Love Triangles

Love is a free flowing energy that is housed in the Universe; love is available for any strong-hearted individual who has the intestinal fortitude to take a dive into its never-ending pool! Those who take the plunge either swim to victory or sink to the bottom like the titanic going down for the second time around!

The problem with most people is pretty basic, they claim to want and desire love, but very few rarely know exactly what that means or how to obtain it, and those who do acquire it, often fear loosing it so much that they strangle the life right out of their relationship.

The definition of love is different for everyone; no two people on the planet will ever share the same definition or point of view when it comes to love, why you may ask? The main reason is that as human beings we attach our own feelings to the energy, which is love, thus defining and personalizing the definition to suit our own needs, and no two people share the exact same feeling or emotion, our feelings and emotions are unique unto our own incarnation and the manner in which we deal with our lovers will determine the lessons in love that we have to learn the next time around!

The interesting thing that I have found in dealing with my clients over the years is the choices that are made when choosing a partner, I would say that 80% of the individuals who have contacted me in reference to another person meddling or interfering in their relationship has played a role in putting that person in between them and the one that they love, maybe not directly, but indirectly yes, by choosing a partner who is emotionally unavailable or otherwise attached to someone else, which is the exact way that most love triangles are formed to begin with.

Love triangles like it or not often form some pretty unsightly situations and result in forming some of the most unpleasant lessons that we have to learn, and as a result we no longer just share the karma that is created with our mate of choice, but we share karma with our third wheel as well, so it is necessary to try and settle the karma in a positive manner if we are ever going to be able to partake in our relationship 100% and feel good about doing it.

I would say that a positive approach to finding a resolution starts with disengaging from the situation and taking a step back and assessing all of the elements and players involved, and start by asking yourself some pretty honest and clear questions.

1: Am I attracted to this individual because he or she happens to be emotionally unavailable and cannot commit to a relationship with me 100%?

2: Is it the person that I love or the chase?

3: If the other individual weren't involved would I still want him or her on the same level?

4: Do I feel love in my heart or is it simply lust in my loins?

5: If this individual commits to me, am I ready to reciprocate the commitment?

6: Am I motivated by need or greed?

7: My mate was already committed to someone else prior to our involvement, did I pursue him or her or did he/she pursue me?

If you knowingly go after someone who is already involved in a relationship you may be setting yourself up for a life filled with misery, everybody handles love and their commitments differently and what may seem like a disaster waiting to happen to you may seem like heaven to them and in most cases the difficulties that arise from your actions will cancel out the few stolen moments of pleasure that you may experience while in their company, it is far better to be patient and allow the relationship to end of its own accord than it is to involve yourself in a situation that you will have little or no control over.

Love triangles are often formed without the consent of all parties involved and if this is the case where you are concerned and if your mate was deceptive then you have every right to defend your honor and your feelings, if you committed yourself in good faith without prior knowledge of your mate's involvement with another, it is your mate who will rack up the negative karma, however once you have knowledge of the deceptiveness you must handle yourself accordingly to insure that you will free yourself from any karmic responsibility or repercussions!

I hope this article is informative and I hope that it gives you something to consider and to think about, if I can be of assistance to you in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

Blessed Be, Phelan