Live, Love And Learn

Life is hard, love is even harder and doesn't come with an instruction manual or a how-to guide for dummies, but love doesn't necessarily have to be hard, but as we know and have already learned that anything worth having doesn't always come easy, at least in my life, love hasn't always been an easy path for me to follow.

Over the years I have observed some of the most wonderful and spiritual people that you could ever wish to meet suffering a lonely and loveless existence and in fact one of them is a third degree Witch who would have you and I believe that she is happy, although she weighs in at just under three hundred and sixty pounds (Psychic Body Armor), she is a highly intelligent and educated woman, she has raised her daughter alone, swearing off men and relationships because it is simply too painful of a task for her to deal with, how could anyone like that be happy?

She, for the most part is the definition of a spinster, a little while longer traveling her path and she just might add new meaning to the ugly old cartoon Witch, now she knows that I love her, after all she is my spiritual sister, but facts are facts and being the Psychic Witch that I am, I know that she is not happy and she is not a good example for the students that she is teaching, she would be better off swearing off the cloak, denouncing Wicca and enrolling in the old school of Catholicism and becoming a Nun, because to walk a path that she has chosen is just not cool Witchery or very enlightening spiritually, you cannot grow as a person if you are introverted, you cannot teach the craft to others if you are withdrawn, jaded and living a sexless existence, Witches crave interaction with others, we are not the old fairy tailed fable living behind a mountain of trees and shrubbery, Witches need affection too, you need affection even if you are not a Witch!

"We are born to exchange energy"

Wicca is a religion of participation, it is a nature religion, it is a religion of exchange and while walking a solitary path is a choice, it should never take over all aspects of your life, the one main reason that we are born into a fleshy shell is to exchange energy and to learn life lessons from those that we are involved with, a spirit cannot grow if it cannot be fed and how can a spirit consume knowledge if it is afraid of taking a chance on love, the thought of living life without love saddens me, you know to love someone and to have your heart broken is a human device, the pain of a broken heart lets you know that you are alive and is a constant reminder of the many lessons and reasons that you are here to learn to begin with, you are the rose on love's thorny path and your heart is the pot in which your rose will either grow from or wither and die in, love just like the rose, needs nourishment, the rose craves the sun's affection, just like you and I crave human touch, because it is the energy and exchange with our mates that keep us alive and pushing forward in a world that often feels hopeless, loveless and unjust!

The real question that you should be asking yourself at this point is this: do you want to live a life and walk the path that my spinster sister walks? Or do you prefer to strive to do better for yourself and learn to create your path and cease the many opportunities that love has to offer, hopefully you will choose the latter, but either choice has to be that of your own!

I am a firm believer that we can create and recreate our life path as many times necessary in order for us to grow spiritually, I believe in our ability to program and reprogram our future as we grow and consume more knowledge, and as we move forward in life I believe that we will discover our own hidden mysteries which will ultimately become the foundation in which we are to build our house of love upon, the word love in today's world has almost been given a new definition, too many of us have begun to associate and equate love to lust, lust is a whole different ballgame altogether and while the element of lust has to be present in the grand scheme of love, love should never be based entirely upon lust, lust tends to fizzle out in long term relationships, turning the once fiery embers into smoldering ash!

We are all here to live, love and learn from one another, some of us are destined and doomed to be alone and miserable, not because we are unworthy of love and having that special someone in our life to relate to, perhaps it may be that we are too proud or too stubborn to admit that we have made a mistake or it could even be that we simply refuse to accept responsibility for our own life and we are busy laying blame at someone else's feet for our poor excuse of an existence, and I can tell you that seventy percent of the people that I work with especially where love is concerned are all living life in denial, people like this are always looking for someone else to lay the blame on, instead of taking a long look in the mirror and asking the questions that are hard even for me to ask, I must admit.

What role did I play in creating the mess that has become my life? What could I have done or could be doing differently to straighten things out and to get things back on track?

