Male Witch or Warlock?

The only difference between a male witch and a female witch is their gender. To call a male witch, a warlock is highly offensive. A warlock is a witch, male, or female who has been locked out of his or her coven, and the members of the group have turned their backs on the individual labeled as a warlock, because they feel that their tradition, or the craft was in someway betrayed.

Covens, and pagan groups alike are notorious for their politics, the craft is not at all exempt from politics, and often the group will take on the energy of their leader, of their high priest, or priestess and follow his or her commands, rules, and bylaws. I am a male witch, I have practiced magic since the age of 13, one is not born a witch, one becomes a witch by choice, there are no hereditary witches, male, or female. Witchcraft, Wicca is an Earth based religion, one who follows Wicca must adhere to the bylaws put forth by the elders of the group in which she, or he belongs, if the practicing witch doesn't belong to a group, than that witch is considered to be a solitary practitioner, and therefore must only rectify his or her own karma with the universe.

There are differences in heredity, and generational, I come from a long line of witches, each of them chose to follow the great Mother, just as I chose to follow her, I am a generational male witch, I strive to live my life in balance, and in harmony with the natural forces around me, I choose to manipulate the elements, and to raise the cone of power during ritual, I acknowledged that I can, and will change the course of my life through the practice of magic, whether you label yourself a white witch or not, magic is pure energy, it is the will of the practitioner that decides whether the magic is good, bad, black or white!

Witches today are more open about their practice, and their beliefs in magic, witches of old were much like gay people, repressed, and lived deep in the closet for fear of retribution, and during the burning times there were many men, women, and even children put to death just by the simple accusation of an angry neighbor for being a witch, or the practice of magic. Luckily for us times have changed, and as a gay male witch, I eagerly expect the day that we can all live in harmony, goodwill, peace, love, and balance.

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Light And Love! Phelan


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