Life Path

A Witch walks his or her path with one foot in this world and one foot in the next, as a Witch my third eye opened at a very young age and as I reached puberty my senses heightened beyond belief. I recall one instance at the age of ten where I described my sister's apartment perfectly to my mother and grandmother, in spite of the fact that none of us had ever been there. I also told my mother that my sister would be contacting her through a man in which my mother had not seen in a very long time, that man turned out to be one of my mothers ex-husbands, in all she had seven ex-husbands and one she married twice, she married him on a Monday only to have the marriage annulled on the following Friday in the same week, in retrospect I always felt doomed when it came to relationships, in my family it was no big secret that out of my mother's four children that I was the most like her, especially in temperament, my mother had a very low tolerance for nonsense and so do I, although over the years I have worked extra hard on controlling my temper, one of the main reasons is that I learned at a very young age that when I got angry that I could do a greater amount of damage to the person that I was upset with and with little to no extra effort on my part, it would seem as though that when an angry thought filled my head and left my lips that chaos would soon follow and the person that I was mad at would soon have hell to pay.

I remember one summer when I was visiting one of my cousins who was around the same age as me, and we were swimming and he kept jumping into the pool and each time that he did he would get closer and closer to hitting me and as you may have guessed he jumped off lost his balance and landed on my back, at the age of eleven you don't always think before you speak and this was certainly true in my case, when I came up for air, I told him you will pay for that and about a half hour later and older cousin had to pull him up from the bottom of the pool, I was mortified, because I never meant that he would pay in that way, I simply meant that payback is coming and he will be a bitch when he arrives, I love my cousin and in no way meant him harm then and I mean him no harm now, but as I often do, I use myself as an example as to what can happen when you do not control your thoughts, people, thoughts are living things, pure energy and when that energy leaves you it has to go some place and I learned after many incidents like the one above that I must control my temper, and even today that is hard for me to do, because I have a temper from hell when I get mad, and depending on what has managed to push my button and set me off will determine just how bad things might get, I have blown up a brand new refrigerator, last year Angel and I bought a brand new television for our room and my energy got away from me during an argument and I caused it to go on the blink, the set was three days old and when they came out to repair it the service man could not find anything wrong with it, it just wouldn't work, believe it or not I performed a little cleansing on it with a smudge stick and left it to sit overnight and the next morning the damn thing started working, I guess it just needed a few kind words and a little encouragement.

Energy is energy and your thoughts will determine how rocky or how smoothly your life energy flows and how quickly your desires manifest, thoughts are living things and you need to learn to utilize your mental energy to manifest your desires, casting a spell is only one part of the process, it takes a collective approach to truly manifest ones desires, and thank goodness for me that a large part of my clientele has already learned this, for it truly makes things easier for me when I am trying to help someone, especially in the reuniting process, because if you fret over every little thing that your man or woman says to you when you are separated, you may as well  call it a day, change your phone numbers and sign up for one of the online dating services, because if you cannot control your emotions and calm your mind, more than likely you will never reunite with the one that you love and with that said, if you really love the individual in which you have a desire to reunite with then you owe it yourself to calm down, shut up, read a book, work a crossword puzzle or go for a walk, because I am sure that on some level your erratic behavior contributed to the breakup, no you are not solely and totally to blame for the breakup, but you definitely played a part in what is going on and even if you didn't at the time, your negative behavior right now is definitely not conducive to a positive outcome to your magic.

We are not alone, even when we think that we are, the next time that you are snug as a bug in your bed, just keep in mind that there are both benevolent and malevolent spirits roaming freely about, mischievous spirits are often drawn to those who practice the magical arts, the flickering flame of a candle is sure to draw their attention, just like a moth to a flame, and they especially like hanging around young prepubescent children, as the energy of a youngster is often chaotic and the malevolent spirit can influence the child a lot easier than they can often influence an adult, some kids are just naturally more susceptible to the nagging little entities, than their older counterparts.

Last year I had a client who was literally being terrorized by the behavior of her ten year old little girl, the child's nature prior to the breakout of chaos was calm and loving, she was a proper little girl who was always pleasant, my client moved into a new apartment after her and her husband separated and divorced, the divorce was her decision and she took upon herself a great deal of grief and guilt, because she was convinced that the child's behavior was due to her parents divorce, she was wrong, luckily she was local to me and I was able to visit her home on several occasions and on more than one occasion I was able to see the spirit of a fourteen year old girl whose family had lived in that very apartment when she died and became earth bound, a spirit will often become earth bound and will either refuse to move on or cannot move on because it doesn't even realize that it has passed on and needs to release its hold on this life in order to embrace the next life that it will come to reincarnate into, in most cases there is a resting period before a spirit reincarnates, with the exception of suicide, because the Gods of karma tend to frown upon the decision that one may make to prematurely end it's life and send the suicidal spirit right back and in some cases the life conditions will be ten times worse, so suicide is not the answer, toughing up and working through one's issues is the safest route to take.

