For Love And Money

The thought of retiring has occurred to me over the past two or three years, I tried once, but found that not only did it make a lot of my clients very unhappy, by which they expressed in phone calls to my office and in a barrage of email, it made me very unhappy as well. I am by far the best witch on the block, but, I do know that I take a very honest and ethical approach to dealing with my clients and their situations, and while I have turned away potential clients over the years for various reasons, one of the reasons has never been because their situation was hopeless, because, no situation is hopeless, and there is always a way of turning things around, even when it looks and feels hopeless, but, one of the ways that you will never turn things around is by doing nothing, another way to insure failure is to overly focus on the negative aspects of the situation that you are dealing with, if you have a desire to love and to be loved, well, love needs to be your focal point, here is a good example, let us say that you are trying to reconnect with a lover, maybe your lover was taken away by another, or there was a disagreement between the two of you and your mate walked right out of the door and out of your life, losing the one that you love can often deal a devastating blow, it can render one helpless, much like a deer frozen in terror as it is caught in the headlights of a screeching semi-truck barreling down on it at one hundred and ten miles an hour, the poor thing is so terrified that it cannot move, so very sad, for all this beautiful creature has to do in order to continue living is to move to one side or the other, but, the impending catastrophe for this poor animal was not brought on by it's inability to move, rather, it was brought on by it's indecisiveness, which way do I go? Should I stand still in hopes that the truck can stop? Will it swerve and miss me? What if? What if? What if?

Life is filled with a trillion or more what ifs? I have a huge client base, many of who are inspiring millionaires, several of them are opposed to playing the lottery, not because they are opposed to gambling, but, because they do not want to invest their hard earned money, well, the lottery is not the only way to become a millionaire, working hard is always a choice, or perhaps working smart and having your money work hard for you, but, my feeling is that if one is opposed to a dollar investment in the lottery that could bring forth a million or more in return, they will also be opposed in investing in the Stock Market, hey, in today's economy I could hardly blame someone for not wanting to invest their money, the waters are choppy and the boat might sink at any given moment, not really, but, you have to admit that it drums up some pretty disturbing images in ones mind, I guess my point is this, in life there are risk, it doesn't matter what the odds are, the only thing that matters is whether you are confident enough to take the risk, and if you take the risk do so with a whole hearted approach without remorse and without regret, there are many paths that one may take in their journey to become a millionaire, the technique and approach that you choose should be one that you find comfort in.

Whether you are dealing with love or money issues, your need has to be the catalyst, for when one has a need that is greater than self, the sacrifices that are made as part of the journey is never made in vain, every sacrifice that we make is yet just another investment in our future, believe it or not, I am contacted by folks daily who claim to have a desire to reconnect with someone that they love more than life itself, invariably one of the first questions that they always ask me is, how long will it be before I see results? I almost always chuckle, because the need to ask that question shows a lack of faith on their part, which is almost always a sign of just how uncommitted that they really are, now, I am not going to say that is always the case, in some situations it is a lack of understanding as to how magic works, and let's face it, some people are just too impatient for their own good, and the more impatient that you are and the harder that you push the universe will be even more determined to school you in patience 101 until you have fully learned your lesson, life is full of lessons, and it matters not whether your need is one of love or money, there are lessons attached to either need, and while it is not important for you to fully grasp each lesson that is associated with your need, it is important for you to understand that in this lifetime money and love are two significant energies that propel the grand wheel, and as small as those cogs may very well be, they are needed, and it is important to realize that love is purely an energy, the manifestation of that energy is the union between ourselves and our lovers, love also manifest in other relationships as well, every time that we connect with another or reach out to someone in their hour of need, every act of kindness, compassion, generosity are all selfless acts that are the manifestation of love, love is in the air until we pull it into a physical state of being, and to love another, whether it is our four legged fur kids, our awkward and often nosey next door neighbors, or our highly underrated and misunderstood partner in life are all manifestations of the energy known unto us as love, and love of self also falls into that category.

Now, money is a very tricky energy, money is not at all evil, and yes money makes a lot of things possible in this lifetime, and it is a very much needed manmade energy, but, one might even say that love itself is manmade, now, you will not suffer catastrophic losses if you cast a money spell, the people in your life will not die if you cast a money spell, each of us departs when spirit decides that it is our time to go, so, therefore, if someone that you love dies after you cast a money spell it was not connected to the event of your money casting, nor, is it a coincidence, as a Witch I know that there are no coincidences in life, only cause and effect, but the death of your loved one was not caused by your money spell casting, the cause was simply that it was his or her time to go, and not because you altered his or her path by acting out of need for money, that is unless your act was a deliberate one, and by that I mean that there was a huge insurance policy in which you were the beneficiary of, which usually consist of the hiring of a hit man and not the casting of a money spell.

Now, let me tell you that the one thing that is abundant on this planet is energy, and money is nothing more than energy, you can either sit idly by and be poor as a church mouse, or you can take control of your future and give yourself permission to prosper, the problem with most people is that they have been told for so long that they could never be or would never be rich that they have bought into the propaganda, all it takes is the decision to prosper, to grow, and to glow gold in this lifetime, now, chances are that you are not going to become rich while setting in front of the television watching the balls pop out of a hopper in a lottery that you did not invest in, action is required, belief is required, so, I am not telling you to gamble, but, I am telling you that you need to decide whether you want to prosper in this lifetime or not, and then you have to create and implement a plan of action, and whether your gamble is on love or money, buckle your ass up for a bumpy ride, for you might just find that after the ride has stopped that you have become rich in both love and money, but, the one thing that I know with certainty is that nothing at all will happen unless you take action, the time for procrastination is over, for I have seen the future, and this is the year in spite of the bad economy that a lot of new millionaires will emerge, this is the year without a doubt that love is going to find it's way back into the lives of those who thought they were unworthy of love, but, in order for anything to happen you have to fully embrace your need and allow it to become the catalyst, allow it to become the driving force behind your motivation.

Light and Love!