Magical Scrap Book

As 2008 slips quietly away, it is a time to reflect, it is a time to put things into perspective and to gain a greater mental insight into our personal journeys, a time to release negative energy in an attempt to gain emotional clarity, as the old year melds into the new it is the perfect time to allow ourselves to undergo a rebirthing process, no energy is ever lost, the old merges with the new thereby creating a stronger base in which to work from, allowing for a more solid foundation in which to plant the seeds of today that will bear the fruit of our desires tomorrow.

There is absolutely no harm in desiring a prosperous life, prosperity flows to us in many forms, we can prosper financially, we can prosper in love, we can prosper in both material and nonmaterial goods, and we can prosper spiritually, in order to lead a life filled with prosperity we must first learn to embrace the law of attraction, the law of attraction applies to all aspects of our lives in which we desire to draw positive energy to ourselves, on that note it is important to understand that the law of attraction, and the natural law of cause and effect tend to go hand in hand, every action has a reaction, and every thought will set a wheel of circumstances into motion, every thought that you and I have is first registered in the mental plane in the realm of the etheric world, let us say that you have a thought to buy a new car, the idea to buy the car was first conceived on the mental plane, the act of purchasing the car manifest itself into the material plane as a result of the idea's conception on the mental plane, the feeling of joy and happiness that comes from your new car purchase is registered on the astral plane, which is the realm of emotion.

The law of attraction not only applies to the positive aspects of our lives, but, it also applies to the negative, we are virtual magnets that will attract whatever it is that we are focusing the most on, so with that said if you focus on the negative by overly obsessing, well, then it goes without saying that the negative is exactly what you will attract, if you fear losing your lover to another, your lover will certainly find peace and solace in the arms of someone else, what you project is what you attract, so, you would be far more better off dealing with your negative issues and putting them to rest, instead of allowing your fears to dictate the course of your life, you are the captain of your ship, and therefore you should learn to navigate your life by making clear and precise decisions, for every decision that you make it will impact your personal karma in a positive or negative manner, and just as one should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, one should never make life altering decisions during times of great duress and mental stress, a clear mind equals clean cut decisions, which in the long run will produce very little regret!

2008 has been a very difficult year for a lot of people, not only do we have to contend with the day to day issues that occur within our own lives, but, the world economy is in the toilet and many people are hurting financially, and I am human and I realize that when things are not going well it is easy to become caught up in the world wind of negativity, and that is okay for the moment, but, each of us have to find a way to deal with our own issues, all the while not allowing the weight of the world to burden our shoulders, the best way that we can help turn things around for our worldly brother and sisters is to focus on helping ourselves and taking care of our own issues, if you and I focus on paying our bills, and dealing with our love issues we will make a greater and stronger contribution to the world around us, for if we get out of bed in the morning afraid to face the day, mainly because we are uncertain as to what we will face or hear on the news, sooner or later we will become paralyzed by our own fear and further perpetuate the negativity that surrounds us, by focusing on our own love and money issues we maintain our sense of empowerment and we do not contribute to an already negative situation, and by not contributing any of our energy to that which is already flowing in a bad way, we not only lessen the impact that it will have on us as individuals, but, we will not contribute to the misery of those around us, like attracts like, if your desire is to make money, create a money making attitude, and money will soon surround you, money is nothing more than a manifestation of a desire that was first created on the mental plane out of need, the physical attributes of the money manifest in the realm of the material plane, but, not just in the form of coins and cold hard cash, but, prosperity flows through to us in form of what that money can do for us and buy, the feeling of freedom that comes with paying the bills and the peace of mind are attributes that manifest in the realm of the astral or emotional plane.

Every year in October, I am a Witch and Hallowmas is our New Year, I create a magical scrapbook for myself, I fill the scrapbook with a list of goals, the goals may vary depending on my need, being that I have been with my lover for ten years or so now, my magical scrapbook has not been filled with a request for a lover, other than improving mine and his communication and love for one another, in the magical scrapbook I may place a request for a new car, this is just an example, once I have decided on the type of car that I would like to have I take pictures of the car, I make notations with specifics that I would like the car to have, the color, accessories, anyway you get the picture, all of this information is then placed on a sheet within the scrapbook, the book is then charged with a commanding and compelling spell, along with an attraction ritual, throughout the year I update the book with different desires and goals, and any goals that may not have manifested within the year are then carried over into the next, it is important for one who is magically inclined to stay proactive, in most cases where a desire fails to manifest it is because there was a lack of need or enthusiasm on behalf of the requestor, on the other hand, if the desire is to strong or the need is too great that can also hinder the process and slowdown the results from a spell casting, once a ritual has been thrown to the four corners of the universe you are better off staying busy by keeping your mind occupied and focusing as much positive energy into your desires as possible, stay away from negative situations, thoughts and comments that will in no doubt hinder your flow of prosperity, statements like I am unlucky, I never win, my lover will never return to me, I can't wait that long in order to reunite with my mate, all of these and other thoughts and comments alike will kill your magic and keep it from manifesting!

