Negative Magic

Recently, I started working with a Lady from New Orleans; in fact, I plan a brief stay in Louisiana in January, which is when I will begin writing my book. I have tons of memoirs from over thirty years of studying and 21 years of practicing. I have notes scribbled and scrawled on scratch paper, as well as personal experiences in working with my guides, and I can draw on certain key individual cases over the years that I have assisted with, as well as this one.

Anyway, Barbara, out of desperation to reclaim her lost love (name changed for her protection), had made several attempts to work with a High Priestess of Voodoo, a couple of different Psychics, and lastly, a few Witches. The Voodoo Priestess is based in New Orleans, and I am very familiar with her work; she performs reuniting rituals, and at one point in her life, she was very effective in producing positive results for her clients, and then she crossed over.

Barbara started working with her in January of last year, and she became unsatisfied, mainly because this very Awesome Voodoo Queen kept requesting more and more money; now, if you are reading this, and if you are a client of mine, you know that the only way you pay anything in addition to your original work is if you decide to participate in one of the specials contained in my newsletters, or if you order candles or other products from the online store which is a separate issue altogether, I do not approach you, and request more money, and I never will, that is not how I conduct my business, and to date we have over forty-five thousand subscribers to our newsletter, so believe it or not you are not the only individual reading this.

Barbara made a mistake and bad-mouthed the Voodoo Priestess to a local Psychic. Not long after that, her intended, who, by the way, had started attempting to work things out with her, met a fate much too horrible to describe here; he was laid to rest about eight weeks ago, and his death was ruled natural causes, but from what was described to me it should have been ruled unnatural causes, he was from Ireland, and that is where his death occurred, now. At the same time, there is no proof that the Voodoo Priestess had worked a curse against him. I am inclined to believe that she did, and I know from my sessions with Barbara that she is actively working against her as well.

Barbara has since left New Orleans, and she is in a safe place; I do not even have the address, but I am working on her behalf and in her defense, and under the circumstances, I am doing so free of charge. She has experienced nightmares where this woman comes to her and literally sucks the life force from her body, she has developed whelps from head to toe, and she was dangerously close to losing her mind; her little dog Andy died last week when he was bitten by some sort of a spider, he apparently had a severe allergic reaction, her Father was recently injured in an accident that will require his right leg to be amputated.

Now, most of you already know that I never advocate that someone has been cursed; in fact, I will look for every logical explanation and rationalization that I can find, but the above-referenced incidents are but just a few that Barbara has fallen victim to, and all in the last few months, right after she openly attacked the Voodoo Queen.

In my line of work, it is easy to become a target for slanderous comments made by others, disgruntled clients, or other individuals who call themselves Witches, Practitioners, Gypsies, Voodoo Priests, you name it! Over the years, I have been attacked both personally and professionally; I have had negative comments made about me and about my website, so I have decided to take this time to address a few issues. And this case has raised some concerns for me, and I feel that I need to discuss those concerns in an attempt to prevent others from falling victim to BLACK MAGIC.

Anyone who has truly worked with me knows that I go to great lengths in providing moral support and magical guidance as much as possible, now granted my practice has flourished in the last five years to a point that sitting, and chatting on the phone has had to be limited, but there is not one individual out there that can say that I have shunned them, and in most cases where contact was lost it was because my client failed to keep in touch, I tell everyone from the get-go that it is their responsibility to stay in touch with me, and in the computer age, it shouldn't be that hard to do! I have a huge clientele on and off of the Internet; it would take me weeks to make all those calls or even send every one of them an email. (It is much easier if you contact me)

My true clients are the ones who have a genuine interest and desire to move forward in life, to learn lessons, to set goals, and to meet them, and then there are the ones who have the impression that I am some ALL KNOWING, ALL SEEING GURU, that can instantly grant them all that they want, and desire, and then some, they never even attempt to put forth any energy into what they want out of life! I have never claimed to be all-knowing or healing, nor will I ever claim to be able to do that! I am a living, breathing human being who just happens to have mastered the magical arts, and white magic in particular, my choice; as you already know, Magic is Magic, and it is the intent of the practitioner that makes it good or bad or black and white! However, allow me to add that when need be, I am no stranger to the Black Arts!

