The Haunting Of Joseph

Psychic energy is all around us, when a body dies the soul lives on, no energy is ever lost and therefore when the incarnation of a soul is abruptly cut short that soul may find itself earthbound and in some cases it may seem as though the soul has become caught up in an endless loop repeating its last action over and over, in some cases a distraught or disoriented soul may even get blamed for a random haunting.

A few years back I worked with a young woman who moved into a condominium on the bottom floor of a building that was about thirty or forty years old at the time, soon after she moved in she would be startled from her sleep by the sound of a boy crying out for his mother, she would get up from her bed and follow the sound of the youngster's voice to her front door, once she opened the door the sound would stop, this scenario was carried out night after night for weeks, it finally progressed to a point where she called the police because she was convinced that there was a child in the hallway outside of her door at 1:30 in the morning and of course each time the police visited they were unable to find anything out of the ordinary and a canvass of her neighbors proved to be a dead-end, as no one in her building had any kids.

She told me that one night when she was having trouble falling asleep she decided to get up and watch television for a while, and as she entered her living room she said a sudden chill overtook her and she saw a flash of light and the image of a boy running towards her front door and just as he reached the door it was as if he vanished right through it, she immediately ran to the front door and the locks and security chains were still intact and in place, she cautiously opened the door and once again she saw nothing. The sound of the boy crying out for his mother continued night after night and things progressively became even more intense as she would arrive home in the afternoon from work to find her television playing cartoons and the bed in her spare room would appear as if someone had been taking a nap, things got so bad that she scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist and by her third visit her doctor referred her to me, as he too was and still to this day a client of mine.

At first she refused to contact me, she refused to believe that her condo may be haunted, that is until one night she was pinned down in her bed with such force that she suffered physical bruising to her arms and legs and she said that she got the feeling as though something or someone was trying to penetrate her and she recalled that during this ordeal she could hear someone saying get off my daughter and the little boy was crying hysterically in the background, she heard a loud pop and instantly she was able to move off the bed, another loud pop and a gasping sound and then silence, as an eerie iciness filled the air. After her last frightening ordeal she finally decided to contact me and she was relieved to find out that she was not going insane, but she was a little freaked out as to what I found when I visited her home, which as I discovered housed not only the living, but she had several disembodied roommates that shared her dwelling with her, the most prominent and disruptive was the soul of a seven-year old boy who witnessed the beating, rape, torture and murder of his mother in that very apartment, before he too was killed by the same men.

The little boy's name was Joseph, or at least that was the name he communicated to me, during my conversation with Joseph he told me that his grandmother was in the apartment at the time and had been knocked unconscious by one of the intruders, she woke up just as he was being strangled and managed to shoot and kill one of the men, unfortunately she was also killed by the man's accomplice, the loud pop that my client heard the night she was pinned down in her bed was in no doubt the shot that was fired by Joseph's grandmother killing the man who was raping her daughter, the second loud pop was the shot that was fired by the man's accomplice killing Joseph's grandmother and the iciness that filled my client's room that night were the spirits departing from their bodies.

During my visit, the uneasiness and negativity that I felt was the earth-bound soul of one of the men who committed the terrible crimes against Joseph and his family, Joseph was caught in a loop where he cried out night after night for his mother as she was being beaten and tortured, which was his last action just before dying that night, his mother's soul was also caught in the loop where she fought off her attackers before succumbing to her death and his grandmother's spirit was caught in that same loop, an endless loop where the soul finds no solace and because it is bound to the earth it cannot move forward into its next life until it is shown the way and that was the task in which I had been charged with and of course as we were freeing the spirits of Joseph and his family, we also set free the soul of the man who dwelled with those whose lives he had stolen, for if we had not set him free my client's home would never be at peace and to tell you the truth the energy was so chaotic I am not sure how she ever got any rest or peace in her home at all.

As a result of the haunting, my client's mental and physical health had suffered greatly, she was on the verge of losing her home and her job, she was severely under weight as she could not eat due to stress and a loss of appetite and of course she was terrified to go to sleep. She told me that she felt like packing her bags and leaving that place behind, but she couldn't because she was obligated by a mortgage and this was her first place since the death of her husband a year earlier, this was supposed to be a fresh new start for her, instead it turned into an endless nightmare, a loop that she was pulled into by disembodied beings, both friendly and unfriendly and while Joseph and his family were seeking release, their captor was victimizing my client by reenacting on her the last thing that he was doing just before being shot to death by Joseph's grandmother and that was raping and killing his mother, which explains my client's feeling of being held down and penetrated as she struggled to get out of her bed and while her attacker could not be seen, the attack itself was very real and so was her attacker, as it turned out he was just as vicious in spirit as he was in his physical body, but my client can now rest easy, as the innocent family whose lives were victimized and stolen was shown the way to the light and their executioner was put someplace where I am certain he feels right at home and where he will never hurt or harm anyone again, in spirit or otherwise. At any given time we are surrounded by beings that we cannot readily see with our physical sight and in most cases the beings do not mean us any harm, but there have been cases documented where people have been physically attacked and even possessed by evil spirits.

The best advice that I can give to anyone who may be dealing with a similar situation as described above is to seek the help of someone who is experienced in dealing with this type of energy, for unless you are psychically capable you are fighting a fight with an enemy that you cannot see, but one who can see you, which makes for an unfair battle and in this case caution should be your guide!

Light and Love! Phelan



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