Magical Self-Defense

There must be balance in nature, where good exists so must evil, you cannot have one without the other! Some people try to live their lives never acknowledging the existence of the dark forces around them and within their own lives, this is a huge mistake! You do not have to believe in something for it to cause you harm, pain and strife, just as it is not necessary for you to believe in magic for it to be effective, don't get me wrong if you are performing spells or having spells of any kind performed on your behalf a belief in magic certainly doesn't hurt, but is not necessary to believe in it for it to impact your life!

When you examine the world that we live in the concept of good and bad exists in every culture and it is not limited to just anyone group or sector of people. Here is a very good example for you; take the Christians they believe that once you shed your worldly skin and flee from here you have only two choices, well according to them the choice of where you land, in the here after isn't really yours, but if you believe in their faith it is safe to say that one day you will either walk the golden path laced in white robes or you will fry in hell! Their concept of good is a cruel God who will judge you and make you pay for your sins, and their concept of evil is a life doomed to purgatory, ah decisions, decisions!

Now don't get me wrong I am in no way knocking anyone's faith or belief system, but I just don't see where the benefits lie in following all the rules and playing the game their way when you might just end up roasting in hell anyway, I mean come on you spend your life praying and repenting and avoiding sex, which by the way is human nature, you bend over backwards to comply with the ways of the Church just to stand in line at the pearly gates on judgment day to be banned from heaven because you may have masturbated once too often or let a curse word fly with a flip of your tongue, and according to a very popular person whose name begins with the initials G W (Warmonger) and last name with B (Bushwhacker) don't even attempt to get into my heaven if you are a faggot or a democrat!

Well I am a faggot, I am a 38 year old GAY MAN who does not appreciate living in a country where my rights are dictated to me and where I am told that I cannot marry my partner and where I am not afforded the same rights as every other tax paying citizen, it is not hard to see where the evil exist in the United States, our country is being ruled and governed by a bunch of pampas ass redneck good ole boys who are probably as close as you can get to being a closet case queer who sneaks off from their old lady to get or give head down at the local glory whole!

What happened to the separation of Church and State???

Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest, now back to my point, well actually I think I just made my point! And that point being, EVIL exists in the world that we live in, and sometimes it will appear on television making promises that it has no intentions of keeping!

Witches do not believe in heaven or hell, as far as we are concerned heaven and hell are and will always be a Christian concept, that doesn't mean that I don't believe in good and bad because I do. I believe that good people and bad people exist in this world of ours, I believe that good and bad exist in the spirit world as well. People who are evil on the earth-plane are almost always evil on the spirit plane, why? Because leopards don't change their spots, and as we all know being bad is easier and takes less work and energy than being good!

I believe in a loving, caring and nurturing Mother who gives us life, she who never judges or punishes for mistakes made that is ingrained in our human nature, I believe in her because without her there would be no existence, she defines the world that we live in and she defines our way of life which is challenged and threatened daily, she is a great huntress, a great protector who will rise in the defense of her children and come to their aide when called upon, she answers to many names and yet she answers to no one, she is carried in our hearts and deep within our soul, she is the GODDESS and she defines the word!

I believe in her consort, he who is the father of us all, and yes he is the bringer of light, he is loving and compassionate, he lends strength to her plight and he shields his children from harm, their forces are opposing yet they are as one, the bringers of light and the givers of life, they are not to be feared, but they are to be embraced, they will not judge you, for you will surely do that enough throughout the course of life, instead they will give you all that you need to survive, and to learn and grow!

2004 was a difficult year for many, creating balance in your life is hard enough, it is even more difficult when it seems like the harder you try the more things keep going wrong, you know the drill, you take two steps forward to only end up taking three steps backwards! This year I worked with more people who were dealing with massive amounts of negativity than I have my entire career, it blows me away!

In 2004 I dealt with (34) thirty-four cases of psychic attack, harm that was being inflicted or projected onto a victim through the means of negative spells, curses, and spirit talking. This year I had (16) sixteen cases where there was a manifestation within the home or business of clients that was torturing and terrorizing those who dwelled within, (7) seven of those cases were demonic forces unleashed upon my clients by people who practice some form of Voodoo.

I had nine cases where the evidence of a Psychic Vampire exists, a Psychic Vampire is an energy wraith-form that will attach itself to and feed off of the aura of its victim, symptoms vary greatly, but include fatigue, mental illness, depression and suicidal thoughts, in fact I believe that many of the illnesses that we go through are caused by an outside source that feeds off of our energy and depletes our immune system.

In three of these cases, businesses that took a lifetime to build were lost, snatched from the grip of my clients and literally destroyed without cause or reason and several love relationships destroyed in the process! One of my clients watched as her life was torn and ripped apart and no matter how hard she tried to get things back on track, her demons wouldn't allow it, that's right I said her demons, demons that were conjured and called forth to dismantle her world, all because someone was jealous of her success and the happiness that she and her husband shared, which by the way they divorced a few months back, I had the pleasure of speaking and working with them both, her husband said that the mere thought of touching her or making love to her sent his stomach into wild convulsions, the mere sight of her was sickening! He couldn't understand where those thoughts or feelings were coming from because he had always lived for his wife, they had been together for fifteen years, and he had always enjoyed and craved sex with her!

