Love Spells

Individuals who are inquiring about love spells approach me often, in my opinion magic of any kind should never be taken lightly, especially love spells. Magic or the act of casting a spell opens a door and creates a window of opportunity, and often it is a small window or timeframe that we are working with, but in many cases it is just enough to allow things to flow and manifest into fruition!

When someone cast a love spell or even ask for help from a reputable practitioner it is crucial to understand that in order for your desire to manifest it has to be allowed to flow, once the work is done and the request has been made unto the Goddess, in most cases when I weave a love spell I call on Venus, the ultimate weaver of the web of love! As well once she has granted my request I repay her favoritism by burning thanksgiving incense unto her and I always give back something from myself as a gesture of good will.

The exchange is very important because that is indeed what keeps the energy flowing freely, if you the think of it in this manner, money is a universal energy, and we exchange money for services that we receive, believe it or not when you pay your gas, electric or phone bill it is an exchange of energy between you and your provider, the provider gives you a service that is important to your survival and in return you give back to that provider by paying your bill and insuring that the provider will be able to continue supplying you with the services that you so desperately need.

I know that we have become spoiled, because there is not one individual reading this article who would want to live without heat or the air conditioning, and as long as you can make the exchange you will not have to! Energy goes both ways and the energy that we exchange with the universe is in my opinion equally if not of a greater importance than paying the electric bill.

When a love spell is cast, we call upon a collective universal consciousness, you have to look at it this way, if all you ever did was withdraw funds from your bank account without making any deposits your bank would become displeased in a very short period of time, picture the universe as one big bank, and the Gods as bankers, it is okay to make requests and withdrawals, but please make certain that you are doing your part by making a deposit every once in a while.

Believe it or not one of the easiest ways for us to give thanks is rolling around in our heads, mental energy, whispering an incantation, saying a prayer or meditating for the good of mankind, these are all easy ways to make a deposit into our universal bank accounts, now if you choose to get creative volunteering at your local homeless shelter, working with the underprivileged, or simply making a donation to your favorite charity is an excellent way as well. The most important thing is that whatever method you choose must come from a sincere place within and just like with everything else make certain that your motives are honorable and pure.

As a practitioner that offers services to a wide array of people I cannot always count on my clients giving thanks unto the Gods and the Universe, so I take it upon myself to always give thanks on their behalf, part of the reason that I choose to do this is because my karma is at stake every time that I cast a spell, whether it is for me or for someone else, I want to make certain that the Gods know that any assistance that they provide me with is greatly appreciated. When working with love energy it is very important to make sure that you turn on your love magnet, especially in cases where you may be trying to reconnect with someone where the relationship ended on a bad note, you cannot expect to exhibit the same behavior and have your lover eating out of your hands, in order to be effective you must change the pattern of energy that you are working in.

I believe that the main reason some people stray or even cheat is done out of boredom (this word is forbidden in my house and circle) and sometimes it may very well be that the love has ended, in the case of the latter I have found this to be unfounded and untrue with the bulk of the people that I work with and in most situations the love is there but the true interaction and understanding is not!

Part of the way that someone can turn on their love magnet is to learn to tap into their love energy, love is an emotion that is felt, it comes from the heart, one of the ways that I turn on my love magnet is pretty much like setting the stage for a play, or using props in a circle to allow the practitioner and participants to attune their will and to direct their energy, let's face it if you came out of a bad relationship where your partner was always upset, mad or self centered to a point that you felt there was not enough room in the relationship for the three of you, you, him and his ego, you would more than likely go and look for just the opposite, unless you were one of those individuals who gets their jollies from being controlled, hurt and unhappy!

So let's say that you are an individual who comes to me seeking help to reunite with your lover, and of course it is on your mind as to what you can do while the spells are being cast or while you are waiting for the energy to manifest, try surrounding yourself with love, pretty flowers, scented oils, red and pink candles, for the love and sexual energy, blue candles for peace, harmony and tranquility or you could just sit there and be the same miserable piece of work that you were before contacting me or you can get motivated and put forth the much needed energy towards manifesting your desires and goals. You need to mirror or portray just the opposite of what sent your mate packing in the first place, set the mood and project the image!

When you have sex with someone, your soul and aura intermingle, intertwine and interlock, if it is a casual thing the energy tends to fade after a while, however if it is serious and it has surpassed the physical into the emotional a link has been created between the two of you that will become stronger and stronger as time goes on, last year when my partner was visiting his mother in Mexico, he lost his Dad in July and had gone home for the funeral, upon his journey back to the states he was robbed and stripped of everything from his wallet, passport, they even took the shoes that he had on his feet, I had spoken with him briefly the morning before the robbery took place and he was fine and looking forward to coming home, however later that day I was overwhelmed with fear, it was not my own fear, but yet it was very real, at that point I knew that something very bad had happened to him. I didn't know what exactly but I knew that he needed me, and that he needed help, to make a long story short I followed my instincts and I was able to get him the help that he needed and he was able to continue the safe journey home.

