The heart don't lie, but it is true that emotions tend to get in the way of our ability to approach a situation rationally! How do we determine what is or is not real? How do we discern between what we desire and what is truly best for our spiritual progress in this lifetime? People contact me daily through the site, the majority of them are dealing with heart related issues, some are trying to get over a lover and of course there are those which I would say are the majority who are trying to reunite and reconnect with the one that they love! A magical process can help in either scenario, and positive results can be achieved and each of us can and will at some point reap the fruits of our magical casting!

There are some Witches who frown at the casting of a love spell, and there are some who frown at the casting of a money spell, my philosophy and belief h as always been that the Goddess granted us the ability as magical beings to create our own reality and over the years through the casting of spells I have managed to create a reality in which I have grown very comfortable with and you can achieve that same sense of accomplishment, magic is a very powerful tool that we have been granted and there is a wealth of magical knowledge that is locked deep within each of our psyches just waiting to be unleashed, the key is contained within our mind, magic is an individual right, however, one must keep in mind that there is a significant difference between magic and meditation, magic is a process of drumming up energy and sending it out on the winds of change, meditation similar to prayer is a method of connecting with the Godhead, a Witch calls down or draws down energy from the Godhead in situations where healing or divine intervention is needed, and that is one of the very reasons that I do not believe in charging for a healing, when I cast a spell for you I am using my own energy combined with your energy, when you ask me to place you in my healing circle I am drawing down power from the Godhead and while I lend strength and energy to you, I do not own the rights to the drawn down energy as it is separate from that of my own energy! 

Weaving a love spell is not as complicated as you may think, the complicated part is maintaining a neutral position and allowing the love spell the proper time to manifest, some Witches believe that a love spell should only take three full moons from the initial casting to manifest, I know from personal experience that it can and will take much longer at times, the length of time that it takes will depend greatly on the mental and emotional-state-of-mind of my client whom the casting is being done for and the more chaotic and intensity of their subject the longer it will take to see results!

I have worked with clients who have gotten results in a very short period of time and I do have clients that for one reason or another have played the hurry-up and wait game for sometime now, time frames vary greatly from individual to individual! The difference between me and other practitioners is that I will not instill false hope in you as my client by throwing out tentative or definitive date in which you may see your results manifest in, look, I cannot control your behavior and as my client you have asked me to conduct a ritual on your behalf, so therefore you have firsthand knowledge of the spell casting and your thoughts, actions, attitude and focus or lack thereof will either help or hinder your magical process, and I prefer that your focus help the process, and in order to do that you have to change your thought process and you have to modify your behavior in order to be more conducive to your life goals, you hold the power, you can and will change your life for the better if you allow your magic to flow unhindered! 

I believe that each of us are here on the planet for a reason and part of our process is to remember why we are here, each of us have a mystery that is contained within our spiritual DNA that is waiting discovery and with that said it is important to note that each of us have been granted dominion over our own life and life to me is a big lump of clay that we must approach and work with in order to shape our journey and to unlock the blueprint in which we must live by, life is not always clean and we must run the risk of getting our hands a little dirty!

Whether you should or should not attempt to reunite with a lover is not for me or anyone else to decide, that is a judgment call, a call that I will not make, because chances are if you are driven enough to ask for my help or someone else's help for that matter there is something larger than life and deeper than the ocean going on, for it is spirit that leads you, it is spirit that is guiding your destiny and I am only the magical catalyst that is lending strength to your plight and together you and I can become an unstoppable force, a force that your foes will not wish to tangle with, magic and the casting of spells require a certain dedication and tenacity, magic is built on an inner strength that you and I must and will tap into, if you can picture or envision your desired reality, you too can and will one day connect with it, desire is the key, for a life lived without desire, is a life lived full of regret!

Free will is something that each of us are born with, it is our Goddess given right and that is why when I work with a client to reunite him or her with a lover, the combination of spells that I weave are designed to enhance and to resurrect the energy that exist between them and their life mate, free will should at all times be observed, observed yes, because that trashy harlot who stole your man, or that man-tramp that stole your partner away from you, exercised his free will to do so, the actions that we commit in the name of free will are not always positive and just like the trick that took your mate from you, you have every right to exercise your free will and utilize your magical resources in retrieving your lost love, there is a reason that I refuse to cast a negative spell to bring back a lover, for when he or she returns you want the connection to last and with black magic you just never know when or how your house of cards will tumble to the ground and in most cases the relationship will fall beyond disrepair and obviously you do not want that to happen!

The magical process does not produce the same effects for everyone, each individual will run a whole gamut of emotions, so it is imperative for the practitioner to tune into his or her subject to make certain that the right type of work is being performed, when I agree to work with a client this is just one of the many techniques that I utilize and employ and there are as many different magical techniques as there are practitioners, luckily for me that I learned a process as a young Witch that has proven fertile and fruitful throughout the years.