Well I know where those thoughts came from they were not his own, they were implants placed there to accomplish certain task and that they did. We were able to identify the negative energy mass in both their business and home, and eventually with my help and guidance we were successful in removing and dispelling it! I say with my help because I did all of the spell work and she followed my advice and put the steps in motion to rid the home and business of the negative demons per my instructions. They live in Texas and it wasn't possible for me to be there, so she had to follow my instructions, she did and with the combination of everything we were successful. Unfortunately at this point her husband had already left her and filed for divorce, we are now working on that issue and her business was totally destroyed.

It might just shock and surprise you to learn that it was her cousin who had set the negative wheels in motion and unleashed the demons upon her world, it didn't shock me! Her cousin had access to both her business and home and she had access to just about anything that she would need to utilize against her poor unsuspecting relative. Now let me give you a tidbit of advice, if you are one of those individuals who run the gamut of psychics and practitioners looking for help be very careful and think twice before you start clipping those nails and sending hair snippets to them, I personally have advanced to a point that I do not need those items to cast spells and work on your behalf, but even the weakest of novices can mess with your reality using your personal DNA, so it is simply not a good idea to send your personal effects to someone that you do not know and that you have yet to create a rapport with.

"Send me your DNA you poor unsuspecting fool and I will wreck havoc upon you!"

The one thing that you need to realize is that a lot of people are motivated by their need for greed, psychics, practitioners as well as other types of spiritualist are just as capable of unleashing negative energy upon someone if their motives are not pure and if their intentions are not to truly help with their situation, just like some of those television evangelists who are capable of smiling and preaching Gods gospel are just as capable of committing adultery, embezzlement and even murder so are some psychics and practitioners.

My point is this, let's suppose you contact someone to enlist their help in reuniting you with a lover, and let's say that you send them pictures, hair and nail clippings along with other personal information, now if this individual is not genuine and if their desire is not truly to help you, you may have just handed the enemy a whole arsenal of weapons to be used against you, believe me I have seen it, in fact two of the above cases that I referenced stemmed from a psychic who became irate and angry because they requested more money from the client and the clients refused to pay, so they used the DNA in negative magic working against the client and their goals instead of for them.

Now this is one reason that I use some of the tools that I do, when working with someone because it allows them to maintain possession of their DNA, photos etc, and to utilize them with the items that I normally send to them, this is how I tie the physical attributes together and my client can rest somewhat easier knowing that I am not in possession of those items, now keep in mind that I stated earlier in this newsletter that I have advanced to a point where I no longer need those items (DNA) to successfully work a spell over someone, I can tune into your energy and direct my will without them.

In four of the cases above my clients experienced the sudden loss of their loving and devoted partners, who without explanation ended the relationship and yes it was because someone weaved negative magic against them, in three of the cases their spouses divorced them and remarried almost immediately, in those cases it was not hard to determine where or who the villains were weaving the dark magic, and to date we have been successful in reuniting two of my clients with their mates.

I never advocate that someone is under psychic attack, but when the evidence is there it must be dealt with aggressively to dispel the negative forces and to shield the victims from further harm. You do not have to settle for someone destroying your life and taking away your love one by force, you do not have to allow someone to destroy your livelihood because they are envious of what you have and they want to covet it for themselves. When attacked psychically or physically I believe that we are allowed to defend ourselves, you may recall my piece recently on Negative Magic if you haven't already read it I suggest that you do so, this has been a very difficult situation that has gone from bad to worse, my client is just now starting to rebound from her negative roller coaster ride to hell and back again.

She made the mistake of blindly trusting someone that was suppose to help her, instead a bad situation was made worse and not only her relationship was put in harms way but so was her physical well being and mental health, working with a practitioner does not have to be a bad experience, in fact it can prove to be quiet rewarding if the person that you choose to work with is a genuine and caring individual, choose wisely and remember that if anything at all about the person you are contemplating working with makes you feel uncomfortable then you shouldn't work with them.

Now if you are attempting to reconnect or reunite with someone that you lost suddenly without explanation and if you have cause to feel that someone is working against you, and as long as that feeling was not put in your mind by a psychic or practitioner claiming that someone has weaved negative magic against you may want to consider seeking help to lay the negative forces in your life to rest, but before you decide to ask for help from anyone make certain that those feelings are your own and genuinely comes from within and from your heart!

Too often uncaring and unscrupulous Psychics will claim that your energy is crossed up or that someone is working against you for their own personal gain and greed. But if someone is truly working against you and is using negative forces to take and keep your mate away from you, love spells alone may not do the trick, and your situation may call for a more aggressive approach, after the disasters that I have witnessed this year I have decided to make available the following package to those of you who feel that you have been victimized or may even be victimized in the near future by someone you trusted or enlisted their services to help you reunite with a loved one. Please read below under special offers.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe during the Yuletide Season, my staff and I want to wish you the best that life has to offer and we want to let you know that we are committed to helping those of you who have enlisted our services in manifesting the much needed change within your lives for 2005.

Happy New Year