Light Of The Moon

May the light of the Moon guide you when you are lost may she be the beacon that safely returns you home. We go through so many changes with each passing Moon, whether that Moon is the New Moon, Full Moon.

Each Moon has its own energy, and the way that ritual is worked during any given Moon is different. There are no two situations exactly alike, therefore no two rituals will be exactly done in the same manner.

The heart is said to be the strongest muscle in the body, I have witnessed grown men, tough in attitude who has been brought to their knees by their very own heart! 

One should never assume that they have dominion over magic, a Witch is trained in the art of magic, I have been trained in many forms, for the novice, unless you have a really good teacher, candle magic is the way to go. There really is no wrong or right way to conduct a ritual.

You have to allow yourself to gel with the emotional energy of the situation, you need a clear picture of what you want, and the same goes for a Witch who works on behalf of clients. 

To know, To Will, To Dare, and To be silent, these are the basic principals one must adapt to, and become adept in. I do not work a spell and then go brag to my friends that I have done so, foolish!

There is an old saying in the craft, "Nothing Succeeds Like A Secret" If people would learn to keep their mouth shut they would be far better off. 

I recently had a client that told her husband that she had spells cast to bring him home, the next morning he left for work, three days later she was served divorce papers, she obviously made a bad judgment call! I warned against divulging the information, she didn't heed my warnings. 

I want to move on to another topic. If you are working with a Witch that threatens to do you harm because you have decided to stop your work, you are working with a Black Witch or maybe even a Charlatan that has done nothing but take your money. In fact just this morning I had a longtime client that conveyed she wanted to stop her work, and I released her, and now she is on her own, I didn't get mad or upset. 

I have said this before, and I will say it again, a belief in magic is not necessary for it to help or harm you, in fact a disbelief is often better, because if someone who wields the sword of power decides to come after you, he or she has the element of surprise on their side, you do not believe, you are a skeptic, therefore you will not see what is coming for you. 

As a rule, I only practice Dark Magic when absolutely necessary, and the circumstances must be dire for me to step off the lighted path of White Magic. 

There is no need for the use of Black Magic unless someone is being harmed by another who is using it against them, then I can justify the use of the Dark Path's Specialty. This is about all the time I have, just wanted to drop a few lines out there and give a few folks that I know is faltering in their ways something to think about it. 

"Your Star is uniquely your own, do not treat it with disdain"  Blessed be, Phelan


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