Magically Surviving Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a lonely path to walk, it seems that no matter how many people surround us there is a feeling of loneliness that is difficult to shake and the self induced isolation cuts us to the bone, reminding us that no matter how many people we have in our lives, the one that truly matters is the one who completes us on every level, the other half that makes up the whole, the darkness to our light, and the light that shines our way when our light fails to shine.

Relating to our loved one is a difficult enough task and when our relationship comes under magical attack by those who prey upon the happiness of others, relating to the one that we love at best will be strained and unless we are able to stop the attacks the strain on our relationship will soon reach the breaking point, rendering a deafening silence as wave after wave of psychic warfare is waged upon our relationship, cutting the lines of communication and severing our ties to the one that we love and hold dear.

When a practitioner launches a magical assault, he or she will attack the weakest areas of their victim's life, keeping in mind that magic is pure energy, black magic and white magic are one energy in the same, there are no special energy pools or reservoirs for good or bad magic, the only thing that separates the two is the will and the intent of the practitioner and of course there will in no doubt come a time when a practitioner with the very best will and intent at heart will find a need to tread on the darker side of magic, psychic-self-defense straddles that fine line between good and bad magic, one must take care as not to use excessive force when dealing with a psychic or magical threat, but I am a firm believer that we have the right to protect the sanctity of our home and our relationships and we have the right to defend ourselves, we should never stand idly by and allow someone to control or magically manipulate us and cause us harm, there is a difference in casting a spell to fend off an attack, as opposed to launching an unprovoked magical attack against someone who has never caused us any harm, every action has a reaction and there are karmic consequences for the harm that we do, so therefore we must strive to do what is right, and during those times that we may be forced to tread on the darker side of magic, we must do so with forethought and caution.

My esoteric journey started at the young age of seven and the good Lady knows that I am far from perfect and I have to work at creating a balance in my life constantly, part of my life lesson has been to learn patience, for I am certainly not the most patient person in the universe, and I have seen the havoc that one can create when they are so impatient that they try and push or force the energy of their magic into manifestation, when I tell a client to stay focused and positive, I am speaking not only from my experience as a practicing witch working on behalf of my clients, I am also speaking based on my very own personal experience, this is one of the reasons that I can say with confidence that patience is needed when working with magic, you can rush and push all you want to, but magic knows no other time-line than that of its own and it will not manifest a second sooner than it should.

I work with all types of people, and there are a few of you who might just be reading this article right now, it seems that no matter how many times I say stay focused and stay positive, and worry not about how long it is going to take or how soon your desires will manifest, you still manage to ask those questions every other day or so, one of the reasons that I tell my clients to stop worrying about how long their magical process is going to take, is because every time you attempt to guess or project how long, or every time you freak out, the only thing that you are insuring is that it is going to take that much longer for your results to manifest and you are doing nothing but undermining your magic and pushing your desired results farther and farther away from you! Stop it already and get a grip!

I am in the business of providing esoteric help, the keyword is help, for I can only do so much, if you fail to do your part, our efforts will fail and fail miserably. Anyone who is going to request the help of a practitioner should be prepared to put forth the energy that is needed in order to keep their magic flowing positively, positive is another keyword, you need to focus positively on your desires, and that could also mean changing some of your self destructive behavior, like overly indulging in alcohol, drugs or overly obsessing about the one you are trying to reconnect with, you know everyone of us has the ability to pick up on even the most subtle of energy, and if you are acting crazy and desperate, you might just be sending the one you love the wrong message, again, STOP IT AND GET A GRIP!

Love issues, uniting and reuniting my clients with their lovers are the most common cases that I work on, and I get it folks, I really do, I have suffered heartbreak in my life and I have also broken a few hearts, but the one thing that I learned early on in life is that I have to control my thoughts and my behavior in order to achieve and to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself and that would also include the area of love, you accomplish absolutely nothing good by getting yourself all worked up, there comes a time when we must learn the art of silence, by shutting our mouths we take control, by silencing our minds we ground and center, by learning to stop and look we see things that we would have otherwise missed, by looking inwardly we are able to heal outwardly, we are in control of our lives, everything begins and ends with us, and it is up to us to live a magical life or live a life that is esoterically deprived, each of us have our own unique story and life path to follow, and we can walk that path alone, or we can create our life, a life that includes the one that we have chosen to give our heart to, or we can continue to perpetuate the negativity of now, or we can recreate the positivity of tomorrow and write our own love story and I can say this with confidence, if I die today or I never love again, I wrote my own love story and I have lived it for the past eleven years and although there have been both good and bad days, I wouldn't take anything for the time that I have spent with my life partner and I am only telling you this because there was a time that I was impatient, I suffered from my desire of instant gratification, I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it, but one day I discovered that there was something, someone, who was worth waiting for and he was worth then and still is now the energy that I have to spend working out the kinks in my own chain of imperfection.

I have lived a magical life and you can too, there is no reason why you can't, you just have to be willing to let go of the stronghold that you have on life and learn to love and to trust in the magical process that is your life, you are magical, learn to tap into that magical and wondrous energy that resides in the very core and heart of your being and start writing your own love story today, it is never too late!

Blessed Be



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