Overwrought emotions is one of the biggest obstacles that anyone can face during the magical process, if you are too emotional your magic will lose its effect and lessen the impact that it will have on your subject, while moaning, groaning and crying may be positive for the emotional release, it does very little to aid your magic, especially magic that focuses on the reuniting process. I am a firm believer in keeping a stiff upper lip and  trudging forward, as a practitioner I have conducted a process of what I call magical rapid fire, much like a machine gun churns out ammunition, the approach that I have used for myself is to conduct a series of castings over a period of time in order to achieve and to accomplish my results, this technique has proven very effective as well when I have used the same approach with a client, back in 2006 I used this technique for a client who had been divorced from her ex-husband for seven years and he had been remarried at that time for four years when I took her case, the woman he was with stole him away from his wife, a devilish blond of a woman, a tramp for sure, she had used black magic attacks to get the man of her desire, her motive was purely financial gain as he was very well off, his ex-wife was well off too and didn't seem to mind my fee, for a process of this nature takes a lot of time and energy and neither of the two are cheap, I might add and with that said my client got exactly what she desired, for her and her ex-husband not only reunited, but, they remarried roughly about a year after I performed my special rapid fire spell casting for her and to date they are stronger than ever before!

The magical casting of a love spell should never be taken lightly, once the weaving has been completed the individual who issued the request (client) should keep a close eye on their goals without becoming obsessed, staying focused is hard when your heart is hurting, but, it is a necessary part of the process and one of the main elements that will insure that your magic will manifest in the way that you have requested! You and I are both magical beings, the difference between us is the magical-discipline that I have learned over the years in my practice, that doesn't mean that I don't have my bad days, but, when I do I deal with the issues and put them behind me as quickly as possible and I move beyond them without a glance back at where I just came from or what I have been through, the bottom line is that yesterday is old news and is no longer relevant to tomorrow, what you desire now is being projected out unto the universe and will at some date not so far off manifest, so you must keep your thoughts pure and your heart light!

If you are working to attract or re-attract your mate, you need to learn to project the image of a person that you yourself would like to be in love with and in a long-term committed relationship with, neediness is highly unattractive, dependency is equally unattractive, each of us has a desire to be with someone who is strong and loyal, someone who is in touch with our core values as a human being and someone who possesses those same values, we are only as strong as our weakest link, and sometimes a breakup is a test of our individual inner- strength and like most test the lesson is normally hard learned and a refusal to embrace the lessons before us will only prove to be self defeating and detrimental to our spiritual growth and in most cases the lessons that the universe is trying to teach us is displayed so blatantly and boldly in our face that we manage to overlook the obvious and spend a lifetime sifting through the muck and the mud just to realize that the answer to our issues and our questions has been staring us in the face all the while, I have done this myself and if my lessons had been a snake it would have bitten me on the behind, I swear that I have felt a pinch or two back there, hmm, more than once I might add!

Stand tall and proud, even if you fall, for those who fear the fall never learned to crawl, for as long as you can crawl they cannot keep you down, life is full of twist and turns and there are those people around us whose only thought and goal in life is to cause you and me difficulty and harm, for it is said that misery loves company and misery is often a maiden straight off the left bank of hell, misery will use you, abuse you and then toss you out as if you were a dirty-limp-dishrag that has seen better days, misery can come for you in the dead of night, she often lingers just beyond the reach of the Moons light, misery is demonic, misery is the curse that your lovers new fling  hurled your way, after all for them to frolic and play your hands must be bound and your eyes blinded, misery will take from you with no discretion, she will leave you bent and broke, she will lay your pride at your feet, she will lay with your lover in the depths of your bed, misery is duality in its purest of form, raw energy that can shape shift, misery is not female, nor is he male, misery's body and face changes to accommodate the desire of those whose aura misery chooses to attach itself to, so whine and cry weakling, what are you going to do anyway? How are you going to fight for the one that you love when your backbone is lying at your feet on the floor? Piss and shit yourself, lay in it and roll around baby, continue feeling sorry for yourself, after all misery has your man, misery has your woman and soon misery will come for the rest of those whom you hold dear, unless you choose to fight, unless you gain your inner-strength and shield yourself, shield your home, be on your guard, for misery is a burning fire and when misery anchors the talons of defeat within the heart of the one whom you love and commits the ultimate intrusion into confines of your life, misery will drive you to your knees, and have you begging for mercy as your heart is torn from your chest, leaving you with the glare of unhappiness in your expression and casting a blinding gaze over your eyes so that you will lose your way and fall from your path in life, that is unless you fight for what is yours, utilize your magic and cast your spells of defense and banish misery from your kingdom and lay claim to the prize that should be standing by your side, life is indeed full of twist and turns, but, you my friend can initiate a few twist and turns of your own, after all you are a magical being that learned to crawl before the fall, go forth and lay claim to that in which you seek and accept not self defeat and shape yourself as the willow tree, for in life if we have the ability to bend, we can face anything that comes our way, for as the willow bends, so shall we and as we bend we will twist and turn misery's reality to dust!

Blessed be