There are many reasons a spell or ritual may not work. The one that I see the most often is my client growing impatient and gives up if it is worth a magical investment, then it is worth waiting for your magic to manifest.

There are times that I feel I run a daycare for Adults, and I find myself saying too many of my clients stay focused and patient. I understand the emotional trauma from a breakup, the end of a marriage, I have gone through breakups, ended relationships.

I have also used magic to enhance my love energy, and the love of my life came to me in September of 1999, and we have been together ever since. We have invested 18 years together, and we have a beautiful little boy, we adopted him, and he came from the delivery room to our home, and there is no greater joy than his smile and laugh.

You will never accomplish anything by feeling sorry for yourself, and yes you are human, and you have to work through those raw emotions. Anger from a breakup is the most volatile than anything that I have ever felt.

So, let us say that you cast a love spell, and your lover returned overnight, or 72 hours, as the charlatans would have you believe, you would not be ready for his or her return.

You have to stop living in the past, and you do not want that old relationship back, you may wish for the person to return to you but not the baggage.

You want a better relationship, and you want the person you love to make you want to be a better person. I am not saying you were the reason for the breakup, and I am not saying that you should change for your lover, change is only useful if you make it for yourself, and no one else.

You should never force change; the magical process is just that, it is a process that you go through and when you come out of the other side you are a better person by default. White magic is pure loved-filled, and while it may take a little longer, the result will be worth the wait.

I have many people ask me for a black magic love Spell. Frankly, no amount of money would cause me to jeopardize my Karma.

I have a vested interest in seeing my clients realize a return on their emotional and monetary investment but do not ask me to cross the line, I will drop you like a hot potato, and over the three decades of my use of magic, I have only used black magic once. Now, just because I may sound harmless cross me, steal from me, and you will find out what kind of nightmares I can conjure, and what a destructive force feels like when it is coming at you!

In most cases I let Karma take care of it, but there is always that one person who trips the line, and most recently I had someone order from me, and then he stole from me, and he has a coven full of Witches waiting for me to turn them loose on him, and the time is drawing near.

When I create a piece of Jewelry, I stay linked to that amulet.
I can make it do the opposite of the intent.

How horrible is that, an expensive piece of Jewelry created with love and light is now tainted!

He will never realize anything other than pain, money is not the issue, it is the principal of the situation.

Enough rambling from me, know that there are magical ethics, and common sense should tell you NOT TO STEAL FROM A WITCH!


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