The fact of the matter is this, if you were involved in a love relationship that has failed, if your mate jilted you for someone else, it takes two to tango, it is not 100% your man or woman's fault no matter what you wish to believe, the problem in your relationship didn't just suddenly manifest, the warning signs were there all along, you failed at some point to acknowledge them, you failed to listen to your own intuition or maybe you decided that it was just too damn hard or too painful of an issue to embrace and to confront, so instead of stepping up and aggressively addressing the situation, you decide to take a backseat approach and didn't even get laid in the process, screwed-over yes, but laid no!

Hear me, you have the power to change anything that you do not like about your life, the knowledge resides within you, you can either go through life blaming others for your misfortune, or you can grab the bull by the ass and the horns, straddle and ride him until he drops and take control of your out-of-control existence!

One doesn't have to believe in magic for magic to mess with ones reality!

You know I have worked with an awfully lot of people over the years, the ones that still bewilder me are the ones who ask me to work on their behalf and instead of working with me and listening to me they work against themselves from jump street, magic is not meant to be questioned or doubted, the ability to believe that magic happens is one of the reasons that it does, but even magic needs a helping hand, to me it is foolish to cast a spell or to enlist the aid of a practitioner and constantly question when or if the magic is working, this is a mistake that so many people make and to the Gods it is silly and insulting, for how dare you weave a spell and then cast doubt upon the wind? To doubt one's magic is to doubt one's very own existence, for magic resides within and if you cast your magic outwardly make certain to cast off any doubt beforehand, for to question the validity of your working is to undermine the flow of your energy and to devalue the realm of your existence!

Here are a few basic guidelines to follow before you enlist my help or for that matter the help of any other practitioner.

  1. Make sure that you have asked the question that burns the most within your heart and mind prior to requesting any kind of spiritual or magical working.
  2. Make certain that you are 100% committed to the task at hand before you indulge in the art of magic.
  3. If you are the type of person who lays blame off onto someone else for all that is wrong in your life, instead of accepting responsibility for yourself, hire a PSYCHIATRIST instead of a WITCH, because it may be that you are in need of electric shock therapy instead of esoteric workings!
  4. Make certain that you fully understand that White Magic is not the cure-all quick-fix solution that some may have you to believe that it is, magic takes time to build, heal and to manifest, some situations will require more time due to the significance of the karma that may be involved.
  5. Black magic is an option, it is not an option that I will extend to you, but one that you are most certainly free to explore, but if you do make sure that the price that you will ultimately pay is worth it, because there will be a cost involved that will come with a hefty price tag placed upon your soul, but hey if you are desperate and unwilling to take the right approach I say go for it!
  6. Make sure that if you enlist the aid of a practitioner that you understand that the role the spell weaver plays is limited to his or her work, the work is done for you, therefore your thoughts, actions and attitude plays a huge role in the final outcome of your desires!
  7. Before you embark upon magical endeavors make certain that you have resolved within yourself the necessary fight that it will take in order for you to overcome your negative self and learn to manifest your goals and your desires, we are all only human and we will in no doubt have a weak moment, the difference in a positive outcome to your casting and a negative one will be determined by how you choose to handle yourself going forward in life, if you are going to fall apart over the length of time it may take to get what you want or if you simply do not have the stamina to go the distance do not cast a spell or have one performed for you, you are wasting your time!
  8. Last but not least, take control of your life, become proactive instead of passive, stop whining and crying and stop looking for all the reasons why, sometimes the reasons are not important and understanding them is not the solution, the solution is doing something about the wrong that exists in your world and embracing one's fear is the fastest way of overcoming them, we fear that in which we are unfamiliar with, so embrace your fear, become one with it, take away its mystery and power that it has over you, do not be afraid to make the necessary sacrifices or changes in order for your happiness to abound and remember that magic is wonderful, people ask me all of the time should I have a love spell cast, other psychics tell me not to, I say that the Goddess would not have blessed us with so many extraordinary gifts if she didn't intend for us to use them, it is not magic that does harm, but the will and intent of the spell caster that determines whether or not the magic is good or bad, black or white, it is indeed the twitch within the Witch that is the deciding factor! So go forth and cast your spells, cast them with the goodness that is within your heart and no wrong shall befall thee!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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