Now, in the case of the fourteen year old girl she did not take her own life, she was hit by a car as she was attempting to cross at a crosswalk, her family was so distraught that they couldn't bear to continue living in the apartment, and she returned there because that was the most familiar place to her and she couldn't understand why these strangers were living in her parents apartment, so on some intelligent level she set about trying to drive them out so that her family would return to her, this was a very sad situation, luckily I was able to show her the way to the other side and once she was gone I performed a thorough cleansing on the apartment and placed a circle of protection around it and the family, my client's daughter returned to her happy disposition and of course my client was both relieved and grateful to me for my help.

Recently I have worked on a similar situation in the United Kingdom, of course I could not physically be there, but my client followed my instruction and we kept in close communication with one another and together we were able to dispel the unruly little savage that had attached itself to her son, it is not openly discussed, not even in the circles that I travel in, but an incubus or succubus is not limited to sexual intercourse with victims of the opposite sex, for those of you who are not familiar with the concept, an incubus is male in nature and a succubus is female in nature and neither of them are afraid of sexual relations with either sex. As is the case of my client's son in the United Kingdom, it was an incubus that attached itself to the young man and fed off of his sexual energy, some of the symptoms was a compulsion to masturbate constantly, masturbation raises the sexual energy and heightens the senses and this makes for an ideal situation for an incubus to feed on the young man's energy, and although the youngster is gay, he had never had sexual intercourse with another guy, when his mother took him to the doctor he showed signs of forced penetration, bruising and small tears in the anus, the fact that he is gay explains the activity of the incubus, when an incubus or succubus decides to have their way with a victim, the victim will often feel as though he is being held down and during the process may feel as if he is being penetrated which may even lead to an orgasm, I have a very good friend here in Atlanta who is by no means a lesbian, but she has been repeatedly violated by a succubus, sometimes it has nothing to do with the sex or even the sexual orientation of the victim, the energy of the victim is often the deciding factor, as a Witch, especially when I was younger I have personally been victimized by both a male-incubus and by a female-succubus and frankly I did not enjoy either experience,  both experiences were quite brutal and very draining and happened often and repeatedly during my teenage years, in my adult life I have been attacked by both human and demonic beings.

An incubus or succubus will often take on human form in order to experience the sexual interaction with their victim in a physical sense, sometimes the spirit will temporarily possess the body of a lover of their intended victim, this makes access to the victim easier on the physical plane and insures that the victim will be more susceptible as there is already a sexual relationship with the incubus or succubus host, however, most attacks of these kind take place in the etheric sense, and attacks of this nature can do both physical and psychological harm to the intended victim, I have worked with clients who have experienced an attack while making love to their lover, one of my clients emphatically stated  to me that her boyfriend appeared possessed on more than one occasion and showed no regard whatsoever during intercourse for her wellbeing and as in most cases where an incubus walks in he couldn't recall any memory of the attack ever happening or taking place, in fact it was as if he was under some type of spell or as if someone had deleted a huge chunk of his memory, he was blank in mind and sadden in heart and couldn't for the life of him understand why his girlfriend was so angry with him, the attacks eventually led to a breakup, which I am happy to report that the lovebirds are united in loving matrimony, married in March of this year.

Believe it or not we can attract these types of attacks, an incubus or succubus will often be drawn to someone who appears strong and powerful, but there is a limit because they need their victim to be unsuspecting, and as a young Witch I too was naive, today I go to great lengths to shield myself and anytime I move into a new space I cleanse, consecrate and dispel any foreign entities that may reside there within before an article of clothing or a stick of my furniture is moved in, it is a fools dance to believe that we are alone on this planet, for just because something is invisible to our physical sight doesn't mean that it does not exist, it surely the act of a foolish man to think for one minute that we are all alone and that the spiritual realm doesn't exist, energy is energy and although our body may die and waste away, our spirit lives on, and hopefully when it is mine and your time to go we will be able to do so in peace, harmony and light and love, for becoming earth bound to me is the equivalent of spending an eternity in the Christians hell, neither place appeals to me and so it is my desire for my spirit to soar free like the eagle upon the demise of my human form and the only thing that I can do right now to make a difference is to align myself with people who are spiritually fit and whose actions are conducive to a spiritual outcome.

Live, learn and be free, place no chains upon those around you, unless you are prepared to wear the same shackles and to bear the same scars of shame, do not cause harm needlessly, as that harm will return to sit firmly upon your stoop, when casting a love spell or a spell of any kind always follow with mind in heart, as long as you are coming from a place of love it is pretty safe to proceed, follow your own heart and listen to your inner voice, if your instincts are telling you that something feels right, then you need to listen to yourself, for a man who refuses to listen to his inner voice is a man who has turned a deaf ear to the Universe and while silence is golden, each and every being on the face of this planet at some time are another will need the guidance and wisdom of the Universal forces at large. 

Blessed be