Now, on that note, I realize that the individuals who have made the comments are in no way true practitioners of any sort because a true practitioner knows that energy goes both ways, and even a kind-hearted Witch like me has the ability to get very angry, and as the old saying goes,

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away; my point here is that a true practitioner, one who is worth his grainwould never publicly attack another who is also an expert in his own field! He would be foolish, for it would most certainly be magical suicide, and on that note, it would be equally foolish for a client of a practitioner of any sort to set against the one that they have turned to in need of help.

As I have stated in previous newsletters, I cannot help those who refuse to help themselves, and I know that there will be folks along the way who, for whatever reason, will not get what they want, and guess what? I am a straight shooter; if I ever get the feeling that a client of mine will not achieve their desired results, I tell them that whether or not they choose to hear me is beside the point! You are out there, and you know who you are, and yes, I am speaking directly to you; you should have listened, you should have been willing to take my advice, you should have gone that extra mile, and you should have put forth a greater effort, again you know who you are, you are the individual that has such an OBSESSIVE AND COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY THAT YOU SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ANYONE WHO ATTEMPTS TO GET CLOSE TO YOU, AND THEN YOU SCREAM, AND CRY BECAUSE YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE NOT GETTING WHAT YOU PAID FOR, AND BECAUSE YOU ARE IN CONSTANT DENIAL THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE PLAYED A MAJOR ROLE IN CREATING YOUR MISERY! I CAN HONESTLY SAY THIS TO THOSE INDIVIDUALS WHO MEET THE ABOVE PROFILE: I CAN SEE WHY YOUR LOVER GOT THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU TO BEGIN WITH BECAUSE IF YOU TREAT HIM OR HER IN THE WAY THAT SOME OF YOU CONDUCT YOUR OWN PERSONAL BEHAVIOR, IT IS NOT HARD TO FATHOM WHY THEY WANT NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH YOU!

Some of you are so obsessed that obsession has taken on a whole new meaning, it is not enough to work with one practitioner to achieve your desired results, but some of you guys have jumped from and clicked on every single website on the Internet that has anything at all to do with the topic of your desire! STOP IT! IT IS EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY! CHOOSE ONE PRACTITIONER AND STICK WITH THEM, and if there is the slightest chance that you do meet the above profile, please pass my site right on!

Now you may have guessed that I am not in the greatest of moods, and you are right; when I see someone like Barbara, whose life was ripped apart at the seams from negative dealings, it upsets me, and I will say this, and let me say it loudly that I will deal with this voodoo priestess in the same manner that she has dealt with this young lady who is only twenty-three years of age, and already looks as if she were forty years old, it is extremely upsetting to me, yes indeed! Magic, my dear captive audience, swings both ways, and it is time to fight fire with fire! simply refuse to wait for karma on this one; let the spells begin!

This would be my advice if you have chosen to work with someone and to have spells performed to reunite you with a lover gone astray, or money rituals, cleansings, etc., whatever the case may be, if you have an issue with a practitioner attempt to work it out with them directly, do not resort to bad-mouthing or posting nasty comments, right is right, and fair is fair, most issues can be resolved if communication is kept open, but it is not a very good idea to attack someone who might just be able to cause more harm to you than you can to them! You need to stop and think about it this way: I contacted this individual for assistance in casting a spell. Are love spells and white Magic the only Magic that he or she knows? Again, if they are a true Witch, Voodoo Priest, or Black Magician, you can bet your sweet bippy that love spells are only a small minute part of their working knowledge, at least it is mine; I can wield both light, and dark Magic, the latter only in extreme cases of self-defense, or defense of a loved one or family member or a client.

Magic is real; after all, to contact someone in reference to spell casting, you must have some sort of belief in it, and even if you do not believe, do not scoff at it because a belief in Magic is not required for it to have a negative impact on your life. I am a very open person, and I believe strongly in our right to freedom of speech; I do not believe that in order to gain clients, it is fair to bash other practitioners and their websites. I put as much energy into building a rapport with my clients as I do with my own business because my clients are my business, and if you have worked with me, you already know that.

Now allow me to make this kind request: if ever any of my clients ever have an issue or problem with a service that I performed and would like to discuss their concerns, I invite you to do so one-on-one with me by calling 770-608-4834. My goal at has always been to provide outstanding service, and I feel that my track record speaks for itself. Not only that, but I can guarantee that there are no other practitioners who spend the time that we do provide advice, guidance, and moral support; we do this because all of you guys are important to us, and with that said, I am going to close for now.

To those of you who have posted your comments recently to the website, there will be a second edition to this newsletter on 11/19, and at that time, your comments will be posted live to the site.

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