perform spells and rituals of all kinds, it is a particularly good time to work on issues centered around love and prosperity and overall abundance.

I am a Witch who believes that there is never a bad time of year to cast spells or to conduct rituals to effect positive change within our lives, October is the month that I focus more on my spiritual growth, personal wealth and the time that I choose to work on improving my relationships, it is also a time that I encourage my clients to become even more proactive in their magical approach, for rituals and spells that have been cast during this month have proven to produce very rapid and lasting results, but, there is one thing for certain, nothing will change within your life as long as you question everything and you fail to act, for action is required for results of any kind to manifest, so stop being passive aggressive and make a commitment to yourself that this is the year in which you manifest your desires, whether your desire is to reunite with a lover, or to buy a new home, action begets results and inaction will prolong your unhappiness and suffering, which path will you choose?

"Every magical process starts with a decision"

I hope this article finds you in good spirits with abundance flowing freely through your life and remember that as magical beings we can change anything about our lives that we do not like!

Light and Love, Phelan


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