My Little Brick House

From the day that we are born until the day that we die, we are constantly being programmed, if you take a close look at your parents you may be very surprised at what you see and furthermore even more surprised at what you will learn!

We are taught to honor and to love our parents, and we are taught that we must obey them; and all too often self-love is not taught, and more often than not limitations and restrictions are imposed upon our life by the lack of our elder's success, drive, ambition or perhaps it is a direct result from the limitations that were placed upon them by their birthright and by their parents, and the beat goes on!

Think about it, who in their right mind would desire to be stuck in a dead end job? How many of us were told by our parents and grand parents that we must work at the post office, piggly wiggly, or some other dreadful institution for meager earnings, job security, and health benefits, instead of being allowed to explore and pursue our own inspirations, perhaps you wanted to be an Actress, Actor, Artist, or Musician, instead of carrying on the family tradition and following in good old Dad's footsteps and becoming a Police officer or a Fireman, which are all honorable careers providing that the inspiration to pursue a career as such comes from within, and it's not pushed down your throat by some overbearing egomaniac that feels his life can only be validated if you stroke his ego!

In order to grow and to truly become prosperous in life each and every one of us must follow our own path, we must be allowed to make our own mistakes and to learn from them, and we must be allowed to decide from the heart what is or is not in the best interest of our Highest Good.

When we follow our life path, which by the way was preplanned and determined by us before we arrived here, our lives are much more fulfilling, meaningful, productive, and prosperous, mainly because we are satisfying our karmic obligations and staying in sync with our flow.

Think of life as a huge structure, or if that is too difficult for you, think of it as a little brick house, simple enough, now think of yourself as the Architect, or Brick Mason, whatever method you choose is fine, as we die or cross the bridge to the Summerland which by the way is where we hang out until it is time for us to be reincarnated into the physical sense of things, while we are resting in the Summerland every one of us are given a blue print in which to build our structure from (life) and every one of us must choose the little bricks (lessons) that we will ultimately use to create the foundation and structure from which we will grow, advance and learn from spiritually, however, when things go awry, when we are deviated from our path and forced to live out someone else's aspirations our life path suddenly takes on a whole new direction, and what we were meant to learn in the here and now will ultimately resurface itself time and time again until we get it right!

Throughout life we are constantly adding bricks (lessons) to our house (life), and it is even sometimes necessary to remove one or two of them, and add them again at a later date, maybe it was because we didn't really learn the lesson in the first place, or we felt that something was out of sync, whatever the case may be sometimes we have to level our foundation and start all over. I can tell you from my own personal experience that I have knocked down whole walls just to have to rebuild them, but each time that I knocked a wall down I would discover something new that I had missed the first or even the second time around, and more importantly I learned that a lesson well learned and paid the proper respect and attention to, is a lesson that does not have to be repeated!

I am a Witch and I believe in reincarnation, I also believe that as we progress from one life to another that we look for and seek out the people that we were with in our previous lives, sometimes we do so in order to fulfill whatever karma that we may have created with them, and sometimes it is because we are looking for something comfortable and familiar, so we look for those individuals that we were once connected to, and we all know what they say about familiarity it breeds contempt, however, seeking out individuals from our past seems to be a natural part of our process, and quiet often in the flow of things we are able to satisfy our karmic debt to them and move on!

The lessons that we chose in the Summerland before reincarnating are buried deep within us, and are revealed to our waking mind bit by bit, and piece by piece as we grow spiritually and as we progress in life, therefore, we must learn to trust our own instincts and our own gut feelings about the course that our lives must follow, and you can pretty much bet that if you are on the losing end of a power struggle with dear old Dad about your choice of career or the overall direction of your life you are not in sync with your flow, and your karmic obligations may go unfulfilled yet again in this lifetime, and if that is the case you will ultimately repeat them in the next life!

I agree that we must learn to set boundaries for ourselves, but I do not believe in limiting the experiences that we must have because it makes our parents or the people around us uncomfortable, or because they happen to disagree with the decisions that we have made, no one has the right to impose their belief system off onto another, however, all too often our spirituality, morals, ethics, and overall behavior is superimposed over us by the actions of those that we come in contact with when we first arrive on the planet, our parents, now I am not trying to be disrespectful to you Moms and Dads out there, I am simply saying that everyone of us should have the right to choose our own path in life, give us guidance, but give us the freedom to grow and to develop into the people that we are meant to be, do not force-feed us your religion, career choice, politics, sexual orientation or any other quirky little beliefs that you may have, give us love, give us support, and give us the freedom to screw up our own lives if we so choose, but do not try and correct the mistakes of your life, by controlling the ones in mine, to do so is detrimental to my well-being and spiritual growth.

Life is full of twists and turns, and everyone that we deal with intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically are yet just another brick (lesson) that we will add to our little house (life), in order for us to get the most out of life we must be allowed to choose the bricks (lessons) that are best suited for our house (life), to deny ourselves of the right to choose will stump our growth and hinder our progress on the grand wheel of life, and to be denied that right by someone in our life such as our parents, lovers, friends or other family members will create some very unpleasant karma with those individuals that will have to be worked off and settled somewhere down the road before either of you can truly progress in life, over the years working with my clients I have heard many excuses as to why someone interfered with the flow of their child's life, and in most cases they do more harm than good, and in just about every situation religious belief was always a factor.

My Grandmother cut me out of her will and threw me out of her house on Thanksgiving day because I wouldn't agree to not be gay, I wouldn't agree to see a psychiatrist, and because she didn't care for my ethnic choice in mates, yes my Grandmother was a bigot, and a hardcore religious fanatic, she imposed her will, and her religious beliefs off onto all of her children and grandchildren, however, my Grandmother was yet a brick (lesson) in my little house (life) and what I learned from her is invaluable, because I am the exact opposite of her, I love and respect all life and people, my friends and extended family are very colorful, we make up every shade and hue of the rainbow, and if there is something that I disagree with I may express my opinion, but I tolerate everyone's right to free choice, and I grant those that I love the freedom to make their mistakes, as they do me!

Follow your heart, for it will lead you down your path, find silence in solitude, still your mind and listen to your inner voice, it will guide you and it will give you the clues that you need to successfully construct a solid foundation in which to build your little brick house (life) on.

Blessed Be!