Magical Repercussions

Psychic attack can originate in many forms, some of the most common symptoms may include severe stomach pain, food and drink that taste like dirt or has no taste at all, constant headaches, the inability to make or to hold onto money, attacks on one's love-life by a jealous friend or family member is all too common, rendering the victim helpless and ruining what seemed like the perfect romance, in fact I have found evidence of metaphysical attacks in many of my client cases where love was abundant and then suddenly dissipated, through the process of working with my clients and performing a shielding and uncrossing on their behalf the curse or hexing would soon come to light!

True psychic attacks will take place during times when the intended victim is at their most vulnerable state of consciousness, for most of us the attacks will occur when we are asleep, although I have worked with several clients whose supernatural experiences looked and felt like scenes right out of the exorcist, Jason, even Freddy Kruger, a skilled magician or Witch who chooses to practice the black arts will more than likely pull out all of the stops in order to achieve their goal, here is a fine example of a good Witch gone bad, recently a young woman contacted me and stated that she had been working with another practitioner, apparently she was unhappy about the results and decided that she was going to demand a refund, I warned her against doing this, not only is it an insult to the Gods, but as I suspected the lady that she was working with got a little upset, soon afterwards many things in this young woman's life took a turn for the worse, her estranged husband filed for a divorce two weeks after they had signed a lease on a new home and talked about recommitting to their relationship, she lost her job which was her only source of income and her car was stolen, she started suffering from panic attacks and was admitted into the psychiatric ward for evaluation when she complained about seeing visions of ghosts in her home.

Night terror magic is very strong

When she told me of some of the experiences that she was having I was certain that she was under attack, unfortunately I was a little hesitant in extending a helping hand, especially when I warned her not to demand the refund in the first place and she chose to ignore me, when you embark upon a spiritual journey that leads you down a path where you ask for help from a practitioner you must be prepared to accept the responsibility for the magic that is created on your behalf, be it good or bad, whether it manifests exactly the way that you desire it to or not is indifferent unto the Gods and we, everyone who resides here on earth has bared witnessed to what can happen when the Gods are angered, but one should always keep in mind that faith and a belief in God is not an instant insurance policy against the dark forces that are lurking in the Universe, for proof of this, one only needs to look at the Catholic Church for an example where psychic attacks and demonic possession are prevalent and where exorcism is often the solution, when a Witch is angered he or she will tap into the lower life energy which vibrates at a weaker rate, because it is a lower form of energy it is easier to mold and manipulate, as I have said many times over and have proven on an occasion or two myself, it is easier to do something negative than it is to do something positive, it takes far less energy for me or for anyone who practices the black arts for that matter to lay a curse on you, than it would for me to aid or to help you, something that one may need to consider when choosing a practitioner, because even the most spiritual of practitioners can experience a sharp flash of anger and curses laid in the heat of the moment tend to be the hardest to recall and yet the results can lead to a devastating and disastrous future for the targeted victim.

I personally go to great lengths to aid my clients in any way that I can, it is important to me that a client receive the most out of a casting or energy weaving that they can get, and truthfully I too would get very upset knowing that I spent my time and energy in assisting someone to have them demand a refund or to lie and tell their card company that they did not authorize the charge, I had a customer last year that placed a large order for merchandise on the website and paid by check, this individual ordered books, statues, incense, candles, you name it, the order totaled just over eight hundred dollars, this person had placed several orders with me over the past couple of years and I never had a problem, so instead of waiting for the check to clear I shipped the day after receiving the order, the next week the check was returned by my bank, this individual received the merchandise, but unbeknownst to me he placed a stop payment on the check the same day that he placed the order, this is why I no longer accept checks, although I am not proud of how I reacted but let us just say that he has spent far more than eight hundred dollars in psychiatric bills and with other practitioners seeking psychic protection, night terror magic is very strong, a form of magic that I only use in an extreme cases of self defense and this person needed to learn his lesson and hopefully he learned it well, at times I find myself in the mood to give him further instruction, but I have let it go, but as a result of his action it will be a very longtime in the making before he will fully recoup from a lesson hard learned!

Healing energy, can do just the opposite

It is crazy to place yourself deliberately in harms way or at the mercy of someone that you are seeking help from, stealing from a Witch is like trying to steal the food out of the mouth of a wolf, for just as surely as that wolf will snap so will a Witch, we are spiritual and often divine, but when the mud slinging and spell casting and cursing starts my bet is on the Witch any day, a Witch who has mastered their art is better a friend than a foe, for to have a Witch as a friend is to have a friend for life, to make an enemy out of a Witch is a misery that can carry over from one life to the next!

Psychic attacks are mild in comparison as to what can happen when a more destructive type of energy is unleashed, I have worked with clients, as well as family members of those who suffered at the hands of demonic possession which was the result of some disgruntled Witch or practitioner who called up the night spirits, there are countless numbers of people who are locked away in mental hospitals because they see ghosts or apparitions, when in fact that is exactly what they are seeing and they are not crazy at all, at least not in the clinical sense of the word, but because we live in a world where everything must have a reason or often scientific explanation, people are deemed crazy and added to the list of make-believe sooth Sayers and star gazers and pumped full of psychotropic drugs to keep them from spewing and spouting off about ghost and goblins, which sounds cute, but I can assure you that if you fall victim to the night spirits as a result of an attack you too will wish and long for better days.

The bottom line is that we are all responsible for our actions, if you seek out a magical practitioner and use their services you need to keep in mind that the same energy that can heal, can do just the opposite if not worse, too take advantage of someone who has made a genuine effort to assist you with your problems is a grave mistake that can only lead to an even more uncertain future filled with strife and discord!

Most of the practitioners that I know personally make every effort that they can to help their clients, I know that I do, most of the clients that present problems are the ones that I label spell jumpers, these are people who are seeking fast, free and guaranteed results and will go from practitioner to practitioner and from one spell casting site to the other, in most cases they turn their obsession from their original goal and become fixated on the spell casters themselves, when this happens with a client of mine I will attempt to discourage it before totally cutting them loose, obsession in any form is not good, I hope this article finds you well and in good health and may things continue to improve for you, there is only one sure way to make certain that they do and that is to treat all life with respect and respect everyone's right to live as they choose, life is a choice, choose it well!

If you feel that you are under a psychic or magical attack please do not hesitate to contact me through the website's contact system, I will try and help you out in any way that I can.

Blessed Be