Mundane Magic

Magic that is spawned out of raw emotion will rarely take wings and fly! On the other hand emotion is a necessary element to lend strength to certain types of magical endeavors, but one should never approach a love spell when the ability of being detached is absent, because, we must be able to separate our divine, our magical self from our lower, our more mundane-self, and unfortunately for most people who are dealing with love related issues the lower mundane-self is where their focus is lost, a good example of the lower emotional self would be the inability to key into your inner strength and to allow your magic to manifest without the interference of your whining, crying and carrying on, while this may be good for release of pent-up negative emotions, it does nothing but tear down the integrity of your magic!

I have worked with people from all walks of life and when it comes to love spells, reuniting with an ex-lover gone wild, or trying to rebound from a situation where jealousy and discord were used to destroy the bond between two people or in situations where black magic was utilized against their union, the hardest part for me is to get my client in the right mindset that will allow their magic to manifest, as I have stated before magic is a process and as part of that process we must allow ourselves the time to heal and to release the past, but, for the most part as humans we have yet to develop the ability to leave the past in the past and look towards the future, I don't know, maybe we are afraid of what we might see if we were to give ourselves permission to look ahead and to rise above our current situation, and sadly there are some people who are so bogged down in their own emotional self that positive results are hard to imagine, hard to imagine at times yes, impossible? No!

The one thing that I guess is hard for me to understand are the people who come to me for help and ask the one question that almost always insures that I am going to decline working with them, keep in mind that I, from time to time do make an exception to the rule, but allow me to explain. People from all over the world visit my website on a daily basis, many of them newcomers who typed a few key words into a search engine and magically or mysteriously landed on my site, most of these kindhearted people have good intentions, let's just say that their heart is in the right place and that their judgment is just a little bit misguided, but, the one question that almost always and of course there is a list of reasons why I may decline to work with someone, but this question tops my list.

I would like to know if my relationship is worth pursuing or not? Well, think about it for a moment and you may discover my way of thinking, but just in case you are a little slow to catch on, before someone goes out looking for a practitioner to reunite him or her with a former lover he or she should have already come to terms with this issue, otherwise it makes it very difficult for me or any other practitioner to be effective, I mean, why would you cast a love spell? If you are not certain within your heart of hearts that the object of your desire is the one for you.

When it comes to issues like this, maybe I am a little bit of a rebel, but, I can tell you when it comes to my heart and the one that I love there are no questions about whether or not the relationship is worth pursuing, I am very clear on my feelings and therefore if I were in a position where I must resort to magic to win him back, the odds are in my favor to a positive outcome and return on my magical investment.

None of us are perfect, after all we are only human and it is the human side of us that we must learn to detach ourselves from when it comes to matters of the heart and our magical practice, but, as I have already stated, emotion is a positive element that can be very beneficial and add strength to your work, it is all in the attitude and the approach that you take in manifesting your desired change.

If your lover cheats on you and you still choose to love him or her, that is a testament of the bond that the two of you share, that doesn't mean that I am telling you to stay with someone who cannot keep their legs closed or their zipper zipped, but if you choose to stay you must find a way to release yourself from the negative bonds of the past and as hard as it may be, you must find a way to move forward in your relationship, if you are unable to let your mate off the hook for his or her past indiscretions you are better off moving forward without the company of the one that you love, after all to forgive is divine and I am certain that if you and I were to take a closer look at ourselves we just might find that we are a little less than perfect and with that said just make sure that you never allow yourself to be used as a doormat for someone else to wipe their feet on, a lesson that I learned firsthand on several occasions because my stubborn ass simply refused to see what the Universe was trying to tell me and when all was said and done it turned out that I needed to put my life goals into perspective and to make myself a priority in my own life, the guys that I interacted with were stepping stones and minute pieces of my life puzzle, imagine my surprise when I finally figured out they they were not a waste of my time, but a catalyst that brought me to where I am today, looking back I regret not one of the experiences that I had, after all it was the collective energy that brought the love of my life into being, with whom I have spent the past eleven years of my life with, and while it has not always been easy we have mirrored many lessons for one another, and some of those lessons have been quite painful, but rest assure that I wouldn't trade a moment that he and I have shared, be that moment good, bad or indifferent, because it is the moments that we have shared that sustains me and gives me the strength and will to move forward in life and in a World where humanity often seems to be absent.

If you are lucky enough to find someone to love, someone who reciprocates that love, you need to do everything within your power to learn your lessons and to relax and to allow life to take its natural course, because if you go into a situation expecting a disaster, a disaster will be forthcoming, keep in mind that we are magnets and that we pull energy and situations to ourselves constantly, it is far better that the energy be positive and clear, rather than cloudy and negative, if you are dealing with a difficult situation and find that you are having trouble focusing positive energy into your desires, the best advice that I can offer is for you to find something to divert your attention to, focus on something else, such as improving your finances, and remember that there is always someone else whose troubles are greater than your own, look around you might find a friend or family member who is in need of a kind ear, but who might be afraid to reach out for whatever the reason, sometimes the best way to fix our own issues and problems starts by helping someone else fix theirs!

Blessed Be, Phelan


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