Mystical Happenings

Silence your mind and find your still point, allow peace and tranquility to wash over you, chaos begets chaos and confusion only brings about more conflict and inner turmoil, through the process of silencing your mind and finding your still point true change can be instituted, for when the mind races out of control running wild with thought and the heart beats fast and heavy overwrought with emotion valuable time and energy is lost!

As humans go we are conditioned at a very young age to work from a place of emotions or in some cases non-emotions, girls are taught to be nurturing and compassionate, and by default boys are taught to be cold and calculating, to be a true man is to show no emotion, better it is to be cold and tough than to be a candy ass sissy boy, it is no wonder that the world is as screwed up as it is, but I am sure that it could be worse!

Engaging in non productive activity is useless, here are some good examples of the type of activity, statements and questions that one should avoid when casting a spell or working with magic!

  1. I am about ready to give up! Reaffirms your belief that you are unworthy to have that in which you seek and greatly under values any magical process that you have partaken in!
  2. I will never achieve my goals! Reaffirms your belief that you will without a doubt fail at life and that you are committed to drawing negative energy to yourself!
  3. My life is totally screwed up! Even if it is true, you are turning a momentary situation rock solid, you are solidifying and compounding your problems and attracting negative energy to yourself!
  4. My mate will never return to me! Statements like this only work to drive that wedge between you and your mate even harder, widening the gap and pushing the two of you farther apart!
  5. Does he or she love me? Tells the Gods and powers that be that you are truly not ready to be with your mate and you are certainly not ready for your magic to manifest, a vulgar display of doubt that will lessen the effect of any spell that you have cast!

Working with magic and energy, which to me are one in the same, you have to create a balance between your intellect and emotions, the ability to visualize and to create an image in your minds eye is very important, I was taught at a very young age to visualize the image of my desire, for if you can see it, you can hold it and one day you will lay claim to it, for a Witch without a vision is equivalent to a singer without a voice!

Working with energy or magic, in whatever form you choose you have to find it within yourself to believe that you are worthy of that in which you seek, for if you have doubt you will surely project that doubt into your magic and what we project is what we attract, unfortunately for the untrained, doubt tends to be stronger than the belief in magic, most people tend to lean more towards the fairy tale principals of magic which for a child is perfect and can lay the foundation for a life filled with magical bliss, for an adult it is just a little bit harder to believe, the funny thing is that you do not really have to believe in magic for it to work and you certainly don't have to believe in it for it to be used as a weapon against you, but for it to help you in a positive way it doesn't hurt anything at all to believe in it, but if you are having a hard time knowing what to believe, try believing in yourself, for true magic resides within and can be tapped without much effort!

October is a very magical and mystical month, throughout the month of October the spirits of the departed linger very close to our world and as the Witches New Year approaches they draw even closer, some spirits will go on to become higher points of light, guides and guardians, some are earthbound and need to find their way or be shown the way to the other side, while some are stubborn and simply refuse to leave, the latter can often result in a haunting where the spirit constantly acts out the events that lead up to the death of its physical body, some say that the spirit still had unfinished business and once that business is completed that it will move on, I have seen manifestations in homes that were so strong that the occupants became deathly ill because the entities were feeding off of their energy, in cases of a severe haunting it can have a devastating impact on the occupants, even leading up to possession, a possession occurs when an entity attempts to overtake a body without permission, resulting in a pretty nasty struggle that often leads to acts of violent or self degradation allowing the demonic spirit even more of an opportunity to gain a stronger foothold!

October is truly a magical month, mystical beyond belief, the month when the dead and departed return to roam the earth, so I thought I would share an experience that my significant other Angel just had, for those of you who may not know Angel and I have been together for nine years, and he is Mexican-American, I have in-laws in the states, as well I have in-laws in Mexico, and not to mention the fact that my step father, whom by the way is the only father that I ever knew was also Mexican-American, now maybe those of you who were questioning why I feel so strongly about the state of affairs in the world and the goings on with our brothers and sisters from Mexico are concerned, well, now you know!

The other night Angel who is psychic beyond belief and doesn't realize it had a dream that his sister-in-law, whom by the way lives in Mexico was here in the states and his nephew her son who is eighteen and lives here in the states with his father, was in Mexico, in the dream she was here and he was there! Any way she came to Angel and ask him to take her to her son in Mexico, which he agreed, they journeyed together to Mexico where they found his nephew, his nephew who is what my Grand Father would have called nasty nice, meaning that he was always dressed impeccably, not a hair out of place and wouldn't be caught in unclean or unkempt clothing, he was nasty in Angels dream, filthy, Angel ask him when is the last time you took a shower? His nephew replied I have been waiting for my mother and I swore that I wouldn't shower again until she was safely here, at that point Angel's sister-in-law turned to him and told him that he was meant to do something really wonderful for his people and she knew what that was to be, he asked her what? And she replied you are to write a book called living in the shadows, cold chills run up and down my spine just thinking about it!

The next day Angel couldn't shake the dream, it played and replayed in his mind, Angel didn't have a dream, what he had was an out of body experience, the spirits of his sister-in-law and nephew joined with him on the astral plane to have communion of the souls, later that morning Angel received a phone call from his sister telling him that his sister-in-law was killed the night before in Mexico in a car accident and that she had just taken their nephew to the airport for him to fly to Mexico so that he could be there in time to say goodbye to his mother, his sister, Angels niece was also in the car, but she would pull through and for that we are grateful as she still has a wonderful life ahead of her.

People shouldn't be so closed minded, just because we cannot see something with our physical sight doesn't mean that it is not there, in fact it is my belief that we are never alone, we can deadbolt the doors and shut the windows, but that will not keep the spirits out for they roam freely about, fluidly drifting in and out of our waking minds, no harm do most mean, but some of them are looking for a weakness that they can attach to, better it be to stay strong and alert, than to succumb to the possession of an entity that has nothing to loose and everything to gain, demonic possession is real, have you ever asked yourself why we have so many people locked away in mental institutions? How do you think they got there? One day they are sane, the next day they are not, or maybe they just saw something that was a little to real, a little to hard to take, demonic possession is real for it is without a doubt that we all have a little devil inside that is just waiting to get out!

Blessed Be

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