Night Terror

Psychic attacks can affect even the most skilled and diligent of practitioners and can take on many forms, from restlessness, sleeplessness to unexplained illnesses, sleep walking, there are many other symptoms that one may look for, but, it is pretty safe to say that if everything around you seems to be suddenly falling apart and providing that you have ruled out all other logical explanations, you may very well be a victim of Psychic attack.

Psychic attacks can even manifest in the form of negative energy in our household which will undoubtedly fuel senseless arguments and miscommunication between those who dwell within can eventually lead to the deterioration of our personal relationships with the individuals that we love the most, and in fact in most cases the main goal of a Sorcerer who attacks negatively is to divide and conquer; they work to drive a wedge and place a barrier between their victim and the victim's family and friends and as a result weakens the intended victim, rendering them alone in their battle!

Victims of Psychic attack have suffered sudden death of family members, who were otherwise healthy, unfortunately because of modern day religion Psychic attack is often overlooked, chalking the entire experience up as a coincidence or a fluke, in my opinion this is a serious mistake that a lot of people make, black magic is as old as time and is practiced more today than ever before and in most cases victims will almost always suffer night terror, even grown adults who never had a problem sleeping in the dark will almost always develop a need to keep a light on, I have a cousin who is a year older than me and to this day she keeps a light on in her bathroom at night when she sleeps.

The best defense that we have against an attack is to be aware of our surroundings and to arm and shield our home and ourselves, we should never discount the ability of someone to inflict harm, to cause disturbances or disruptions in our lives on a magical level, to do so is blatantly arrogant and will often lead to our personal demise.

I deal with clients on a daily basis whose otherwise stable relationship suddenly falls apart, their spouse or significant other seems to lose interest without any explanation, finances suddenly take a turn for the worse and money flows through their hands as if it were water, these are all signs of a classic Psychic attack.

Most recently I met a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, whose marriage of twenty-two years fell apart practically overnight, through working with her I discovered that she had most definitely been crossed, it seems that her husband had met a young woman on a trip to Florida and had a brief affair with her, in the process the young lady managed to get her hands on several items of a personal nature that belonged to her and her husband, she used the items to create a link to her victims and to wreck havoc upon their world, and havoc she wrecked, in a very short time she caused a divorce, their otherwise thriving business failed miserably and they had to file bankruptcy, my client went into a deep depression and was eventually hospitalized, which doesn't surprise me, because she was seeing apparitions that would manifest at night by her bed, ghostly-like figures that would follow her from room to room, and the power to her house would fail leaving her totally in the dark to fend for herself, while the lights were out she swore that something or someone would grab her and pull her by her arms and that she could feel a hot, foul smelling breath that would assault her nostrils, when the lights would come back on she would have bruises on both her arms in the form of hand-prints and she would be so overwhelmingly nauseous that she would feel compelled to vomit, she was and is still under attack, although working together we have managed to shield her and her household and we have been successful at holding her attacker at bay, which is the young woman that her ex-husband is now living with, he has told my client that he does not love Maya, but for some reason unknown to him he cannot break free from her, I am meeting with him soon and hopefully with his cooperation I will be able to assist him in regaining control of his good senses and removing the binding that has been placed upon his manhood, sexual bindings that are done with a negative intent are very potent, as well as destructive, as you can see from what I have written above.

As with most things an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it is better to be safe than sorry, it is far better to shield oneself than to leave it up to chance, it may even surprise you to learn that my client and her entire family have always been God-fearing church-going Christians, whose faith and congregation turned their backs on when they reached out for help, it is my feeling that the attacks that they were under were discounted by the Pastor of their church, who told my client to disbelieve and it couldn't hurt you, she didn't believe for more than two years and the attacks continued, yet further proof that a belief in magic of any kind is not necessary in order for it to impact your life and in this case it came very close to costing my client her life!

Whatever your faith or belief system may be, the supernatural still exist and to discount its power is foolish, I personally have witnessed both sides of the magical sword and I have seen both the good and the bad that can manifest as a result!

The fact of the matter is that we are never really alone, not even when we are tucked in safely within the confines of our bed, this world and the next must coexist and there are even earthbound spirits that wander about, I have lived in homes and apartments where earthbound souls were and at times I have shown many of them the way home to the Summerland where they could go to rest in order to reincarnate and I have had to dispel or banish a few of them as well, yes, even an earthbound spirit can disrupt the energy in our home and often cause such a ruckus that the hair on the back of your neck stands straight up.

I was eleven years old the first time that I saw death, I was spending the weekend with a friend and his family on their horse farm, in the middle of the night I woke up to see a shadowy figure with skeleton like hands standing over my friend who was asleep in the bed next to me, it scared me beyond belief, I went home that Sunday and told my Aunt what I saw and she told me that it was the hand of death that had come to call, to be honest with you I couldn't believe it and I shrugged it off, three weeks later my family and I attended my friends funeral, his neck was broken when the horse that he was riding bucked and threw him off, during the autopsy it was discovered that his heart was impaired and although he showed no signs at that young age, death would have claimed him soon anyway, my feeling is that the Mother called him home to her in order to save him a great deal of suffering and pain, I am quite certain that he went on to become a higher point of light, he and I have visited on the astral plane and he has assisted me often on a soul level as we are kindred spirits.

Magic Happens!

As a Witch I know that no energy is ever lost, so it stands to reason that when a body dies the spirit must go somewhere, and if by chance the body died before the spirit has completed its round of lessons, the soul may indeed end up earth bound, this happens often in cases of sudden death, such as car accidents and murders and this often what most people mistake as a haunting, there is a difference, when a body dies suddenly the soul doesn't always realize that its host is deceased and will attempt to continue living out the life lessons that it chose prior to incarnating into the earth plane, a true haunting is often much more negative and destructive and can have an astounding influence over the occupants that live within the dwelling that it occupies.

In the world of the Witch, shielding is simply another form of insurance; please remember never to take threats of a magical nature lightly, however insane the individual may seem to you, the mere fact that they would go to such an extreme to make a threat in the first place should be a sure sign of what they are capable of, whether it is on a physical or metaphysical level, threats should always be taken seriously and magical self defense should be called upon to put a protective barrier between you and your adversary!

Take care of yourself and stay magically motivated; for you know what they say, "magic happens!"

Blessed Be