Loose Lips Sink Ships

Life will be filled with many bumps along the way and as human beings we will often suffer scrapes, bruises and black eyes and at different intervals of our life it is common for our energy to run high and low, but, if you find yourself struggling constantly to maintain your relationship or if you are constantly experiencing hardship financially, you may very well have been or could still be a victim of a psychic attack, psychic attacks can be initiated by people we know and interact with on a daily basis, it is not uncommon in the workplace for ones path to cross with an individual who practices some form of magic, I know of at least two of my clients that were magically attacked  in a pretty vicious manner because they were competing for a promotion and the person who was third inline decided that the promotion belonged to her, instead of her coworkers and she wrecked havoc on their lives all the way around, the pain from the harm that she caused is still being felt today.

To look at this woman you would never guess that she was capable of such a heinous attack, she looked like an old schoolmarm, only not as strict as the image it may invoke, a teacher from the school of hard knocks she certainly was and she made a believer out of both of my clients and yes both of the individuals that she attacked became my clients and while I was glad to help them, I can attest that I had my work cut out for me, one of the reasons why it was so difficult is because the attacks had taken place over a three year period, and each attack that occurred would get progressively more and more violent, one of my clients actually landed in a mental institution after she tried to take her own life, she lost her job, her husband divorced her and her children all turned away from her, today she is on disability unable to work due to her extreme paranoia and anxiety attacks,  and she only sleeps during the daylight hours and she stays vigilant after dark!

My other client moved three states away and from time to time I hear from her, she has gone to great lengths as not to let anyone know where she lives, the only problem with this is that when someone is using negative magic against you they do not have to know where you live to impact your life, energy is energy and magic is fluid and all it takes for someone to hex or curse you is for that individual to be skilled at their craft, it is for this reason that I recommend to anyone who chooses to dabble in the art of magic to learn how to shield and protect themselves first, shielding and the art of protection is taught to my students prior to any other form of magic, I do not care with whom they have studied, if they were not taught how to effectively shield themselves their teacher has done them a grave disservice and have placed their feet upon a very dangerous path!

Those who practice magic look no differently from anyone else, now granted I am a public Witch and in most cases a perfect stranger could take one look at me and know that I am a Witch, I have a tendency to deck myself out as if I were a Christmas tree, I love my pentagram and I love silver jewelry, and I wear it for the most part all of the time, it is hard to hide the fact that you are a Witch with a big old pentagram dangling from around your neck, I guess this comes from my rather eccentric side, but, in the work place, most people show no signs, and it is for this reason that while I do not want you or anyone else to be isolated or shutdown, I do want you to take great care in what you discuss with someone that you do not know very well, remember, loose lips sink ships and a careless word uttered from your lips may cost you more than a few moments of embarrassment, curses and hexes are real and to discount or disregard that black magic exist is a fool's game!

The two ladies that came to me are trying to put their lives back together, one of them was viciously attacked by the dog that she had owned for more than five years, the dog had never shown any signs of aggression and being a collie no one would have ever guessed that she would have attacked her master or for that matter anyone else, the dog was but a pawn and a victim in the black magicians plan, and as a result the dog lost her life, she was put down by the county, my client suffered bites and lacerations to her throat, she loved that dog more than life itself, but today you couldn't pay her to be near another dog, she has developed a fear and a phobia of what she once considered her fur-kid and she will in no doubt mourn the loss of a beloved family member for sometime to come!

The attacks were brutally vicious, and neither of the two ladies ever suspected their coworker, that is right up to the point where she made it clear to both of them what she was and had been doing and vowed to continue with her efforts until they were both destroyed, and here is another point that I would like to make, in most cases where someone may threaten you with black magic it is simply talk, but, one should never make the mistake to ignore a threat, if someone threatens you with the use of black magic you need to take it very seriously and react accordingly, if you do not know how to defend and shield yourself magically, get in touch with someone who will know how to go about doing just that, ninety percent of all threats are empty, and while ten percent is such a small margin, you are better to be safe than sorry! Both of my clients befriended and confided in their magical attacker and it was through the process of sharing their personal information with her that they gave her plenty of ammunition and the destruction that she waged upon these two individual's lives cost them everything and this could have been avoided if only they had been a little reserved and not so forthcoming about the intimate details of their lives, but, we are taught at a very young age to trust in those around us and while I believe that most people are good by nature, even if there is a one percent chance, to me it is not a chance worth taking, now, this doesn't mean that you cannot associate with those around you, but, just because you work with Mary doesn't mean that you have to sleep with her!

The evil that exist in this world is very real and the damage that may be caused from a psychic or magical attack may never be successfully repaired, but, in my opinion one should never take a magical attack laying down, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a curse for a curse, fight fire with fire and return the demons that are conjured up and sent your way right back to where they came from and if by chance your magical attacker doesn't know how to effectively shield himself from a backlash the attack may indeed have a greater impact on the originator, thereby lessening the impact on the intended victim, energy that is sent out, whether it is of a positive nature or not has to return from whence it came in order to regain momentum and that is where the tricky-sticky part of a magical attack comes into play for a practitioner who chooses to use negative magic.

While the bible belt may indeed be considered the south, magic, and black magic reigns throughout the southern States, voodoo and hoodoo run deep in New Orleans and throughout Florida and parts of Georgia, I am sure that there are practitioners of both sects nationwide, and of course there are groups that practice witchcraft throughout the states, as well as solitary practitioners, a Witch is not limited to the belief of Wicca which is the religious base of the craft, I even know of a few  practitioners that label themselves as a Christian Witch, and take me for an instance, while I do follow certain aspects of the Wiccan belief system, I wouldn't necessarily label myself as Wiccan and the methods of magic that I practice are certainly not your run of the mill pagan or Wiccan rituals, I consider myself an eclectic Witch, for over the years I have studied many different aspects of magic and I have consolidated and combined those aspects into a style that I can call my own.

I believe that it is the practitioners responsibility to choose wisely the individual or individuals that he or she decides to instruct or to pass along their  knowledge to, for karma can and will follow you into the next life and if as a practitioner you place faith  in a student who misuses the knowledge that you have shared, you too share in the karmic responsibility and will surely reap from whatever seeds are sown in the name of your craft, be those seeds good or bad, as a Witch I am responsible for every action that I set into motion, and that is one of the reasons why when someone contacts me through the site asking me to explain the process of magic that I use, I am very wary for not all who come to my website seek the path of the light and many of them were born when the Moon's light was absent from the sky or under a dark star, but try as they may my lips are shut tight, for no ship shall sank on my watch!

The bottom line here is this, if you have reason to feel or to believe that you have been or perhaps are being attacked psychically or magically, the fear for you is real and you need to explore your options, action is called for before your situation gets worse or you find yourself in dire straights, psychic and magical attacks are real and are no longer a figment of an overly active imagination, where good exist bad also exist, for we cannot have one without the other, but through the use of magic and an acute awareness of our surroundings we can lessen the impact of a magical or psychic attack and we can effectively shield ourselves, if ever there was a time when passive aggressive behavior is inappropriate it is during a time when you are caught in the line of sight of a practitioner who could care less what is right or what is wrong, most black magicians care not of their own personal karma and will use any and everything that they can muster against you, even your own dog!

Blessed be