The Lessons Of Today!

When things go wrong, and trouble seems always to be peeking around the corner, sometimes, you need to take a break, maybe even take a walk. 


But, I know that it is even harder to walk away from your old life and start anew in today's world! So, many of us try to make a situation that seems unbearable, try to work at times.


We may see the struggles that we face as life lessons; those who don't will eventually take a walk without ever looking back; they will disappear into the ethers without a second thought!


We must take care not to foolishly abuse the blessings bestowed upon us by the Goddess and the Gods.


"The hardships of today will lead to the treasures of tomorrow."


We need to feel the pain and experience loss; after all, it is a lesson in humility. It is a lesson to appreciate that in which you have. Leaving is hard to do for some people. When a child is involved, karma should be weighed carefully, and significant consideration should be given to the ramifications of the situation!


Toying with the feelings of an adult is bad enough, but a child will get you slapped down by karma every time, and it may not be evident to the people around you, but you will feel the pangs of a Universe that is at odds with your behavior!


I have many clients whose lovers strung them along while messing around with someone else; they wanted to keep their old flame burning just enough, encase the new flame burnt out; that way, they would have a nice cushion to run home too!


The above is classic narcissistic, selfish behavior, and I hate working with those types of cases; the worse ones are the folks who stay in the house and sleep in the bed with their mate, all the while courting another!


Narcissistic people drive me crazy, and I guess we are all selfish to a degree at the risk of contradicting myself! But, not all of us play games with someone else's heart! 


When I work with someone, especially in the case of reuniting, I ask for goals and desires. I also ask my client to list what they are willing to give in return. You would think that if someone wants to reunite with someone else, they wouldn't need examples of goals and desires.


I am here to help you as a practitioner, and I am not here to put words in your mouth, nor am I here to inflate your heart with desires and goals falsely. You are asking to reconnect with someone out of love, and you should know what is in your heart! 


That is not for me to say; it is not for anyone else to say, it is your weight, and you must learn to carry it! However, the behavior that some of my clients have exhibited, I have witnessed firsthand, I understand why some of their lovers left; hell, I would have absconded too!


Reuniting with a lover is fine if you reconnect out of love and not because you don't want them back for selfish reasons! For a union born out of anything other than love will perish in darkness!


At times, magic will manifest at the weirdest moments, especially when we do not expect it! For example, last May, I had a client who became very disgruntled and belligerent with my staff and me, a wrong move; never piss off a Witch working for you because an angry Witch can turn your world upside down in a hurry!


After considering the exchange my client and I had, I meditated on it more to calm and center myself. This client I had just started working with, so I had decided to drop him altogether. I could see why his spouse had left him, and I wanted no part in their reunification. Well, I let the work I had done for him stand; and he contacted me in August to tell me that he and his wife had indeed reunited. 


I was happy for him, one hundred percent; I bear no hatred toward him, and I was very happy for him. I suppose I could have saved him further heartache by telling him that it wouldn't last. But, instead, he made no effort to make things right between him and me. No apologies for his behavior toward my staff or me!


He was arrogant enough to call me up to tell me that he reunited with his wife, and without so much as I am sorry for my behavior toward you and your staff. I knew he had not accepted responsibility for the part he played in the demise of his relationship, and without embracing his negative behavior, he was doomed to repeat the cycle! 


He has repeated that cycle; in fact, he is in the process of divorce as we speak, he reached out to me for help, and I declined! He is bound to his negative behavior; he wears it like a noose around his neck or a dog on a chain!


The point is if you are asking someone for help, do not deliberately offend them. People need to understand that the elemental spirits naturally protect a Witch; we draw them to ourselves, conducting a ritual or even summoning them to do our bidding.


Through the use of magic, we go to great lengths to protect ourselves at all times. But, if you were to visit my home, you'd have no clue when you came into contact with an ornament of protection. The Spirit of my great Grand Mother roams my house and the grounds; she has spooked more than one visitor over the years. 


The client I spoke about above will either end up in a psychiatric ward or perhaps worse. He can't let go, and he is unwilling to allow someone to help him. You cannot undo years of damage overnight, and magic takes time; I cannot rush my workings into manifestation. I warn all my clients about this, yet I have six emails from six different people who want a love spell that works instantly!  


They are not my client, of course, nor will they ever be! I do not bait and switch my clients or tell them what they want to hear to get their business! I have been in this business for thirty-eight years, and I am proud to say that I have helped many people. 


I have learned just as much from my clients as they have learned from me; at times, I toy with the thought of retiring, but I think retirement will come the day my bones turn to dust!


I hope you and your family are safe; I hope you haven't allowed politics to influence a life-saving decision, and you all have received the shots. It feels like we are getting back to somewhat normal, but the threat still looms. So wear your face mask, use your hand gel, and keep your distance from those you do not know. 


Blessed be, Phelan