Inhumane Politics

The burning times continue, in fact they never stopped, the only difference in today's world is that the Christian church is just a little bit better at camouflaging their attacks, they have become skilled at the art of deceit and as we all already know appearances can be deceiving.

I am so sick and tired of turning on the news and hearing the false prophets of the White House spew lies about the War, this war is not about and has never been about and will never be about securing our borders and ending terror and while some good may come from it, a lot of innocent people have lost their lives and the good citizens of the United States are being held hostage in an emotional prison, terrorized, but our attackers are no longer coming from outside of the United States, they are homegrown good old' boys whose only wish is to keep me and you living in fear, as long as we live in fear we remain paralyzed and they remain in control, which is exactly what they want in the first place, have you ever noticed that we may have gone for days, even weeks without hearing anything about an impending attack? And as soon as something negative is said about those in charge the terror alert immediately jumps to orange, it is ironic and it baffles me, but I can say with the utmost of certainty that I truly believe that to be nothing more than a ploy to take the focus off of the real issues, the real issues are plain and simple, mine and your rights to worship as we please, marry whom we please and be friend whom we please are being taken away little by little and the separation of church and state is becoming nonexistent.

Look at what is going on right here in Georgia, they have just passed a law making it okay to teach from the bible in public schools, I am appalled, we are a state that has a rainbow of color in it and not everyone who lives here are Christian and not every child who attends public school should be subjected to the teachings of the bible, that is what privately held Christian, and Catholic Schools are for, this is just another way for the rightwing conservatives to maintain control, God forbid, they have brainwashed most of us adults and now they are going after our children and all in the name of religion and some poor unfortunate man who preached peace and pissed some people off and as a result was nailed to a cross and left for the buzzards to feed on, yes even back then politics had its place.

But here is a newsflash for you, the only hope that we have in blocking those who are pushing for a police-run society is to take action and vote, there are going to be a couple of fine democratic candidates for the 2008 election and they are going to need all of the support that they can get.

The other thing that is sticking in my craw is the attacks against a society of people whose only wish is to better themselves and to provide support for their families, the United States was founded and built on the backs of immigrants and none of us have any more right than anyone else does to be here, I cannot stand those people who think just because they were fortunate enough to have been born in the United States, which by the way is supposed to be the land of the free, that they are automatically better than our Mexican counterparts or our worldly counterparts for that matter, but it is the poor Mexican immigrants that have become the target, again just another way to take the focus off of the real issues.

I just wonder how many of those rightwing republicans that live here in the south have bought a home, let's say in the last twenty years or so, chances are if you live in Georgia and the house, apartment or condo that you live in is fairly new you are living in a structure that was built by the hands of fine craftsmanship, compliments of Mexico.

Mexican immigrants are not terrorists, by nature they are a bunch of hardworking men and women whom you and I could learn something from in regards to family value and loyalty, take them away and our economy would literally come apart at the very seams that it is built on, I hear talk about how they live off of the system and how they cost us taxpayers billions of dollars every year, which by the way is simply not true, and it is so far from the truth that the people who run around spreading it obviously wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on their ass, many of these individuals have taxes taken from their paychecks that they will never see, because they fear retribution they allow the government to keep the money that they have extracted from their paychecks, where is the federal and state taxes that these people pay? And let's not forget about social security and Medicare, even if they work up the nerve to file a tax return to reclaim some of the federal and state taxes that they are rightfully due, where does the billions and billions of dollars that is paid into the Social Security administration by these hard-working men and women, go?

Now, let's take a look at the hourly wage, by the way the minimum wage here in Georgia is $5.15 per hour, which is nothing more than a joke! I really cannot see how this group of hardworking individuals could have an impact on the hourly wage in a negative way, most of the construction workers that I know from Mexico make anywhere from $15.00 per hour and up, now let me ask you this, what is keeping those American born red blooded boys from getting off their behinds and going out and getting themselves one of those jobs that their Mexican counterparts is working for $15.00 an hour, could it be that they lack motivation or just maybe it is not the poor hardworking migrants from Mexico that is content with living off of the system, but these poor unfortunate inbreeds that is milking it for all that it is worth? I agree that there is something wrong with this country and the way things are being done, but it has nothing at all to do with the migrant flow from Mexico.

In my opinion the Mexican people who are here are being taken advantage of and not just by some unscrupulous employer that decides not to pay them at the end of the week because they know that they will not complain, but by a government that says we will allow you to come here and bust your ass and break your back for us, but once we are through with you, you have to go, give us your blood, sweat and tears, and at the end of six years we will give you a free ride back across the border, this is nothing more than an insult to a group of people whose only crime is the desire for a better life for themselves and their families, we cannot idly sit by and allow this to happen, if we do we are no better than the bastards who spread the propaganda that keeps us all living in fear.

