A Magical Journey

Magic is all around us, it is everything and then it is nothing, magic is the divine power that flows within our very own life force. The spirit of a human being is magical unto itself, the spirit is housed within our fleshy, earthy bodies, when the body dies the spirit moves on, no energy is ever lost!

I believe that in one sense the body is returned to the earth, our mother, our lady in waiting, the Goddess, she whose opened arms are stretched forth to embrace and envelope our spirit and send it forth with a threefold kiss, as it evolves and moves further towards its life goals.

Each and everyone of us who inhabits the earth plane has specific goals and lessons that is pertinent to our individual incarnation, we also share lessons in common with those that we choose to be involved with romantically, socially and spiritually, it is through these involvements that we allow our spirit to learn and grow, some of the lessons may be difficult, but one way of viewing it would be to realize that if it weren't for the lessons involved we would have no reason for that person to be a part of our life in the first place.

This is really what having relationships are all about, it allows us to grow and progress spiritually. I hear people talking about being with one partner and growing old together, that is all good and fine, but once you have nothing left to learn from one another the relationship grows weary and stale and so does your spirituality!

Some individual incarnations may include getting your heart stomped and trampled on, while others may include being the belle of the ball and having everything handed to you on a silver platter!

Yes, being filthy rich is also a lesson and like some of the lessons involved in our lives, I bet you wouldn't complain about that one! When you find yourself repeating the same old same old, there is most certainly something that you are missing, something that you are just not getting, if you fail to learn the lesson, you will be doomed to repeat it over and over again!

Our involvements are not shear coincidence, being a Witch I do not believe in coincidence at all, I believe in natural law, cause and effect! I also believe that every action, thought and move that we make in this life, will determine the outcome of not only this incarnation, but future life's as well.

The best way to live, is to live well, balance your karma, and attune your will, with the will of the universe and nature around you. My personal belief is that we can change anything about our life that we do not like, providing that we have the will to do it, many choose to use spells, potions, brews, meditation, prayer and the like, while others simply choose to take the more passive road, some may even call it the path of least resistance, whatever path you choose make certain that it is right for your individual existence, make sure that you are in harmony with your personal vibration, set goals for yourself and work towards meeting them and do not undermine your life's work or goals by focusing on the negative aspects of what you are dealing with.

The bulk of my clientele are folks who have no concept of spirituality, most of them wander aimlessly through life without any direction and many of them can't understand why so much negative energy plagues them, I can sum this up in most cases in a nutshell, if you live life in a loose and non-caring manner, well, then you can't expect the universe to drop the gold right into your lap.

Life is work, relationships require hard work, getting out of the bed in the morning is work, we have to expend the energy, we have to stop what we are doing, step back and regroup in order to get things flowing in a positive manner. Plan your moves and execute your plan, follow through or the lack there of, is what hinders most people in life!

When I am working with someone who is having a hard time, it may be with a relationship or money, career, whatever the issue may be the most important thing is to get that person thinking, looking at the situation in a different light and most importantly stop viewing the negative aspects of what they are dealing with, the more energy that is focused on the negative, the stronger the negative becomes!

Every time you give in and make statements like, "this will not work, he will never come back to me, she is gone for good, you may as well nail the coffin shut! That is what you are doing anyway! You are killing any possibility of that situation turning out any other way but bad!

Energy is very tricky, and someone who is having spells cast would benefit by keeping the law of attraction in mind, I am sure that you have heard this before, but just amuse me anyway! "Like attracts like", this is the main reason that you have been told all of your life that it takes money to make money, now I believe that to be true to a degree, the basic fact of the matter is that the money that you already possess acts as a magnet to attract new money!

The same holds true for love, if you set about things with love in your heart, you will surely attract love, here is an interesting tidbit for you to chew on, I was told long ago by a pretty well known psychic/medium here in Atlanta that I would never have a lasting relationship, I have had two, one lasted for seven years and the relationship that I am currently in now has been five, had I listened to that negative crap, I would have been doomed to a life filled with misery and void!

I chose not to listen and I decided to focus and direct my energy on finding and maintaining a healthy relationship, I have been blessed with a loving and caring partner, filled with charm, warmth and respect, had I chosen to follow the path outlined for me by the good Lady here, I would not be where I am today! My point is, wake up, take charge, create and change your destiny, love and be loved! There are so many love hungry people on this planet, there should never be a soul without a companion, a wife without a husband or a child without a parent!

People who choose not to love, are some of the loneliest and most miserable souls you could ever have the pleasure of meeting! Some are jaded because life made them that way, that is not entirely true, on some level they have made a conscious decision not to love, it is possible that they may have been traumatized and their ability to love and to be loved may have been affected, but, it goes against human nature to try and live without love, we all need love and we have the need for human touch and affection, trying to live without it, makes for a very dull and boring life experience, just ask the nuns at the local Catholic Church, if they are truly honest I am sure they will corroborate what I have written here today!

Part of the process that each of us must go through is to identify and define, what we need on an individual basis to make us happy, once you have a clear understanding as to what that is, manifesting it is easy, the hard part is already done.

The one thing that I can't understand is how any individual can expect another to know how to please them, if they do not know themselves!

I recall a time when I was a young neophyte witch, cocky and self assured, I had the audacity to stand and mock one of my teachers, that wasn't a very good idea, but, I thought it was totally absurd when she told me that I needed to have a relationship with myself for one year and a day before pursuing a relationship with another human being.

I can't tell you how many times that I wished that I had listened to her and given her credit for her knowledge and worth, instead I slighted her and I have paid the price, one failed relationship after another, that is until I remembered the conversation with her on that very cold January day, I instantly went to work and started making the changes that I needed to make, I got reacquainted with myself and I learned what I wanted and needed from my mate and I started applying those principals, soon afterwards was when I met my first love and we had seven happy years together, he was killed in a car accident on December 21st 1995, six months after my mother crossed the bridge to the great divine!

My second love and my current manifested in 1999 and we have been going strong ever since, everyday is a new adventure and everyday there is a new lesson in store for us both.

My point is this exactly, play the hand that you are dealt, keep the cards that you like and discard the ones that you don't, make better decisions for yourself and those you choose to involve yourself with, "You are known by your deeds and the company that you keep" Keep not the ways of the wicked, cast out the spoiled and breathe life anew, in your heart you shall be merry and merry you shall remain throughout life's journey, like attracts like, burn bright the fire within and nurture the seedlings of hope, hope brings a new tomorrow and tomorrow brings a new love and from love all life is celebrated and as the circle of life spins and spirals our souls are set free from all that binds us and nothing shall remain within or without except the love that manifested from the magic that is our soul!

Blessed Be! Phelan