Manifesting Change

In order to manifest true change we first have to possess the desire to do so, if you have found yourself constantly struggling to maintain a relationship, hold down a job or if you work your behind off and you never seem to get anywhere your energy may be crossed up or it could be that there are negative imprints hanging around your aura or even trapped within your home.

Psychic energy leaves an imprint, especially negative energy, and those imprints will not only replay themselves over and over again but will often fuel even the smallest of problems turning molehills into mountains and disagreements into separations!

Here is an example, let's say that you and your lover have a disagreement in your home that eventually leads to a separation where one of you stays and the other one leaves, now, let's say that by some small miracle the two of you have talked and have reached an agreement to work things out and the wayward spouse moves back into the home, if the energy in the home has not yet been neutralized the incident that led up to the separation to start with, will repeat itself and in most cases the second time around it will seemingly wound your relationship beyond repair, if you are dealing with a separation you need to cleanse your home and rid yourself of the negative imprints caused by the disagreement, it is for this reason that I cleanse my home and ritual space on a regular basis, my home is cleansed at least once every three months, my ritual space is cleansed to purify and neutralize the energy prior to working a ritual or casting a circle.

Also you may want to keep in mind that negative psychic imprints can also reek havoc in other parts of your life as well, for example, the imprint from the argument that led to the demise of your relationship can hang around and fuel other negative events into manifestation, such as money troubles, relationship problems with other relatives or even coworkers.

True change comes when we stop playing the blame game and we start accepting responsibility for ourselves and our lives, when you lay the blame for your troubles at someone else's feet you give away your personal power and you lose control over your own life by turning it over to someone else, but when you realize that you have dominion over your own life and that you �yourself� can determine the flow of your life and manifest your desires simply by accepting responsibility for your own individual incarnation, it is at that moment that you set the wheel in motion spinning favorably in the direction that you desire your life to go in, you hold all of the cards, if your life is not flowing in the direction that you desire, you and only you can bring about the needed change by taking action!

Stop blaming everyone else around you for your misery! Stand up and give life a bitch-slap and take control!

The key in obtaining that which you desire out of life is accepting personal responsibility for your thoughts, actions and your motives, motive is very important and with that said it is equally important to know and to understand what motivates you to do, to say and to act the way that you do!

Thoughts are very powerful and this is one reason that a Witch may choose to meditate before, during and after a ritual, meditation is indeed the body of the ritual and is the key to casting a successful spell.

The second step in obtaining that in which you desire is to keep the energy flowing in a positive manner, you absolutely cannot do this if you are working from a place of weakness, haven't you heard?

Only the strong survive and I am betting that you are a strong individual!

Let's say that you are dealing with a separation and that you possess the desire to reconnect with your partner, the first step in the process is releasing the anger, letting go of the hurt, acknowledging the part that you played in the breakup and forgiving not only your mate for their past mistakes and indiscretions, but, forgiving yourself as well, letting yourself off of the hook and giving yourself permission to move forward in life and allowing yourself to heal, once you have healed you will be in a far better position to win the affections of the one that you love.

I am a firm believer in the laws of attraction; I do believe that what we project will come back to us, if uncertainty is constantly on your mind, suffice it to say that your future will be chopped full of uncertain twist and turns, it is far better to learn to program your future and to plot a course out of life in which you are in control of your on vessel, otherwise you may be tossed around at sea and like the tiny little minnow on Gilligan's Island you may become stranded or lost!

Life is uncertain enough at times without us as individuals constantly projecting negative thought forms out into the ethers, take a look around you, I would be the first to say that it is hard to stay focused when we live in a society that is being kept in a state of constant turmoil by men who call themselves �Good Christian Soldiers�, obviously these men have their own agendas, but the rest of us can help the Earth heal itself by standing strong in our own convictions and by uniting ourselves through brotherly and sisterly love, love is the key, first and foremost love of self, if you cannot love yourself there is absolutely no way in the world that you can love anyone else, love is cheapened by the casual tossing around of the word, words are thought and thought is the purest form of energy.

The word love is meant to be special, reserved only for those who have in some way touched our heart; it is impossible to love everyone, but through a true understanding of self at the very least we should be able to live and let live.

I lay this charge upon you today, love yourself and love your mate, work towards an accomplishment of higher attainment, stand strong in your beliefs, believe in something, if nothing else, believe in yourself! Pledge today to live your life in a Godlike manner and in harmony with your flow, do not fear those who oppose you, opposition is necessary for spiritual growth, but, welcome not those who oppose you into your home, for your home is sacred space as it shelters you from the harshness of the elements, embrace those who embrace you and respect even those individuals who disrespect you and judge not their ways for they must walk the path that they have chosen and will reap from their deeds and the seeds they have sown be it good, bad or indifferent!

Blessed Be