If you are trying to reconnect with someone create your own magical scrapbook, fill that book with photos of your desire, here is a good example, a way to throw one magical stone and manifest different results, let's say that your desire is to reunite with your amore, and at the same time you would like the two of you to live together in a new house or condo, and in order for that to happen you will need a positive cash flow, the first step of course would be to add pictures of the one that you love to the book, encircle the pictures with flowers and hearts, write a request unto the Goddess and place into the book, fill the pages with things that reflect the love in your heart for your chosen one, once that is done you need to turn your focus on manifesting a positive cash flow, maybe your desire is to win the money to purchase a new home for you and your lover, or to obtain a new job on a much greater pay scale, whatever the case may be or whichever way you choose to pursue the cash you will also want to create a page or two in the scrapbook for that, write out a request unto the Goddess and the powers that be, you will want to make certain to keep your motives pure and your intent clean, work from a place of sincere need and not greed, work from a place of love and not control or manipulation, on the pages to win or attract money place a dollar bill, some coins, a magnet, draw dollar signs on the pages, if you win a large amount of money it is always a good idea to give something back in return to the universe, you can do this by supporting your favorite charity by making a small donation, or even simply offering someone a hand-up, a hand-up sounds much better than a handout and it is a way for you to do something nice and to allow someone to maintain their dignity, not only does it keep your prosperity flowing and score you a few positive karmic points, but, it will make you feel really great and when you feel good about yourself, your aura will reflect the way that you are feeling and good things will most certainly continue to flow your way, it is important that once you get the energy flowing to keep it flowing, by staying proactive!

Most novices who embark upon the magical path have not grown enough spiritually to avoid the obvious pitfalls, and one of the pitfalls that I have written about time and time again is to avoid focusing on the negatives in our lives and not the positive, now, do not get me wrong, if you are a negative person that goes off the deep-end because the universe is not readily handing you what you have asked for, then you want to focus on the negative aspects of your life, that is focus on changing your nonproductive bad behavior, if you are so hell-bent on continuing the same old behavior patterns that brought you to where you are today, instead of working towards changing them in an effort of obtaining what you desire, need and seek out of life to be happy, then you deserve whatever the universe sends your way, because, you are asking for it and you are showing a certain insincerity and a lack of seriousness about changing things for the positive in your own life, which you are the captain of, and my friend if you have plotted a course in which your vessel is going to run aground sooner or later, you need to change your sorry and pathetic outlook on life now and not later, because later might just be too late, and if there is one thing that I have learned during this trip around the grand wheel of life as a Gay Witch, is that no one in this world can keep you down if you don't let them, if you fall and skin your knee get up put a band aid on the cut and get to stepping, if your circumstances are so dire that you have to file bankruptcy, file and get on with life and recreating your fortune, hardship is a great teacher, and this is so very true, because there is never a greater learning experience than creating a mess that you have to clean up, if you learn nothing more than just don't do it again, at least you have brought something away from that experience, and with a broad stroke of the brush I have managed to cover a greater ground, because the same principals apply to our love life as well, if you have wronged your lover, or maybe it is actually the other way around, it takes a great inner strength to forgive, now, I am not saying that if your lover did the checkout girl or bag boy at the local market that you are just suppose to forgive and forget, forgive yes, but, recalling the experience is one way of keeping whatever lesson that you learned from the experience of yours or your lovers infidelity fresh in your mind, and that is not saying that because your man or woman fooled around that you need to constantly be a reminder of his or her infidelity, believe it or not the biggest part of that lesson was for you to learn, as well, your amore should most definitely brought something away from that experience as a reminder of his or her action, every action has a reaction, and even the smallest of reactions have been known to create the loudest of bangs!

Stay proactive in all of your magical endeavors, I too once was a novice, and I got slapped on my ass a time or two by the universe and my behind has been paddled by the Goddess more than once for mistakes that I made along my magical path, but, I would also like to believe that the mistakes that I made and the lessons that I have learned has only proven to make me a better and more compassionate human being, and whatever your mistakes have been or will be, make certain that you put forth the effort to learn from them and to grow spiritually, and part of that growth process is to learn to treat those in which you have dealings with, with love, dignity and respect, but the first step in that process is to treat yourself with love, dignity and respect, for if you project that image of yourself unto the universe, you will attract people into your life who will also treat you with those same attributes, everyone on this planet deserves a chance to be happy, healthy and to live without the fear of oppression, but the first step of the journey in manifesting our individual desires begins with us, we have to take that first step before our journey can begin, and I am hear to tell you, that I believe in you, I believe in your ability to manifest all that you need and desire to be happy in this life, I believe that you are a wonderful and beautiful person who is so very deserving, but, I also know that it doesn't matter how strong I feel in my convictions and my belief in you, you have to start believing in yourself, do not wait for new years to make that resolution, today is the first day and step of your resolve, today is the day that you start believing in the very beautiful and magical being that is you!

Light and Love!