I do not believe that anyone deserves a free ride and these people are not asking, nor expect anything less than having to work for what they get and if you and I sit by and allow what is happening to them to be done without demanding equality and justice for all, it only brings us closer to losing the few rights that we have left, because whether you realize it or not, even our right to have a private phone conversation has been taken away, what is next? I guess women will eventually lose the right to vote and our African American counterparts will be expected to sit in the back of the bus, where is Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks? Wherever they are, they are fit to be tied you can rest assured, Dr. and Mrs. King and Ms. Parks didn't just fight for freedom for a single race, they fought the battle for all of us and they left a legacy behind for us to cling to, we have to cling to their legacy and we have to draw energy and strength from it.

We, and you know the "we" that I am referring to, all of us "misfits" who never seem to fit in because of the color of our skin, or perhaps that our lineage wasn't pure enough, or maybe we were born gay or lesbian, or simply on the wrong side of the tracks, we have to become organized and united and we have to demand accountability and respectability from our elected officials, after all they work for us, it is apparent that they may have forgotten that fact, but they need to be reminded and what better way to remind them by putting someone in the White House who not only cares about the people, but will listen to them and work on their behalf.

Please listen to me, hear me, if we allow the republican party to remain in control, life as we know it, will come to an end, we are already so close to the end that it is not funny, I urge you to take a long-hard-look at the way that you vote, if you are a republican and want to remain on the right side of politics I urge you to unite with your democratic counterpart and re-establish democracy and fairness for all, it is time that we add some flavor to the White House, whether it is a Democratic Woman, a Democratic African American or Hispanic man, we are desperately in need of the change, so please if you are not registered to vote do so immediately, encourage your coworkers, family and friends to vote, it is more important now than ever before, the generations of our families to come depend on mine and your action, do not be passive, do not allow these cruel-hatred war-mongers to stay in control, let's fight back in the way of a vote!

Some of you out there may be reading this and wondering about my background, so here is a tidbit for you, I am the product of a mixed lineage, my mother was Cherokee Indian and my father Irish, my parents divorced when I was a year old and my mother remarried when I was three, my Step-Father was Mexican-American, his father migrated from Mexico in the early forties and his mother a gorgeous American-Latina who grew up in Texas, together they raised a beautiful family and the Goddess blessed me with the opportunity of experiencing the compassion and loyalty of such a fine race of people, in my mother and stepfather's household as diverse as it was, skin color never played a factor and we had colors of all kinds, from the whitest of white to the deepest hues of brown, we were one, we were a family that was united, we were not biracial because that would imply a separation, and in our household there were no borders, cameras, or electronic monitoring, no need for fences, for our threshold was open for any and all to cross, we didn't care about the clothes that you wore, or the fact that you had no money, we looked beyond the color of one another's skin, we looked into the soul through the eyes and with compassion and understanding we embraced each other, the problem in today's world is that there is a lack of compassion, the creed of the Statue of Liberty needs to be changed to say "give us your tired and weak and we will beat them down, wring them out and send them back home to you when we are through with them", it is up to me and you to stop the outrageous conduct of those that we have entrusted with the future direction that our lives will take, our Hispanic counterparts deserve the same compassion and understanding that is due us all, the men and women who come here from Mexico do not mean to break any laws, they do so out of desperation, it is a plea for help, who are we to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their cries? What if you and I were struggling to support our families, for many of those who come here it is a life and death decision, if they stay at home their families may succumb to famine for the lack of food, if they go to"America the land of the free" they may die in the process, I hear many people talking about the violence on the border and it is always insinuated that it is the Mexican nationals who instigate the confrontations, but I wonder how many desperate immigrants have lost their lives at the hands of power-hungry-border agents that are fueled by all the propaganda that being born in the United States makes them better than those poor souls seeking shelter and refuge in the land of the free.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I realize that my viewpoints tend to be a bit radical, but I believe in pro-choice, I feel that a woman has the right to an abortion if she so chooses and I believe that I as a Gay Man, that I should have all of the same rights that my Heterosexual counterparts have and I also believe that the United States should have an open border policy allowing those who wish to lawfully come here in an effort to better themselves to do so, as long as they behave humanely, respect all life and obey our laws, keyword here folks "our" maybe we have forgotten that we have the power to manifest change, the time for us to take back our rights and power is long past due, so this charge I leave you with.

Do not sit passively by and allow men to make decisions for you whose only interest they serve is that of their own, singly we may be weak, united we are a force to be feared and accounted to.

Blessed Be