Magical Mojo

Mojo is a term that is widely used in magical circles, a mojo can be used in a positive or negative manner, magical tools can be empowered with negative or positive energy, the word mojo is used often to described one's lucky piece, a gambler may refer to his root bag as his mojo, a craftsman of candle magic may use it to describe his candles or the tools in which he fashions his candles with.

If a black magician or Witch tells you that he is going to put a mojo on you, in most cases it is a warning, if I were to tell you that I am fixing to put a mojo on you, the underlying message would be that I am getting ready to seriously mess with your reality and not in a good way I might add, but, any Witch or practitioner who really means to do you harm will not give you an advance warning, for to give someone a warning of an impending metaphysical or psychic attack is to give them an opportunity to magically defend themselves or at least attempt to thwart the magician's attempt to magically corrode his mental existence!

"To be forewarned, is to be forearmed!"

I believe that we must always prepare ourselves for the unexpected, my abode is magically protected around the clock, so is my circle, for a foolish Witch I would be not to practice what I preach and over the years I have managed to pickup a few magical enemies of my own along my path and I have learned from personal experience the need and benefits of effectively shielding myself, in my early days as a young Witch I would have scoffed at the idea that someone may attempt to attack me or lay a curse on me, today, I would not be so foolish as to mock the potential damage that a negative attack can cause!

Negative energy is a major player in the disruption of our personal lives, it can reek havoc on our love life, it can destroy our positive prosperity and energy flow, it is not that negative energy is more powerful than positive, the simple truth is that most people can naturally relate to the negative aspect of life, it is as though we are expecting things to go wrong and when you take that approach to life things will go wrong more often than not and that is why we must train ourselves to focus on the positive aspects of our desires, we must figuratively become a magnet, a living image of the very thing that we wish to attract, if your desire is to have the perfect relationship, then you must train yourself to live that in which you desire, stop focusing on what is absent from your life and start living for the good that you possess, most people only wish to draw good to themselves, and you can do that by focusing on the good that you have in your life, instead of focusing on the bad!

Positive people will not live among those who are negative, and I bet that the one that you desire to be with is not that negative of an individual, and if he or she is then you need your head examined, but I am betting that your amore is not at all negative and that is why you are so turned on and attracted to him or her, the real question here is are you going to whine for the rest of 2008 and enter into 2009 in the same old negative pattern? Or are you going to step into the new year with a renewed attitude and a better self image and become the ultimate programmer at the game of life and manifest that in which you desire?

You are only a loser if you believe yourself to be a loser, like attracts like, a negative belief or self image begets a negative belief or self image and sets the course for a miserable existence, you can have anything that your heart desires, magic can open the door, and from there it is up to you as to what you do with it, if you have been working to bring back your lover and your mojo hasn't worked for you, look at what you might be doing wrong, because I am betting that there is something in your approach that is holding your magic back and keeping it from manifesting!

I can believe in you until the Sun doesn't shine and it will do you no good unless you believe in yourself, you must develop a winning attitude, people by large are envious and jealous creatures, and jealousy can be a self defeating energy to deal with, it is horrible to think that people get more pleasure out of watching someone else fail, but it is true, by nature we are green eyed creatures and we must learn to love ourselves and each other, we must learn to build one another up, instead of tearing each other down, we are spiritual brothers and sisters and our spirals are interlaced and intertwined, like it or not we are cosmically linked to one another, therefore there is a greater benefit to each of us when one of us succeeds in life, and I am not talking about material gain, I am talking about spiritually, so starting today I charge you with putting your best foot forward, if you have created or cast a spell to the four winds that has yet to yield results cast another one, a winner never quits and a loser is simply a poor soul that got a slow start in life, just because you finish last doesn't deem you a loser, a loser isn't someone who tried and failed, a loser is someone who never tried at all!

Blessed Be