Love Envy

You've loved and lost and you feel as if the entire world has turned against you! Love doesn't come easy and it never comes without sacrifice and a price, just take a look around you, I bet you turn green with envy when you see the image of what you hold the perfect couple to be, but, if you were able to take a closer look, you might just find that their relationship is not at all perfect!

The truth is that each and every relationship that we partake in will have both positive and negative aspects, for balance must be present throughout our entire life experience, a life lived out of balance is a life navigated through the darkness of a blindfold and lived with the never ending pang of denial, for it is a fools journey to live life with a blind-eye to the negativity that exist in both our external and internal worlds.

Here in Atlanta there is a group of new age folks that I call our light and love fairies, these people absolutely fall apart anytime a little negative energy creeps its way into their world, they attempt to live their lives in total light and love, and I am here to tell you that in today's World chaos will reign if one fails to acknowledge the balance that must be maintained in order to live their lives in harmony!

Just because we have to acknowledge that darkness exist in the world that we live in, doesn't mean that we have to partake in its bitterness, but, by acknowledging that negative energy exist we can minimize the impact that it will have on our lives and in most cases we can create a protective barrier or bubble around ourselves holding the outside negative energy at bay or perhaps even diminishing it altogether, but, one must keep in mind that no energy is ever lost and therefore the likely hood that the negativity will re-manifest is great and that is why we as magical beings must stay vigilant and we must utilize our metaphysical skills, and this is where aura cleansing and uncrossing come in, along with spells of self-defense!

I am a skilled practitioner and I am here to tell you that not only do I routinely perform a cleansing on my home, office and even my vehicles, I perform a thorough uncrossing and cleansing on myself and my life-mate, in addition I cast a circle of protection around us to hold outside negative influences at bay, now, please keep in mind that I am talking about negative energy that we naturally attract, aside from what we tend to naturally produce, and each of us gives off both positive and negative energy, the trick again in our own personal world is to work to create a balance, for if we live more in one world than the other every single aspect of our life will indeed be affected and infected, our lives will be out of balance and chaos will rain down on us like a monsoon that brings with it tells of a seasonal shift and just like the seasons of the earth change and energy shifts, so must the seasons of our lives change and some change will be good, some change will be bad and then some change will extend the boundaries that we have set for our lives and breakthrough the barriers that we have built rendering us somewhat helpless and defenseless.

Mother Earth has been sending us a message for a very, very longtime that we must exert change and we have all but ignored her warnings, the atmospheric energy of our world is changing at a greater rate of speed, the earth is warming and icecaps are melting, polar bears are drowning and our honeybees are simply disappearing, global warming is real and pretty soon we may not have this planet to call home and there are those among us, mouth pieces of talk radio that spew words of deceit on a daily basis, these people are more concerned about free-trade and the big corporations that sponsor their radio-shows bottom line which are all good for their ratings, than they are about whether or not that our planet is heading for its demise, I just really wonder how they are going to make their money and hoard their profits when there is no longer an earth for us to reside on, these people are a very good example of living a life out of balance, in disarray with chaos at the helm and you do not want to go through life like this, because if you do at some-point you will lose control over your own destiny and your fate will be at the mercy of your surroundings!

You see the change and creative balance that I am talking about is something that each of us must move towards at once, you can only do what you can do, but taking a greater responsibility for self is the place to start and believe it or not when our lives are in balance and we are at harmony with ourselves, we will then naturally vibrate in harmony with the world around us. It is not the goal of every man or woman on the planet to become millionaires and if it were that too would be just fine, each of us have to define what we need in this life to make ourselves whole and to successfully complete our life lessons, for some that will be finding the perfect lover, for others that will be a greater prosperity, but whatever it is that you and I need, it is our responsibility to manifest it and we must take great care not to create chaos in our own world or in the worlds of our earthly counterparts, there is a great lesson to be learned through balance and harmony with nature and one of the most natural facts that I personally have learned over the years is that everything that I need can be found by looking inwardly and this includes the keys to unlocking my greater mysteries and if I cannot find what I am looking for inwardly, then it simply will not be found in this lifetime, whatever is for me will find me, and through the practice of magic I will clear its pathway!

I am a firm believer that we are granted the gift of magic by the universe, magic is real and I have witnessed the results that it can bring time and time again, not only in my own life, but in the lives of those who trust their instincts enough to ask me for help and help I can if one can only muster the faith to believe and to relax, the Goddess granted each of us with a specific gift and some of us were given more than one, and over the years I have learned to expand my awareness of self and of the universal forces around me and in doing so I have been able to exchange energy with my clients in a magical effort to help them manifest their greater desires, I am not all seeing and all powerful, but I am a Witch who knows how to tap into the universal energies and with the right system of magic in place, combined with a pragmatic approach results happen!

Self-destructed behavior will only bring about more destruction in your life and if you are attempting to reconnect with a lover through the use of magic you must take a very diligent approach in keeping your emotional self in check and under control, because your own emotions will betray you in the worse way! Crying a river will only wash away any progress that you have made and if the one that you love treats you like shit and you keep lapping it up like a good little puppy, the only thing that you are doing is undermining your magical process and reinforcing your lovers very bad behavior, you may as well walk around with a sign on your back that reads kick me, and when you are done, kick me again, in situations like this distance is needed in order for your emotional and mental wounds to heal and to give yourself a chance to become stronger on all levels, and believe me absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder!

I had someone who contacted me recently through the website and as you may have guessed this individual was inquiring about reunification, her husband of seven years abruptly up and left her, ironically for an older woman who turned out to be a Witch who practices the black arts, some of the things that this young woman told me about her husband made my skin crawl and my blood boil and after she described these events which were just horrible, she immediately ask me if reuniting with her man was a good idea or a waste of time, honestly I wanted to say you damn fool run for the hills, but that would be highly unethical of me and that is not my call to make, nor is it for me to take such a life altering decision upon myself for another individual, now, do not get me wrong I have refused to work with potential clients in the past because of something that I saw that would be detrimental to them or perhaps even a loved one, such as in the case where I told a young lady that she would be better off scratching her ex-husband off of her list of potential life-mates in this lifetime and as it turns out I was right, for he was convicted of child molestation and you and I both know that pedophilia is a decease that discriminates not against the young, for even the children of those who suffers from such a dreaded disease is at risk, so the fact that he was the father of her children meant nothing to me, because I know that when the urge strikes him and he has no where to turn to satisfy his needs, he would then turn to his own flesh and blood, so in this case I not only refused to work with her, I told her exactly how I felt and then some and at a later date she validated everything that I told her!

The bottom line is this, if you are going to walk the magical path to reclaim that in which you feel has been taken from you, then you better make certain that the prize at the end of your journey is worth the trip, and do not rely on me or anyone else to validate your feelings where your mate is concerned, for if you have to ask the question, is he or she worth it? My feeling is that you already know the answer and if you are vying to reenter an abusive situation then you do not need the services of a practicing Witch, you need a psychiatrist and you may even benefit from some good psychotropic drugs or maybe even a good grade of marijuana, because the problem is not with your choice in a life-mate, it is with your entire decision making process and at some-point you have to reclaim your self-esteem and reinvest in your wealth of self-worth!

Envy not the love of another, instead utilize the magic that is at your disposal to bring about and to effect change within your own life, magic is a wondrous and awesome energy and if allowed it will touch your life and bring about blessings beyond your wildest dreams!

Blessed Be