Being intimately involved with him a link had been created that bonds us together, and it was through that link that I received his feelings of hopelessness and fear, that very same link is there between you and your partner, and through that link your partner can pick up on the changes in your behavior and mood even if he or she is not with you physically at the moment, this is why it is so very important to tap into those feelings of love, exude and project positive emotions, because on some level even if he may not be aware of it he will feel that energy and it will most certainly aid you in your plight of reconnecting with him and rekindling the spark between you, in essence you are programming the response that you wish to receive from him.

You have to understand the reasons that your relationship ended, by developing an understanding and by knowing the motivation behind the action you can work towards manifesting change, if things ended on a bad-note you may not have the benefit of first hand knowledge from your mate, however you are an intelligent being and if you study the situation long enough you will be able to determine where things went wrong and work towards repairing the damage.

ACTION! Action is required you cannot expect to sit back and do nothing and just expect your lover to come running back to you with his heart in his hand, action is required in order to set the wheel spinning in a positive direction, now I agree that there is a point where inaction is the best approach, this normally comes during the time that one may wait for their results to manifest from a spell casting, or it may be during a period where you are plagued with self doubt and uncertainty, your heart will know when the time comes for you to make your move, until then work on yourself, your mind, your body, your spiritual being , your body is your temple, it is your fleshy home, take a look at it very closely and you may find that there is no time like the present to start making some very much needed home improvements!

When working with magic of any kind there is always a danger of crossing the line and manipulating someone's free will, possibly forcing him or her to do something that may or may not be in their best interest, and it has been my experience that it doesn't really matter what type of magic or spells that you are casting the fact of the matter is that you will manipulate the energy in one form or fashion, after all that is exactly what Witches do, we manipulate the elements to achieve and to accomplish a certain desired result, however when working with love spells in particular you must go to great lengths and be careful not to cross that fine line and do anything that may result in a backlash, if your motives are not truly pure you are best to leave it alone because it will come back to sit upon your stoop and to weigh heavily upon your heart.

If you have asked yourself the following questions and you find that your answers are of a positive nature you can relax because you are pretty much on the right track and you are relatively safe moving forward with a love spell.

  1. Am I motivated by love for this person?
  2. Do I truly hold his or her best interest at heart?
  3. Am I committed to learning and growing together with this individual on all levels?
  4. Am I willing to accept responsibility for my actions in this relationship?
  5. Am I committed to doing the work that is required of me to fulfill my obligations to this person spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically?
  6. Am I motivated out of envy for what he or she may have or hold with another?
  7. Are my actions pure of heart?
  8. Am I motivated by need or greed?
  9. Am I open to the lessons that the universe may have in store for this person and me and am I committed to putting forth the effort in learning those lessons and to grow and to allow him or her to grow freely and without restraint?
  10. If the universe grants my request and opens the door for me, do I have the courage within to walk through that door and to handle the responsibility that is given to me with love in my heart and fire in my spirit?

As I have already said if your answers are of a positive nature you are safe to move forward, some things that you may want to keep in mind, spells, especially love spells take time and will not manifest overnight, the best approach is to develop a sense of knowingness that the universe has heard your cry and that your request will be granted, do not second guess yourself, and do not fret or worry over the least little thing, look at it this way you know how irritating it is for someone to question you about something or a subject that you feel that you are an authority on, well my feeling is that the Gods just might feel the same way, so be patient and trust in yourself, trust in the universe and learn to believe in the powers that be.

When casting a love spell it is much better to put it out into the universe with confidence, raise the energy and set it free upon the winds of change, and when the time is right and when you least expect it that door will open and you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the thrill of witnessing magic in the making! Also try and remember that no matter how much you feel compelled to tell your best friend, a co-worker or your mother, the best thing is to keep your spells and magical workings to yourself, there is an old saying in the craft, "Nothing succeeds like a secret" if you tell someone who is judgmental and scoffs at you it will impact the end result, it tarnishes what you held with high regard and takes away from the momentum of the energy!

I wish nothing but happiness for each and every one of you, and this charge I lay!

Speak not of your magical workings lest the spell be broken, trust not the ways of the wicked, guard and keep sacred that which you hold dear, fear not love for through love all things are possible, let go of anger and deceit, follow your path with mind in heart, and love will surely find its way to you, be true to yourself with your feet planted firmly upon solid ground, stray not from your convictions or detour from your path for dedication is required for love to manifest and to last!