Obsess Not, Speak Not!

As we already know there are many guidelines to follow when weaving a love spell, it doesn't really matter whether we are working to reunite with a lost love or striving to find that perfect individual who will ultimately become our life mate, either way the end result should be our focus and not our obsession, when you strategically and effectively focus and direct your energy you are streamlining your efforts and will most certainly realize a greater return on your magical investment.

Every time that we allow ourselves to get worked up and emotionally overwrought we inevitably lose our focus and we take valuable energy away from our desires, diluting our magic and minimizing the results, some situations will require more time and energy than others, in most cases where a great deal of time passes before our desires manifest is because we must allow ourselves and our mate to undergo a healing process.

I have had cases where a clients mate met and married someone else, extinguishing all hope of a successful reunification, in several of these situations my clients significant other would later realize the mistake that he or she made in marrying the other individual and would divorce only to reconnect with my client, this is a good example of the extreme that one may go to in order to avoid dealing with the real issues and emotions that are connected to our true life mate, I have found that in these situations my clients ex-spouse or ex-significant other was purely acting out of an emotional rebound, a roller coaster of a ride that is best avoided at all cost.

Let the light in your heart be your guide

Magic can be a wonderful experience producing the exact results that we most desire, but if we go about it in the wrong manner, if our motives are not pure, even if we speak aloud what we feel the Universe and the Gods of karma want to hear in order to grant our request and we secretly keep our malicious intentions to ourselves our magic will ultimately fail us, leaving us with a deficit in our spiritual bank accounts that will take many lifetimes to correct, this is the reason that it is so very important to keep our hearts light and our intent pure!

If you are one of the individuals who are striving to connect or reconnect with the love of your life, focus on the love, allow the light that is within your heart and soul to be your guide, do not give up on your magic just because it is taking a while in order for you to see your results, do not give up on the one that you love just because there is someone else in the picture, after all you were there first and you deserve an opportunity to express the love that you have in your heart, dig in deep and hold on tight, utilize all of the magical gifts that you have at your disposal, work from a place of peace and strive for the greater good, project unto your lover the image of yourself that you wish him or her to see, work towards the light and let go of the darkness for it will only render you blind and add to your misery, speak not of the magic that you have weaved, for to do so will surely break the seal of your spell, remember, nothing succeeds like a secret!

Blessed Be, Phelan