Love Yourself Into Victory!

Love is but a four letter word, one may wonder how such a small word can evoke such powerful and overwhelmingly emotions? The word in itself is nothing more than a thought that is given birth to by those who seek comfort and solitude in the arms of another.

As we already know "thoughts are living things" when you ponder, you lay claim to those thoughts and you set the wheels in motion, moving ever so closely to obtaining your desire and goals, but, and there is always a but! When you deviate from your plan, when you shift your focus from the positive aspects of love, to the negative, the negative is often what is reaped and those fluffy feelings of love often go unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled is a harsh reality that will leave you numb and dumbfounded as to why you seem to be so unlucky at having and holding what seems to be ever so fruitful for those around you, it really doesn't have to be this way, you have the power to take control and change whatever you disagree with within your personal sphere, you have dominion over your life and your domain and you have to make a conscious decision about the quality of your life-force and your flow, your flow being that which is conducive to your personal incarnation!

You are only powerless if you believe you are, when you develop a belief that you are not capable of maintaining a relationship, well, you will perpetuate that energy and your attempts at relating to another will fail miserably, you are setting yourself up like a line of dominoes which are destined to fall!

Last year I had a client whose mate left him, divorced him, and immediately remarried another man, she even moved from within the States to Canada, my client, Henry, was devastated to say the least, by the time he contacted me he had lost all hope of ever reuniting with her and he had sunk so low that he couldn't give me one positive quality about himself. The very first thing that I had him do was to write seven positive affirmations of himself and to repeat this process over the next thirteen weeks, I also told him that I would not work with him until he did as I asked. Well at the end of the thirteenth week he contacted me, a changed man he was, changed indeed, he no longer had the urge to reunite with his wife, he had found a great job and he was seeing a new lady!

He was so grateful for my help that he offered to send me payment for my advice and I refused, anyway to make a long story short his ex-wife contacted him about four months later and they were remarried in February of this year. Henry is a rare bird, he is one of the few individuals that took some simple advice and developed a plan and followed it and in doing so his life became ritualistic and he started vibrating in harmony with his natural flow.

When Henry tapped his natural flow, the world became his oyster and his goals were then easily obtained without struggle and strife. He later told me that in focusing on his goals instead of what he didn't have he was able to manifest his desires, basically he included reuniting with his wife as part of his life goals and focused on that instead of the fact that she was in the arms of someone new, therefore he relaxed and his natural flow became a very powerful magnet attracting and re-attracting that which he desired the most.

At times I find myself frustrated with some of my clients, some folks just never seem to get the fact that they can push all that they want, but pushing will not get them anywhere fast, except in reverse and working against the grain of things instead of with it! Love is an emotion that should derive from the positive flow of things, instead of the negative, love forced will yield some pretty undesirable repercussions.

Love spells are not a bad thing, unless they are used to overpower another and while that may seem to be an attractive proposition even if you obtain that which you seek, a love spell forced will leave you with a damp feeling of regret inside, that you will never be able to shake, you will always wonder if the one that you love only loves you in return because of the action that you have taken, but if you have a love spell performed or even if you perform it yourself, do so with forethought and insight, do not take the easy route and try to force your will upon another, love spells can be utilized in such a way that it nurtures your natural flow and it doesn't have to be a bad experience, done in the right manner you too can yield positive results!

Love is not a possession, love is a thought, the physical attributes of love manifest into the material plane by the bond that is developed between those who share the same common viewpoints on the energy that is love, no two people will ever share the exact same view on anything, especially love, there will always be something that sets them apart and makes their perception of that energy unique all unto itself.

In order to manifest love you first have to have an understanding as to what love means to you, you need to be able to define and to identify that energy and then and only then will you be able to tap into its never ending pool of bliss and draw that energy inwardly into your life, in order to love someone else, you must first learn to love yourself, if you cannot love yourself, you cannot expect someone else to love you! Misery in love is to admit self defeat, love yourself into victory!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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