Making Love Spells Work

The loss of a relationship can truly be as devastating as losing someone to death, at least in death there is closure, but often wounds from a separation remains an open sore festering and infectious, impacting every future relationship that we attempt to have and if we do not effectively go through a release the baggage that we carry can become compounded, building a wall to big or large for us to cross and sending us in a tailspin where we are forced to repeat our lessons over and over again until we have learned from them and have grown spiritually!

In most cases when I work with a client who is seeking to reconnect with a loved one there is little or no communication between them, and the ones who are lucky enough to have communication with an Ex-partner or spouse is usually dealing with a very negative or hostile situation.

Communication is a very important part of the process, and if you cannot vocalize it, you need to learn to project your message in the form of thought and visualization. This is a very easy process as you may possess pictures or other items that will help you tune into your loved ones energy. Pictures are a great tool for the individual who lack mental skills such as creative visualization, and even if you do not possess a picture you can use other tools such as an article of clothing, a trinket or a gift that he or she may have given to you.

Clothing can be an extremely useful tool especially if his or her scent is still present as it will help you key into that part of your mind that relates to his or her energy. Last year some of you may remember Angel lost his Father in July and he went to Mexico to visit his Mother and to pay his last respects to his dad, upon his journey home he was robbed of everything that he had on him, his wallet, passport, drivers license and even the shoes he had on his feet.

He was there approximately four weeks before returning home and while he was gone I utilized the undershirt that he had worn the day before he left for his trip to Mexico. I used his T-shirt as a pillow case, one because it kept his scent fresh on my mind and the other reason is because it helped the psychic link to become stronger and it also provoked dreams of him when I slept in which I was able to see him and his surroundings, and I was given messages and instructions by my guides on how to go about helping him.

The second article of clothing was placed upon my altar and I constantly energized his safe journey home, but even with all my help he still fell victim to some pretty ruthless characters, I am convinced that a greater harm would have befallen him had I not worked extremely hard to shield him, by tuning into his energy I knew the exact moment that he was mugged, I wasn't sure exactly what had happened, but I knew he was in trouble and needed my help both physically and spiritually and by the grace of the Goddess I was able to provide him with the assistance that he needed to continue his safe journey home.

I am very gifted psychically so tuning into my clients energy when I conduct a ritual on their behalf is very easy, the trick to it all is to get my client focused and energizing the same goals, by doing so our energy is united and the force behind the intent is more intense and will ordinarily manifest a lot sooner, you may recall hearing me say that the connection is not between myself and my clients loved one, it is between my client and their intended, therefore it is extremely important for my client to get onboard with the program and learn to focus their will for the sake of their on agenda.

When you ask questions that perpetuate the negative aspects of a situation the only thing you will accomplish is reinforcing your love spell in a negative manner, you are literally taking away from the positive energy and force that you put into motion. No matter what type of spell that you do or have done for you, you should always consider it completed and look at things as if your goals have already manifested! This way you are constantly lending strength to your plight and the energy can and will flow unrestricted!

Simple things that you can do when you are in the waiting stages and you are anticipating your love spell to manifest itself into reality is to write down the positive aspects of your mate or the situation that you are dealing with, by putting it down on paper you give life and new meaning to your words. You can also use a releasing technique which is to write down the negative aspects without thinking or pondering them too much and then burn the paper, parchment works best for this and it is sold at your local office supply house, such as office depot.

The bottom line is this, you will only get as much out of a spell as you put into it, if you focus on the negative aspects of your unique situation and if you are constantly asking questions that emphasizes the negative you might as well expect negative results to manifest because that is exactly what you are setting yourself up for.

Most recently I had two totally different situations where I had worked a good while with each individual in an attempt to reunite them with a loved one, although each situation is unique and they are from different backgrounds they both reacted the same way, they seemed to be calm, cool and collective throughout the process, but the very moment their partners reappeared it as if they forgot everything that I had to say and reverted back to their same old behavior which played a role in their breakups to begin with!

Love spells are tricky enough and when someone is determined not to allow the energy to flow freely it can almost become impossible for their desires to manifest in a positive manner. When you cast or have a love spell cast on your behalf throw it to the four winds, give it freely to the universe and the universe will return it unto you three fold. If you have a desire to reconnect with an old lover, ex-husband or wife your focus should be all about that instead of focusing on their relationship with their new love.

The more you worry about the individual that he or she is with the stronger their bond becomes, you are lending strength to enemy troops and the result will be the demise of all your hopes and dreams. You may as well be the ring bearer at their wedding, because you are pushing your partner right down the aisle and into your competitions wide-open arms!

Trust is a very important factor, self trust and trust in the universe is essential in acquiring a positive outcome to any love spell that you may do or have done for you, you must learn to develop a sense of knowingness, a belief that what you are asking for will manifest within your life, you must develop a sense of worthiness, a belief that you are fit to have and to hold that which you seek.

You have to let go of self doubt as it is cancerous and will only reinforce the negative principals and opinions that you have of yourself. You have to learn to project a positive self-image, and by project I mean you must learn to come across as a very positive individual, people who are positive will exude that energy, you will shine and when you shine you will pull positive people and situations into your life!

if you were with someone who left you ask yourself why? Why did my mate leave me? What role did I play in the loss of my relationship? When you think about it logically you may discover that he or she left because the situation became unbearable, too negative! People who are positive possess a desire to be around other positive people, like attracts like.

Believe it or not at one point in my life I projected a very dark self image, and it took one of my metaphysical teachers to point it out for me in order for me to initiate change, I couldn't see it because I was to close to it and I never thought of myself as a negative person, but I was on many levels and when you are negative you will attract and draw negative energy by the bushels to yourself and if you lack the will to change you will end up very cold and lonely!

So I will end this brief but loved filled letter by saying this, stop asking the questions that fuel the negative energy and start asking the ones that promote healing and good will towards a positive outcome. It is not that I hate answering your questions, I hate answering the questions that undermine your goals, because it will only hold you back and slow you down.

I hope that 2005 blesses each and everyone of you and I hope the New Year finds you entwined in the arms of the one you love!

Happy New year!