Immanence , here, and now! It is important that we find our inner-balance and accountability for our own lives! Nature exists in all things, and therefore, we as spiritual beings are connected to all things, it is not the few, but, the whole that makes up the sum of totality, the sum of humanity! Like it or not, you are connected through a spiraling web to everything that exist, therefore, every action, every word spoken, or thought unspoken, will affect the flow of energy from you, and unto you!

This is a major reason that I urge my clients to focus on their desires, rather than all of the drama that they are going through, and I also encourage them to take a step back, remove themselves from the chaos that is being created by the discord in their relationships, or perhaps the pressure that they are dealing with financially, the more that you focus on the negative, the more complicated the problem becomes!

When we focus on  Immanence , we become an active force within our own life, we are able to make clearer, and more precise decisions, this is very important whether you are casting your own spells, conducting your own rituals, or seeking the assistance from a practitioner of the magical arts. As a Witch, I don't believe that the Goddess is only present within my life when I conduct ritual, she who is the mother of all, is always present in my life, she is  Immanence , and her energy changes with the seasons, and the phases of the moon, but, she is always with me, within me!

There are a lot of websites on the internet today, where an individual can have a spell cast, or a ritual performed for about any purpose, the one element that I see that is missing is education, and there is a lot of misleading information, I believe this to be a deliberate act, and deceptive practice, needlessly to say that I have angered a lot of my competitors over the years, they read my website on a regular basis, and have even stolen content, and articles trying to model themselves after me, ordinarily I wouldn't be offended it would flatter me if they took an ethical approach to their work, but, they don't, and personally I have worked hard over the years to educate my clients, and potential clients through the articles I have penned, and numerous phone consultations. Over the years I have studied, and I have developed my own system of magic that works for me, which is what any practicing Witch should do, and the system of magic that I have developed works pretty well for my clients who take a positive approach to their magic, instead of wallowing in self-pity, self-loathing, and self-defeating behavior!

Casting a spell, or conducting a ritual to bring a lover back, and then overshadowing your magic with a barrage of doubt is a waste of time, energy, and if you are paying for services, money! I have clients who get so caught up, and rapped around the negative aspects of their lives, that they cannot see the positive, and this is the thing, magic, true magic will take time to manifest, some folks are lucky, and their desires manifest rapidly, this is rare, because most people come pre-wired for failure, because of their self-defeating attitude!

If you believe yourself as unworthy of love, you are unworthy in the eyes of the universe, again, it goes back to what you project, and as I have said in other articles, most healthy people desire a healthy relationship, and if you are in a self-degrading mode, you are far from healthy!

When I cast a spell, or conduct a ritual for a personal issue, once the work is done, my attitude is that my desire has already manifested, and I have all that I need, including what I just conducted a ritual for, energy from a spell weaving is immanent, and if that is not your attitude towards your magic, it needs to be, otherwise, you are wasting your time, and involving yourself in bitch sessions on the internet with people you don't know harms you, and your desires in unimaginable ways, thought, spoken or unspoken, the written word is immanent, speak not, lest your spell be broken!

I consider myself lucky, and blessed, and while the Goddess is immanent in my life, humility is as well, I do not work from a place of ego, and I do not believe myself worthy of more than anyone else; however, I value my own self-worth, love in many ways is present in my life, love is immanent, and so is love of self, for I learned many years ago that if I could not make myself a priority in my own life, no one would ever make me one in theirs, for what we project, is what we attract, the law of attraction is always immanent, and because there must be balance in nature, the law of detraction is also present, and waiting for an opportunity to become an immanent force!

The law of detraction is equally important, most people live in a state of consciousness that is ripe for detraction, and with detraction comes chaos, both are opposing forces to positivity, and a healthy flow of life-force energy! Attraction, and detraction is opposing polarities, detraction can come in the form of negative people who manifest in our lives to cause us trouble, and to distract us from our life-goals, these people can be related to us through birth, or we may share family karma with them, the goal when you realize that a detractor is present in your life is to learn the lesson, and move as quickly away from the situation as you can, detractors are very negative people, and will drain your positive life-force energy, detractors can even come to us as a demonic force, not all detractors are of this world, psychic vampire's would fall into this category!

In all honesty most people who are in a detraction mode put themselves there through their thoughts, and their actions, I have had many clients who were so unhappy that at a young age they felt that life for them was over, but life is over when it is supposed to end, whether you are a newborn, 2, 20, or 90, life will end, when it ends, and suicidal thoughts will only impede your spiritual growth and cause a severe karmic backlash, and to be real honest negative thoughts is such a waste of vital energy!

When it comes to manifesting real desires, love, money, prosperity, good health, a positive approach to your magic is fine; however, an immanent approach is better, if you view your life as magical, magic will happen within your life, and the feeling of sadness, and despair will cease to exist, and once you let go of all those self-loathing thoughts. Your astral stars will start to align, and the balance that you have been lacking for so long will be created, and once and for all you will see that life can be what you desire it to be.

If you are going to embark upon a magical journey, make sure that you understand that true change, especially life changing events such as reuniting with a lover will take time, even so, you still need to approach the situation with an immanent attitude, here, and now, so, stop complaining, stop crying, and take control over your life, and stop free-falling, and flailing about, whatever you are dealing with in life if you approach the solution in a calm manner, you are going to create peaceful opportunities for yourself, you will find that 90% of the time a positive outcome is like the threefold Goddess, immanent!

I hope this article finds you, and yours well, and may the Goddess, and powers that be, be a prominent force in your life!

Blessed Be, Phelan


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